The Best Narwal Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Carpet/Hardwood Floors 2022 Review

What Is Narwal Robot Vacuum?


Narwal Robot Vacuum is a product of the first robot mop and vacuum producer that uses innovative self-cleaning technology, Narwal. The vacuum cleaner is the best solution for cleaning your house without lifting a finger, regardless of the surface. It features ground-breaking self-cleaning technology that signals the start of a new era for fully auto robot vacuums. With the Narwal Robot Vacuum, you can enjoy a genuinely hands-free, immensely convenient, and truly satisfying floor cleaning experience.

For a long time, robotic vacuums offered a semi-automatic floor cleaning routine, which was great while it lasted. Unfortunately, the laborious manual cleaning work has only increased the time it takes to clean, making cleaning more stressful. However, the Narwal Robot Vacuum is designed to make life easier, offering automatic mop washing, mop drying, and even water refilling. Unlike other robot mops, this vacuum cum mop doesn’t have a small water reservoir and cloth that requires frequent removal for cleaning.

The Narwal Robot Vacuum has self-cleaning technology, meaning you will never experience a dirty mop; the robot takes care of everything. At the base of the vacuum cleaner is a two-bucket system separating wastewater from clean water. There’s also the built-in pump designed to spray water to the mops and the washboard to clean them. The essence of the Narwal Robot Vacuum is to offer you a better, more powerful, and more convenient way of getting the cleaning done.


Narwal 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop T10

Product Weight

34.9 pounds





Battery Type


Run Time

2 hours 30 minutes

Surface Recommendation

Hard Floors

Spin Technology

180 RPM

Filter Type

HEPA Filter


1.3 gallon

Review of Narwal 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop T10

The Narwal 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop is first a mop before it is a vacuum. That means that it performs better at mopping than at vacuuming, although it also does the latter well. It is undoubtedly not the first vacuum cleaner that can mop through a water tank and microfiber cloth. However, the Narwal Robot Vacuum & Mop is the first to feature intelligent mopping, with features giving it an edge above the competition.

It is still the early days for vacuum cleaners; its app and features need a bit more work. Nevertheless, the Narwal Robot Vacuum & Mop offers exceptional cleaning on hard floors thanks to its large reservoir and spinning cloths. It takes care of dirt and stains other robot mops will miss without breaking a sweat.


Although the vacuum cleaner works well with carpets and hard floors, it does better on the former than on the latter. It doesn’t feature a rotating brush to agitate debris and dirt, making it excellent on hard floors. The Narwal Robot Vacuum & Mop currently offers only one map in memory or smart navigation. You will need to regenerate the map if you want to move the robot to clean a different area.

Most robot mops & vacuums are first vacuum cleaners before they’re mops; the reverse is the case with the Narwal. Its mop action comes from filling the water tank; the tank then wets and drags a microfiber cloth around to clean. The cleaning results of other models are pretty impressive, although the cleaning action is best for more recent surface stains. With the Narwal, there are attachments on the underside of the unit to set the robot into vacuuming or mopping modes.

If you set it to mopping mode, you’ll need to attach two triangular microfiber cloths that rotate vigorously to clean dirt. Furthermore, the robot doesn’t feature a water tank; instead, it has a chunky charging dock that looks like a designer recycling bin. The charging dock houses two five-liter water tanks; the robot docks under it to recharge and top up. When you open the dock’s lid, there’s a reservoir on the right used for dispensing clean water and on the left for dirty water.

The Narwal isn’t as great at vacuuming as it is with mopping; there is no rotating brush bar to agitate dirt. Instead, there are two side brushes that offer a pretty decent vacuuming result on hard floors. However, due to its lack of a brush bar, it doesn’t do well with vacuuming and dirt collection on carpets. The Narwal Robot Vacuum & Mop’s body has controls that are hard to reach when docked, but they’re available on the dock.

You can set the robot off to clean or start a new mapping cycle when you tap the controls on the dock. There’s also an app where you can start a cleaning session and a detailed map through which you can see where the map has been. The most recent update on the map adds no-go areas with which you can tell your robot where not to go. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa just yet, although there’s a good chance that that’s coming.

At the base of the station, there are two 1.3-gallon tanks that take up most of the space. The robot docks after a mopping cycle; then, the dual pads spin against a tray with a textured surface. While the pad spins, water trickles down from the tank to the pads to facilitate dislodging debris. There are different holes strategically placed on the tray through which dirt is pumped into the dirty water tank.


Below are notable features of the Narwal Robot Vacuum & Mop:

  • Smart Sensors: It has multiple accurate and smart navigation sensors that help it avoid obstacles and easily tackle tough terrains. It has a bumper that retracts when the vacuum knocks into something, and its sensors alert it to find a clear path. Thanks to its cliff sensors, the Narwal Robot Vacuum & Mop senses edges and avoids falling from elevated surfaces. Furthermore, it features wall sensors that let it follow closely around objects and along walls without contact.
  • No-Go Zone: The Narwal Robot Vacuum & Mop’s mapping enables you to define no-go zones, thus building barriers for vacuuming and mopping. You can store the no-go zones for all future auto-scheduled mopping and vacuuming sessions.
  • The Narwal App: The Narwal features the Home App, through which you can adjust cleaning settings, monitor cleaning status, and customize cleaning strategies. What it lacks in voice control, it makes up for in its app; you can control cleaning from anywhere.
  • Lidar Navigation Technology: The Narwal Robot Vacuum & Mop features SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mopping) and Lidar Navigation, making it smart. Through these innovative technologies, the robot can learn about the environment and decide on an optimized cleaning routine rather than purposeful cleaning.
  • Powerful Motor: The Narwal Robot Vacuum & Mop is powered by an 1800Pa motor with immense suction pressure to eliminate dirt effortlessly. The powerful suction pressure efficiently and effortlessly removes pet hair and dander, dust, dirt, and every allergen in your home. Its technical DJI background gives it smart mapping and navigation that lets it properly adapt to any environment and clean surfaces.

Does a Narwal Robot Vacuum Empty Itself?

The Narwal Robot Vacuum is a self-emptying robot vacuum; it automatically empties its dustbin when it returns to its base. It has a large dustbin that can take a large quantity of debris, so you can keep cleaning for a while before emptying. Many robot vacuums, including the Narwal Robot Vacuum, will fill their large dustbin over thirty to sixty days. That means you don’t need to empty the tank very often – mostly once to twice every two months.

Can a Narwal Robot Vacuum and Mop at the same time?

The Narwal Robot Vacuum cannot vacuum and mop simultaneously; it has a mopping and vacuuming mode that you use separately. In the vacuum’s mopping mode, the featured microfiber cloths often push larger bits of dirt and debris out of the way. That means you first need to run a vacuum cycle with the vacuuming mode before mopping, which is a little limiting. Nevertheless, the Narwal Robot Vacuum can mop and vacuum pretty well, which is hard to find in others like it.

Do Narwal Robot Vacuum Cleaners Pick Up Dog/Cat Hair?

The Narwal Robot Vacuum Cleaner is excellent for sucking dog and cat dander and hair from the carpet. The robotic vacuum cleaner is a pet-friendly vacuuming solution with a self-emptying dustbin and mop that self-cleans and self-dries. It features dual-side brushes designed to sweep debris, dirt, and hair directly into the vacuum, where the filter traps them without a hassle. In addition, the vacuum cleaner features a strong 1800pa suction and a brushless design that helps to reduce the risk of hair tangling.

Do Narwal Robot Vacuums Work Well on Hardwood Floors?

The Narwal Robot Vacuums work very well on hard floors, highlighting their spotless shine. The robot is designed to vacuum and mop hard flooring, eliminating every bit of stain and wet spot without struggle. The Narwal Robot Vacuum features triangular mop pads that rotate at 180 RPM (three times per second). The pads ensure the vacuum cleaner can cover 30% more surface area, resulting in cleaner floors, especially the corners.

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