Makita HEPA Vacuum Compare & Reviews XCV08Z 18V LXT, VC421OL, XCV11Z 18V LXT

What Is Makita HEPA Vacuum?

Makita HEPA vacuums are known for their compact versatility, making them ideal for residential and commercial use. Makita is a well-known vacuum brand offering a wide range of power controls and debris disposal options. Its vacuums, including the cordless HEPA vacuums, are loved by pros for their fast and efficient cleaning while maintaining optimum performance. In addition, one of the outstanding features of the vacuums is their ability to charge fast, as the built-in fan keeps the battery cool.

Makita HEPA vacuums feature a compact and lightweight design that ensures easy maneuverability and reduces cleaning fatigue. Their compact size makes them incredibly easy to store in small closets and cabinets, and they don’t take up much space. A standard Makita HEPA vacuum features the exclusive BL Brushless Motor that delivers low sound, reducing disruption during vacuuming. Furthermore, these vacuum cleaners feature multiple power settings, with a push-button power control attached to the waist and offering a high/usual selection.

Makita HEPA vacuums are ideal for cleaning hard floors, short pile carpets, upholstery, and vehicles at home, medical, retail, education, and transportation segments. They are easy to use, thanks to their flat nozzle with a ball-and-socket feature that helps them access hard-to-reach regions. Makita HEPA Vacuums feature attachments engineered for easy debris disposal, capturing and trapping up to 90% of dust particles.

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Makita HEPA Vacuum Models

  1. Makita XCV08Z 18V LXT Brushless HEPA Dry Vacuum
  2. Makita VC421OL Dust Extractor and Vacuum
  3. Makita XCV11Z 18V LXT Cordless Brushless Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum

Makita XCV08Z 18V LXT Brushless HEPA Dry Vacuum

The XCV08Z HEPA Dry Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent choice when you have major cleaning work requiring high power. Featuring an efficient 74CFM ranking, this dust extractor cum vacuum cleaner can absorb a lot of debris and dirt from surfaces. Additionally, it features a long-lasting battery that ensures the vacuum continues running effectively and that there is no drop in suction. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner has an auto-off feature where it shuts down immediately if it experiences an overload or starts to overheat.

The Makita XCV08Z is ideal for removing dust like sawdust in commercial or private establishments. Meanwhile, if you want a cost-effective cleaner to keep your shop clean and tidy, the powerful suction of this unit should help. The suction will no doubt satisfy your requirements and the 75-minute runtime it offers on a low setup. Unfortunately, the Makita XCV08Z doesn’t feature a floating cage, although it can remove water or liquid waste perfectly.

To use it on water, you’ll need to buy and install a floating cage before you use it to vacuum the water. We recommend installing the float cage before using it to reduce the risk of electrocution, among other things. The Makita XCV08Z is perfect for everyday cleaning, especially if you have furry household members, children, and youngsters. It is especially great for quick cleanups indoors and outdoors since you don’t need to connect and drag the cable around.

Makita VC421OL Dust Extractor and Vacuum


If you need an effective vacuum cleaner for your home or deep clean your shop, the Makita VC421OL is a good option. It features an incredibly solid suction capable of taking on as many cleaning sessions as needed. Additionally, it can safely lift 90 inches of water from any location, making it great for homes with kids. One of its most prominent features is the HEPA filter which can efficiently capture and trap dust and dirt.

The HEPA filter is a high-quality feature of the vacuum cleaner that makes it stand out from the competition. It keeps dust trapped in the filter, ensuring it doesn’t go back into the air in your room. Provided you get rid of the bag once you’re done cleaning, you’ll enjoy using this vacuum cleaner to clean your home. We recommend disposing of the dust bag once you’re done cleaning to keep the unit clean and functional, enhancing its durability.

It features a powerful 12 amp motor that generates 148CFM suction power and an automatic filter cleaning system for filter durability. The featured HEPA two-stage filtration system can trap 99.97% of dust particulates that are at least two microns large. Additionally, it features an onboard tool-activated power outlet that automatically starts and stops the vacuum with a 10-second “off” delay. Finally, its enlarged steel caster front and wide-set rear wheels enhance stability and easier maneuverability.

Makita XCV11Z 18V LXT Cordless Brushless Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum


The Makita XCV11Z combines interesting features with impressive performance; it is a wet/dry vacuum with simple battery life. It has a unique filter system, lightweight and compact dimensions, and can move debris reasonably efficiently. In addition, the model offers straightforward use, featuring several cool characteristics that give it an edge over its competition. However, the Makita XCV11Z is at its best when it isn’t picking dense debris, which is a bit of a downside.

A noteworthy quality of the Makita XCV11Z worthy of appreciation is the attention given to the little details of its design. An excellent example of that is the battery life indicator that is visible in front of the machine. In addition, the Makita XCV11Z will easily attach to other Makita tools, with a self-retracting hose that’s hard to crush. Finally, on the leading edge of the floor, tools are channels that work well with getting debris off hard floors.

Regarding design, neatness, and user-friendly features, the Makita XCV11Z constitutes the ideal vacuum cleaner for daily cleanups. The Makita XCV11Z has plenty of suction for light dust collection and cleanup on tools, running for 30 minutes to one hour. The runtime is pretty impressive, considering the vacuum cleaner has only one 18V battery as its power source. In addition to its lightweight, it has a top carry handle and a shoulder strap for easy carriage and maneuverability.

FAQ about Makita HEPA Vacuum

What makes a Makita HEPA vacuum beep?

If your Makita HEPA vacuum is beeping, it indicates that the vacuum’s battery capacity is low. When the battery capacity on a Makita vacuum is low, the LED will go out, and you’ll hear a long alarm beep. All you need to do is plug the vacuum into any power source and let it recharge; the beeping will stop.

Can a Makita HEPA vacuum pick up asbestos?

You usually shouldn’t use a HEPA vacuum or any other vacuum to abate asbestos for significant reasons. First, asbestos is a dangerous, carcinogenic material; if you need to get rid of asbestos, we recommend calling experts. Experts are trained to remove asbestos, which they’ll do without putting you, the machine, or the environment in danger. Therefore, we warmly recommend that you shouldn’t attempt to use your Makita HEPA vacuum to clean asbestos fibers or dust yourself.

How often do you need to replace the HEPA filter on your Makita vacuum?

It is recommended that you change a replaceable HEPA filter every six to twelve months, depending on the specific type. However, how often you replace the filter will depend on several other factors, including environmental factors and air quality. For an authentic HEPA, you’ll typically only need to replace it after 8,760 usable hours or twelve months.

Being a wet/dry vacuum, the Makita XCV11Z features a float inside the filter; it blocks water intake once the level is high enough. It also comes with a flexible hose stretching to 6.5 inches and contracting back to clip against the side. Another noteworthy feature of the Makita XCV11Z is its ability to convert quickly from vacuum to blower. Also, its battery compartment provides dust and water protection, and its latch system offers easy access to the filter and canister.

How do you clean the HEPA filter on a HEPA vacuum?

To clean the HEPA filter, you’ll need to remove it first, starting with unlocking and emptying the tank cover. Next, pull the HEPA filter out of the tank cover by pulling counterclockwise. Then, shake the frame bottom of the HEPA filter several times to remove dust adhering to it. Once in a while, you can wash the HEPA filter in water and rinse it; then, dry it in the shade before using it.

Avoid washing the HEPA filter in the washing machine as it is not designed for such. To re-attach the filter, twist it clockwise to lock the securing lips in the tank cover firmly; then, mount and lock it.


Makita HEPA vacuums are the ideal option if you’re looking for a high-suction, optimum-performance vacuum cleaner for multiple surfaces. They are primarily known for their compact and lightweight features, making them easily maneuverable along walls and hard-to-reach areas. Furthermore, the vacuum cleaners are designed to facilitate a frustration-free vacuuming session, thanks to their powerful suction and build quality. Additionally, Makita is committed to making high-quality vacuum cleaners, so you can be sure you’re getting a durable product.

Makita HEPA vacuums have many outstanding qualities, one of which is their value proposition. They are said to offer value for money, featuring an efficient machine for commercial and home cleaning. In addition, they capture and trap dirt, keeping them from escaping into the environment and making them ideal for allergy and asthma patient.

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