The Kenmore Canister Vacuum 400 Series Review And Buying Guide

TheKenmore canister vacuum (81414) 400 series is powered by an electric cord which you can easily plug into a circuit whenever you choose to use it. It features various components to enable effective and efficient cleaning.

With this vacuum, you have complete control over how powerful you want the suction to get. You clean different surfaces all-around your house, all you need to do is push a button. 

Features and Designs

  • It comes in the colors red with gray
  • It has a two-motor system to deliver more suction power
  • There's an aluminum telescoping wand to reach difficult areas
  • The hand can detach to clean more surface area
  • It has three attachments to tackle all kinds of dirt on the different surface area 
  • Its HEPA filter traps allergen pollutants 
  • It has a 26 ft cord which is long enough to reach any area and does not tangle
  • It is easy to control and maneuver
  • The handle is not bulky which makes it easy and comfortable to grip
  • It has a four pile height settings


  • It's easy to use
  • Adjustable suction
  • It is not expensive
  • It can be maneuvered easily 
  • Powerful suction


  • It is quite heavy 
  • The bag has to be replaced often 
  • The floor brush isn't easy to attach 



25.9×16.2×13.6 inches 


22.6 pounds 

Power Source

Cord Electric

Included Components

Crevice nozzle, dusting/upholstery brush, and bare floor tool

Suction Type


Vacuum Bag

53291 and 53292

Who Should Buy The Kenmore Canister Vacuum 400 Series

Canister vacuums are those types of vacuums that have a wheeled body attached to a vacuum wand and a power head through a flexible plastic hose. 

Canister vacuums are different from the handheld or upright types and because of this, they provide different benefits such as:

  • An even more powerful suction 
  • They can take in bigger filters so more dirt is trapped
  • They are less noisy so they can be used in places apart from the homes, like hospitals
  • Most of them are not very heavy and also easy to maneuver
  • Canister vacuums come with extra tools to reach specific areas for cleaning
  • Some canister vacuums can be transformed into handheld ones. It's like getting a 2-in-1 deal

Seeing how beneficial the Kenmore Canister Vacuum 400 series could be, here’s a list of people who could benefit from using them for their house chores.

  • This vacuum is suited for people who love to do a full house cleaning
  • If you have a large area to store the vacuum go ahead a buy the vacuum
  • If you don't mind the long cord on the vacuum you will enjoy the product
  • If you have allergies, this vacuum is a great solution to getting rid of allergen around your home
  • The two-motor system is a perfect match for people who get a lot of mess in their homes
  • The Kenmore canister vacuum 400 series is perfect for people who have a large area to clean
  • If you have lots of stairs in your house, this vacuum will make it easier to clean because you don't have to lift the whole unit up to do so
  • This vacuum doesn't run on battery so it can last for as long as you wish
  • If you have pets or kids, this vacuum will clean up after their mess quick

Complete Review of The Kenmore Canister Vacuum 400 Series 

The Kenmore canister vacuum 400 series has a two-motor system which makes it have incredible suction and cleaning power. The vacuum can suck up dirt, debris, pet hair, food spills (small solid food like Cheerios for example), etc, on your rugs, carpets, or hardwood floor, in a matter of seconds. You don't have to bother about the cord connecting the motor system tangling or tripping, it is an automatic cord rewind. You just have to push a button and then the cord retracts.

Cleaning wouldn't be stressful for you because the vacuum is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It slides around on two wheels that can turn 360 degrees. You just have to grip the comfortable handle and glide from room to room while you clean. 

To give you the optimum cleaning solution, the Kenmore vacuum comes with other attachment tools.

Crevice tool, bare floor tool, and the dust/upholstery brush. The crevice tool is a narrow suction tube you can use to get through hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces. The bare floor tool can be used on the hard floor to get rid of dirt. For you to attach the bare floor tool to the wand, push down on a small metal button located on the wand, and at the same time, slide in the floor brush with your other hand.

The dusting brush is perfect for cleaning furniture, curtains, lampshades, and other fragile home decors. To store the crevice tool and dusting brush, place them in the attachment holder. The floor brush can be stored in the vacuum. 

You can adjust the suction level via four different settings to choose from: high, medium, low and extra low. By touching a button on the handle, you can choose how powerful you want your suction to be against different surfaces. Also, you can adjust the pile height settings by pressing a pedal at the back of the floor nozzle.

It has a telescoping wand that can extend to approximately 9.5'. The telescoping wand is fully extended when you're vacuuming with the floor nozzle. With this wand, you will be able to reach certain dirty areas quite easily like underneath furniture, tables, ceilings, window sills, etc. 

People with allergies, pets, or dusty homes do not have to worry about allergens flying around in the air because the vacuum uses a triple HEPA filter along with a bag for the dirt. It means even the smallest pet dander and dust mite will be trapped. An indicator will be turned on when the airflow is blocked or when the bag needs to be changed. 

Kenmore Canister Vacuum 400 Series Vs. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum (HV301) Vs. Bissell PowerGlide Pet Slim Cordless Stick Vacuum (3030) 



Shark Rocket



25.9×16.2×13.6 inches

10.5×9.8×46 inches

10.5×9.5×47 inches


22.6 pounds

7.6 pounds

9.25 pounds

Assembly Required




Power Source 

Corded Electric

Corded Electric


Filter Type 



Washable vacuum filter


120 watts

550 watts



HEPA bag 



Form Factor 


Upright, handled

Stick, handheld

Mode of Control




Recommend Surface

Dual-action, hard floor, carpet

Stairs, furniture, floor


Extra Tools





26 ft Retractable cord 

24 ft cord


Motor System






240 volts





30 minutes






How often do I have to change the filters?

That depends entirely on how often you use the vacuum. 

Are the wheels on the vacuum made of plastic?

No, they aren't. All three wheels are made out of rubber.

Does the bag in the vacuum also serve as a filter? 

Yes, it does but there's also a separate HEPA filter located at the back of the bag. 

Can I remove the hose from the base? 

Yes, you can. Close the hood then press the hose latch tab to remove it. 

Will the vacuum go under my bed if there are about five inches of space between it and the floor?

Yes, it should be able to do so. 

Can I use the motorized cleaning head on hardwood floors?

Yes, you can use the motorized head on any type of floor. Look for the 'On/Off switch located at the vacuum's handle then slide it down halfway. If you slide it all the way, it engages the rotating brush. The switch's location will make it easy for you to alternate between carpet and hardwood. 

Does the vacuum use a belt? 

Yes, the vacuum has a belt in its dusting brush to clean carpets more efficiently. 

How do I get a replacement for my broken vacuum part?

Contact Sears online or order a replacement. Please note to make sure the replacement is compatible with your vacuum before you buy it. 

Can the bag hold a lot of dirt?

Yes, the bag can.

Does this product come with a warranty? 

Yes, it does. The Kenmore canister vacuum 400 series has a one-year warranty. 

Where can I buy the Kenmore canister vacuum 400 series?

You can buy it onAmazon,eBay, andWalmart.

What do I do if my vacuum stops working randomly? 

If the time that happens falls into the warranty timeline, you can return the vacuum. 

Can I wash the filter? Where is it located?

No, the filter is not meant to be washed. But be sure to change it after a long period of use. You canwatch this video to see where the filter is located on the vacuum. 


The Kenmore canister vacuum 400 series is designed in such a way that the user is both comfortable and in control of whatever they wish for the vacuum to do. Overall, it is a very decent vacuum that's quite affordable. If it meets your needs, go ahead and buy one.

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