A Thorough Review of Kenmore vacuum parts That are Worth Their Price

Kenmore vacuums have been around for decades. Ther vacuums brag of one hundred years of trusted and undisputed functionalities. The Kenmore brand manufactures all sorts of home appliances backed by innovations and exclusive features. You can visit their website, Kenmore.com, to explore some of the machines that might excite you.

With the Kenmore vacuums, you will have your job done right and completed within the required timeframes. Kenmore vacuum cleaners feature several well-performing parts. This article explores the top Kenmore vacuum parts that every Kenmore user should know.

Kenmore Vacuum Bags parts

Kenmore vacuum bags play a very critical role in the vacuuming process. They help collect dust and dirt vacuumed and prevent it from spilling back to the cleaned surfaces. Please note that, whereas most vacuum bags fit most vacuums, regardless of the brand or model, I am a great advocate for bags specifically made for a specific brand and model number. There are several Kenmore vacuum bags that a user can choose for their Kenmore vacuum cleaner. They include the following;

  • VEVA Premium SuperVac Vacuum Bags
  • VEVA Premium HEPA Type Q/C Cloth Bag
  • Kenmore Type Q HEPA Canister Vacuum Bags

Kenmore Vacuum Belts parts

The second vital Kenmore vacuum part that users should know is the Kenmore vacuum belts. The function of the belts is to stretch and act as a connecting link between the brush roll and the motor. There are several belts for Kenmore vacuum cleaners. Before shopping for a Kenmore vacuum belt, ensure you know the model of your vacuum so you get a perfectly compatible belt.

Kenmore Vacuum Filters parts

Filters are arguably the most essential of all Kenmore vacuum parts. The filters play a very integral role in the life of the Kenmore vacuum cleaner. Its purpose is to collect dust passing through the suction nozzle from the surface being cleaned. As such, the filters prevent dust from spreading to other room parts.

Kenmore Vacuum Suction Hose part

The hose of the Kenmore vacuum cleaner is the long cylindrical object connecting the vacuum to the port. When the suction hose is attached to the vacuum port, it will allow for the pulling of air through the hose to remove debris and dirt from surfaces. Several hose types are fit for handling different cleaning surfaces and heights.

Kenmore Vacuum Floor Brush

The Floor brush, sometimes referred to as the hard floor tool, is another significant Kenmore vacuum part you should know. The floor brush is designed for vacuuming hard floors only. They look like broom heads, a feature that makes them not scratch the floor during vacuuming. They are suitable for serving polished floors and tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the Kenmore Filters

Yes. It is essential to keep the filters clean to increase their efficiency. The filters should be cleaned, rinsed in clean water, and left to dry before replacing.

  1. How Do I Change the Bag?

You should unplug the appliance, open the compartment, remove the old bag and install the new one. Here is a video link you can watch to know more about changing your Kenmore vacuum bag





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