Comparing any of the Shark upright vacuum models and that of their Bissell counterparts is always like comparing Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo (two of the greatest football players). It would always seem like a never-ending debate. However, in our case, we'll be pitting the Shark ZU62 Navigator Zero-M against the BISSELL 24613 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus. So let's find out which Upright Vacuum takes the edge.

Shark vs Bissell Vacuum: Specs and Features, Price, Pros and Cons 

Shark Vacuum Specs and Features

  • Dual Function: The Shark Vacuum can be converted into a handheld device for cleaning stairs, upholstery and other tight spaces.
  • Suction Power: This Shark model also delivers great suction efficiency on high-pile and low-pile hard and bare floors. It also offers a decent job on carpets and rugs.
  • Lightweight: Despite its bulky look, the Shark vacuum is, to a large extent, a portable vacuum cleaner that shouldn't bring much strain on your hands during cleaning use.
  • Dirt Compartment: At 2.8 quarts, the dust cup of the Shark Vacuum is on the large side, allowing longer cleaning sessions, especially when dealing with large surfaces.
  • Anti-Allergen System: The Shark Vacuum offers a filtration system that allows it to trap dust and particles that causes allergic reactions. With the aid of the HEPA filter, the Vacuum can serve its purpose for people with allergies.
  • Self-Cleaning Brush roll: By and large, the Shark Vacuum comes with a brush roll that self-cleans upon contact with a pet or human hair. However, you may still need to check the brush roll for tangled strands.

Price: $243


  • It can be converted to a handheld
  • It comes with a self-cleaning brush roll
  • Large dirt compartment  


  • Struggles on high-pile carpets

Bissell Vacuum Specs and Features

    • Lightweight: At only 13.75 pounds, the Bissell Vacuum boasts a pretty portable build which makes it easier to manoeuvre around the home.
    • Anti-Allergen System

    This Bissell model also offers a filtration system against allergens. With this feature, people who suffer from allergies will find it comfortable to use.

    • Led Light Feature

    The Bissell Vacuum has an LED Crevice tool that allows users to reach dark spaces and clean even at night.  

    • Suction Power

    The Bissell Vacuum offers decent suction power on high and low-pile carpets, hard floors and rugs.

    Dirt Compartment: the dirt storage space of the Bissell vacuum is around 0.75 litres. This capacity is pretty low and may require users to empty the dust cup more frequently.

    • Self-Cleaning Brush Roll

    The Bissell vacuum also boasts a tangle-free brush roll system that removes hair wraps. Nevertheless, regular checking on the brush roll may be required to guide against low suction.

    Handheld function: With the chance to quickly detach the wand, you can convert the Bissell Vacuum to a handheld device for a more extended reach around walls.

    Price: $247


    • It offers an LED light feature for dark spaces
    • It is lightweight
    • It comes with a tangle-free brush roll system.


    • Small dirt compartment
    • Not suitable for stairs


    Shark vs Bissell Vacuum: Design

    Shark Vacuum Design

    Overall, the Shark Vacuum Cleaner comes with a pretty okay construction. The vacuum comes with a plastic build with a somewhat metal wand. On the whole, the Shark Vacuum doesn't exactly offer sturdy make-up, especially since it comes with a dirt compartment that needs extra care to handle. The good news, however, is that the Shark Vacuum is quite easy to set up and disassemble due to the clips on each assortment part. However, detaching the canister from the main body could be tricky.

    Bissell Vacuum Design

    On the part of the BISSELL Vacuum, it is largely made of hard plastic, so it looks quite sturdy. The suction control can be found in the handle. It also comes with a single-hand stick hold that may look convenient for many users. The vacuum also has an LED light on its crevice tool so you can lighten up dark areas. Although you can detach the BISSELL Vacuum's brush roll for cleaning, you may need to loosen more than a few bolts to set it free. Aside from the small size of the dirt compartment, you may also find its installation a little tasking.

    Shark vs Bissell Vacuum: Cleaning Power


    Shark Vacuum

    BISSELL Vacuum

    Cleans all floor surfaces


    This vacuum cleaner is built to clean all floor types



    Cleaning Speed (%)


    This product has the capacity to clean faster within short period of time



    Cleaning Modes


    The Vacuum Cleaner offers the dual purpose of Upright and handheld use



    Anti-Allergen Features


    This device has the power to trap allergens and reduce the spread of dust around the home



    Power Usage


    The amount of electricity this vacuum cleaner is likely to consume

    1,150 Watts

    840 Watts

    Extended Reach


    The length of the hose of the vacuum that allows it to reach lengthier spaces

    12 feet

    6.1 feet

    Dirt Compartment Space


    What is the capacity of this device to store dirt?

    2.8 quarts

    0.75 quarts


    Shark vs Bissell Vacuum: Performance

    We tested the Shark and BISSELL Vacuum across multiple floors and debris types to determine their efficiency level. On the whole, we undertook our test on low and high pile carpets, bare floors and pet hairs on furniture and hard floors. The following are the results we recorded after completing our check.



    Shark Vacuum

    BISSELL Vacuum

    Low Pile Carpet



    High Pile Carpet



    Bare floor



    Pet Hair Floor Performance



    Pet Hair Furniture Performance




    Shark Vacuum Review

    The Shark Vacuum Cleaner will always remain a great option on bare floors. The vacuum had no major issue absorbing high pile debris on tiles or hardwoods. Additionally, the Shark Vacuum had little trouble clearing pet hairs from bare floors. In doing so, there was little loss in suction until it could absorb all dirt particles on the ground. It is necessary to say that the performance of the Shark Vacuum on pet hairs hanging around furniture is also pretty decent, so there's less trouble working I upholsteries. The Shark model under review also has a more extended hose that allows users to reach taller and hard-to-reach angles.

    Another benefit you will likely get from the Shark Vacuum is its maintenance cost. Although you will need frequent cleaning on the filter and sometimes the brush roll, there is very little recurring cost on the Shark Vacuum. However, cleaning at night or cleaning poorly lit angles may be difficult. The presence of a headlight and a LED light on the crevice tool of the BISSELL Vacuum gives it a better edge over the Shark Vacuum. In addition, the Shark Vacuum may look lightweight compared to many Upright Vacuums on the market, but the BISSELL Vacuum still seems lighter to handle than the Shark Vacuum.


    Bissell Vacuum Review

    The BISSELL Vacuum is largely pretty decent, and it offers so many cool features that make it score pretty decent marks on all fronts. The BISSELL Vacuum easily tackles pet hairs from low and high-pile carpets and is particularly suited to handle homes with pets that shed a lot. On bare floors, which may include tiled and hardwood floors, the BISSELL Vacuum can also pick up pet hairs pretty effortlessly.

    While the BISSELL Vacuum may perform okay on small and hard debris across different floor types, it struggles a few times on high-pile junk on bare floors. Thankfully, with the help of the LED light on its crevice tool, the Vacuum can allow you to navigate your way around dark corners and conduct your cleaning at night. Interestingly, the Vacuum also comes with a special scented pre-motor filter which keeps the surroundings smelling fresh while vacuuming. However, the BISSELL Vacuum comes with a shorter hose compared to the Shark Vacuum, so you may find it difficult to enjoy a long reach without having to keep lifting the canister along. The BISSELL Vacuum does not come with a big dirt compartment. As a result, you may have to endure having to empty the dirt cup frequently.

    Comparison Chart: Shark vs Bissell vs Hoover vs Dyson


    Shark ZU62 M-Zerso Vacuum

    BISSELL Eraser Turbo

    Hoover WindTunnel 2

    Dyson Animal Ball 2


    16 pounds

    13.75 pounds

    16.1 pounds

    17.35 pounds


    243 dollars

    247 dollars

    130 dollars

    417 dollars

    Dual Handheld/Upright Usage





    Electricity usage

    1150 Watts

    840 Watts

    1,200 Watts

    1,400 Watts

    Control Method

    Push Button


    Push Buton

    Push Button

    Noise Level

    65 decibels

    70 decibels

    75 decibels

    75 decibels

    Surface type



    Hard floor and Carpets

    Hard floor and Carpets

    Which should you choose?

    While both Vacuum cleaners offer some pretty unique features that distinguish one vacuum over the other, it is difficult not to consider the fact that the Shark Vacuum offers larger dirt space and a longer hose for more extensive reach. For these reasons, we'll pick the Shark over the BISSELL.

    Video of Shark Vacuum vs BISSELL Vacuum

    Final Words

    Overall, both devices are excellent choices for users. If you fancy cleaning in the dark and the extra scent attached to the BISSELL Vacuum, then the BISSELL Vacuum is a perfect choice for you. On the other hand, if you can look beyond the LED lighting of the BISSELL and the unique scents, you should settle for the Shark Vacuum's larger dirt compartment space and a longer hose. Thankfully, both devices come at almost the same price.

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