The Top Kirby vacuum accessories Every Kirby User Must Have

The Kirby vacuum cleaner has been the king of vacuum cleaners for a very long time. As far as vacuuming was concerned, the Kirby vacuum cleaner was almost unmatched. It still is a leading brand, although with very high competition from other vacuum cleaner brands. But from a general angle, the Kirby vacuum cleaner is an excellent option for all your home vacuuming needs. If you already have this vacuum cleaner or planning to get one, then you should know of several accessories that would help to enhance their functionalities. These accessories are explained below.

Kirby vacuum accessories: Crevice Tool

The crevice tool is one of the most vital Kirby vacuum accessories that every Kirby user must have. The crevice tool is characterized by a  narrow nozzle that makes the Kirby clean vacuum even in the tightest spots. For instance, the crevice tool can be used for cleaning areas under the stove and refrigerators where the main body of your Kirby vacuum cleaner cannot reach. It is also an excellent option for cleaning vents and baseboard edges.

Kirby vacuum accessories: Upholstery Tool

As the name suggests, the upholstery tool is a Kirby vacuum accessory that can be used to clean upholsteries and other furniture parts. This vacuum accessory is mainly characterized by a flat head and a powerful suction that makes the vacuum suitable for cleaning different surfaces such as mattresses, carpets, coaches, and chairs.

Kirby vacuum accessories: The Dust Brush

The dust brush is the next vital Kirby vacuum accessory that every Kirby user should be well acquainted with. This accessory features a circular brush head that helps pick up dust and particles from cleaning surfaces. The dust brush will make your Kirby vacuum cleaner suitable for cleaning blind spots, baseboards, and silk plants, among many other oddly-shaped cleaning surfaces. It is also a good option for cleaning windows and shelves.

Kirby vacuum accessories: Bare Floor Brush

The bare floor brush is yet another vital Kirby vacuum cleaner accessory that Kirby users should consider buying. As the name suggests, the bare floor brush is suitable for cleaning bare floors. The bare floor brush can clean all types of floors and make them as spotless as they can be.

Kirby vacuum accessories: Carpet Tool

You guessed that right- a carpet tool is used for cleaning all types of carpets that range from small to medium sizes. It can deal with short nap carpets as well as high-end rugs. Moreover, a user can use this accessory for cleaning plush carpets and loopy, fancy, and shaggy rugs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kirby vacuum accessories:

  1. How Long Do Kirby Vacuums Last?

The Kirby vacuum cleaner is made of lightweight metal, making it more durable than most vacuum brands. A Kirby vacuum cleaner could last for 25 years or more.

  1. What is the N/D pedal that is located on the back of the Kirby vacuum cleaner?

N/D stands for Neutral/Drive. The N/D pedal helps to move around the vacuum when vacuuming. For instance, when vacuuming, you can push the D pedal to activate the TechDrive power that allows you to quickly push the vacuum cleaner.

  1. What Can Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Do?

There are lots of things that the Kirby vacuum cleaner can do. You can watch the video in the link below to learn about Kirby vacuum functionality.

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