Step By Step Guide on How To Clean Dirt Devil Vacuum Filter

Dirt Devil vacuum filters are loved by home users who take the cleanliness of their homes and surfaces with utmost keenness. Most of the Dirt Devil vacuum models are lightweight and bagless, and of course, they attack dust, dirt, and debris like, well, the devil himself. Regardless of the Dirt Devil vacuum model that you are using for your home vacuuming needs, regular care and maintenance are important for the optimum functionality of the vacuum cleaner.

The Dirt Devil vacuum is characterized by high suction power that it is so easy to tell when the Dirt Devil vacuum filters need to be cleaned. In a nutshell, reduced suction power, strange space, and the sound produced by the Dirt Devil vacuum might signify the need to clean the filters. So, the question is not about if to clean the Dirt Devil vacuum filters but how to clean the Dirt Devil vacuum filters. This article gives you a step-by-step guideline on how to clean the Dirt Devil vacuum filters.

Step 1- Disassemble the Dirt Devil vacuum to access the filter

Disassembling the vacuum cleaner might vary depending on its model. However, the filter-cleaning method is similar across the board. Most models will require you to clean the filters each time you empty the dirt from the vacuum cleaner. Removing the filter from the vacuum cleaner is a pretty simple process. For the filter located inside the container, you will to push the button located at the top to detach it from the body of the container.

Step 2- Shake off the Dirt

After detaching the filter from the container, you should remove all dirt around it. You can do that by gently shaking it off as much dirt as possible. You can also wipe the filter with your hand or gently tap it against a hard surface to shake off the dirt.

Step 3- Wash The Filter With Soapy Water

After tapping off the dirt from the vacuum filter, it is now time to wash it with clean soapy water. You can insert it into a basin or a sink with soapy water and scrub off any dirt using a washcloth. You can also run cold water on the filter and let the water tap off all dirt from the filter. It will be a great idea to rinse the filter with clean running water before allowing it to dry.

Step 4- Drying

Whichever model of the dirt devil vacuum you are using, you should never attach a wet filter on it as that could jeopardize its functionality. You should instead allow the filter to air dry for twenty-four hours. If you are in dire need of to vacuum, perhaps you should consider using an alternative filter. Just avoid attaching a damp filter to the vacuum cleaner.

Step 5- Reattach the Filter Ready For Use

Lastly, after the filter has dried properly, you must reattach it to its chamber. Now you can start using the Dirt Devil vacuum filter for your vacuuming purposes.

Final Words

Your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner won’t work properly if its filter has gathered dirt. It is wise to empty and clean it for its optimum functionality. This article has explained how to clean a Dirt Devil vacuum filter. You can also watch the video in the link below to learn more about how to clean a Dirt Devil vacuum filter.

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