Step By Step Guide On How To Clean Shark Rocket Vacuum

Is your Shark Rocket Vacuum losing its suction? Is it emitting a foul smell or a strange sound? You do not have to spend lots of money on repairs and the purchase of replacement parts. The problem could be that the Shark Rocket Vacuum is dirty and needs to be cleaned. But do you know how to clean Shark Rocket Vacuum? In this step-by-step guide on how to clean Shark Rocket Vacuum, you will have your vacuum up and running again as normal.

How To Clean Shark Rocket Vacuum

First, you must understand that several Shark Rocket Vacuum models are available on the market and that the removable parts are most likely located in different places, depending on the model. In whichever way, you will need to know how to disassemble and locate the different parts. That said and done, you should understand that cleaning the Shark Rocket Vacuum takes a similar process across all models. Here are the necessities you need to clean Shark Rocket Vacuum; soap, water on a trough or sink, a pair of scissors, a soft brush, two cups of vinegar and baking soda, and gloves to protect your hands when cleaning.

Step 1- Unplug and Disassemble

The first step is to unplug and disassemble the vacuum cleaner. The idea of disassembling is to give access to the inside of the vacuum cleaner because that is where most cleaning should be directed.

Step 2- Empty the Vacuum Cleaner

The next step is detaching the canister from the unit and disposing of the dirt in a disposal bag. Afterward, you should soak the canister in soapy water and wash it gently using a microfibre cloth. Rinse the canister in clean water and allow it to dry.

Step 3- Clean the Vacuum Filters

The third step in cleaning your shark rocket vacuum is cleaning the filters. Depending on the model of your Shark rocket vacuum, the filters might be made of foam rubber or any other materials. You should dunk your vacuum filters in soapy water and thoroughly wash them using a microfiber cloth. Whereas some filters might still look stained even after extensive cleaning, yours is to ensure they are clean and not waste time struggling with stubborn stains. After washing, rinse the filters with clean water and allow them to dry for about twenty-four hours. After they are properly dried, it is now time to return them back to the vacuum cleaner.

Step 4- Clean Other Parts of the Shark Rocket Cleaner

We are not with cleaning the shark rocket cleaner just yet. After you are done with cleaning the vacuum filters, you should now narrow down your attention to other parts, such as the brush head, the vacuum suction hose, and the motorized floor nozzle. You should use soapy water to clean and then rinse the parts in clean water.

Step 5- Reassemble the Vacuum

At this point, your vacuum cleaner is clean and ready to spread the nice scent. You should reassemble all the parts only after they have completely dried. You can then wipe the exterior of the vacuum cleaner to ensure it is as clean as the interior.


For optimal functionality, it is important to ensure that the shark robot vacuum is as clean as new. You can follow the five steps explained above to clean your Shark robot vacuum. You can also watch the video in the link below to learn more on how to clean shark rocket vacuum.

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