Best Bissell Vacuum for Pet Hair: Hair Eraser Lift-Off Upright Vacuum, Cleanview Swivel, Bissell Adapt Ion.

Why do I need Bissel Vacuum for Pet Hair?

If you’ve been in malls and supermarkets lately then you might have noticed that there are lots of vacuum models that are specifically catered to pet owners. And there is a very good reason for that. Vacuums for pet hairs are created because there is a necessity, and perhaps you are one of those who need it. Pet hairs are a common complaint about traditional vacuums since they become tangled to the bristles among others. So, if you are a pet owner or soon-to-be pet owner who is looking for a vacuum for pet hair, then you really need a vacuum specifically made for this problem but do not hurriedly buy anything you see. If you really want a solution for your problem then go for the best Bissell vacuums for pet hairs. Bissell vacuums know what it takes to keep a home clean even if you have furry family members since they are specifically designed for that particular need.

Can I buy Bissell Vacuum for Pet Hair?

If you are looking to buy a Bissell Vacuum for pet hair then you do not need to worry. Bissell is a popular and reliable vacuum brand that has a wide market penetration. Their “pet” vacuums are a popular choice for pet owners due to their innovative designs and malls and stores know this. So, if you want to avail one then you will not have a problem, you can check the nearest supermarket or mall and there is a high chance that they have it. But if you want to stay at the comfort of your home then you can check out on Amazon, eBay, or their very own website

How do I choose a Bissell Vacuum for Pet Hair?

Choosing the Bissell Vacuum for pet hair that is right for you is not that hard. Bissell vacuums are reliable and of high quality but same with other vacuums, there is no harm in reviewing some specific concerns to determine what suits you more.

  1. Size and Weight. Size and weight matter when it comes to vacuums and Bissell vacuums for pet hair are not an exception to it. Considering the size and weight have to do with the frequency and size of the place you are going to vacuum. If you are looking to vacuum a small amount of pet hair frequently then a handheld or stick vacuum might be to your liking. On the other hand, if the place you are looking to be vacuumed is large then it might be good to consider buying canister or upright Bissell pet hair vacuums.
  2. Bissell pet hair vacuums are allies in cleaning pet hairs; however, you need to look for the one that you think you would be most comfortable in using. Bissell vacuums for pet hairs have their own characteristics so choose the one that you think would be easier to use. After all, it does not matter if your vacuum has the most hi-tech function for pet hairs if do not know how to use, store, and manage them properly.
  3. Filters are an important consideration since they prevent the recirculation of dust back to the air and they also help in neutralizing the smell in your place. But if you are concerned about allergies then you might want to pick those with HEPA filters. HEPA is ideal for those with allergies since they trap 99.97 of mold, pollen, dust, and other airborne particles that have a minimum size of 0.3 microns.
  4. Bristles are one of the most susceptible parts of a vacuum. Many have complaints about traditional vacuums because pet hairs normally got tangled on them which makes the process inefficient and more laborious. So, when picking a vacuum for pet hairs it is suggested that you go with those which has covers on their bristles.
  5. Corded or Cordless. Corded and cordless vacuums have their own pros and cons so it is really up to your preference. If you prefer a corded vacuum then you do not need to worry about the battery while cleaning pet hair but you need to live with the fact that there is an extra hassle in your way. On the other hand, there is less hassle in a cordless vacuum while cleaning pet hair since it is more portable and has more maneuverability; the only downside is that you need to be worried about the battery at times.
  6. Bagged or Bagless. Honestly, bags or bagged vacuums to be exact are traditional vacuums you saw in the movies and maybe you know well that it needs extra effort, especially in cleaning. And that is one of the reasons why bagless vacuums are invented. But do not have the idea that bagless vacuums cannot be messy since bagless vacuums typically have filters that need to be cleaned regularly. Hence it does not mean that just because the other one is more modern you should go for it straight away. It is still about the mix of what suits you, your budget, and your needs.

Best 5 Bissell Vacuums for Pet Hair

1.Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off Bagless Upright Vacuum


    This Pet Hair Vacuum model of Bissell is one of their most preferred. And there is a good reason for that since it has the Pet Turboeraser tool as its prime feature. This feature is equipped with a spinning brush head with bristles that make the pulling of dog or cat hairs in stairs, hard floors, carpeted floors, or upholstery easier. It also has the added feature of Smart Seal Allergen System with Febrile filter that makes it easier to trap allergens while eliminating their odor in the process. This vacuum is pretty portable too since it can easily transition as a detachable, portable Lift-Off canister.


    2.Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet Vacuum


      As the first entry in this list, Bissell Clearview Swivel Pet Vacuum is also an upright vacuum that is specifically designed to clean pet hairs. And this is one of their most excellent vacuums for pet hairs since this bagless vacuum can pick pet dog or cat hairs from all surface types. It also has other tools and brushes that could be used to make cleaning less taxing. It can also be set up into a semi-handheld position to ease the cleaning of the upholstery. However, this model is corded and thus does not have a long range. Moreover, it does not have an anti-allergy filter, has low maneuverability, and is made from plastic.


      3.Bissell Adapt Ion Pet Vacuum


        If you are looking for a hybrid Bissell vacuum for pet hairs then this one might be for you. Bissell Adapt Ion Pet vacuum is an upright/handheld cordless vacuum that has an unlimited range. Why unlimited? Because on top of being cordless, it can be used as a handheld vacuum for difficult-to-reach places or as an upright vacuum to clean floors and furniture. This makes it an exceptional choice in cleaning pet hair. Moreover, it is pretty lightweight which makes it more maneuverable. However, same with other cordless vacuums, it has a short battery life and long recharge time. It does not have an anti-allergy filter too.


        4.Bissell ICONpet Turbo Edge Vacuum Cleaner


          One of the most-loved products of Bissell is their ICONpet Turbo Edge Vacuum Cleaner. Many customers find this cordless, stick, and handheld vacuum great as it has a wonderful performance that is really pet-centric. Its lightweight design, 3x more powerful suction, SMARTSEAL Allergy System, and other features make dealing with pet hair situations easier. Its tangle-free brush roll also prevents hair wraps thus the chance of dealing with messy brush roll is lower. It is not a big thing, but one possible concern in this vacuum is its battery. The battery is not bad per se but it is not that great too since it could only provide up to 50 minutes of cordless cleaning. It also does not stand on its own, it does have a wall stand but many prefer that their vacuums stand on their own. But other than those things, this Bissell Pet Hair Vacuum is truly a delight to have.  


          5.Bissell SurfaceSense Pet Multi-Surface Vacuum


            If you are looking for a more advanced vacuum that could help you deal with pet hair on different surfaces then Bissell has the right product for you. Bissell SurfaceSense Pet Multi-Surface Vacuum has intelligent SurfaceSense technology that can detect floor types and adjust the brush roll speed depending on the floor type it cleans. It also has a powerful suction. This means that all those pet hairs on your bare floor or carpeted floor do not stand a chance. And if you are quite concerned about tangled hair, then worry not because it has a tangle-free multi-surface brush roll. Moreover, Bissell SurfaceSense Pet Multi-Surface Vacuum is equipped with SMARTSEAL ALLERGEN SYSTEM so you could be less wary of not only pet hair but as well as dust and allergens while you clean.


            Best Bissell Vacuum for Pet Hair, Choose the one that suits you.

            Choosing the best Bissell Vacuum for Pet Hair while not that hard could still be taxing since you need to consider several features. But while it is true that reviewing the different characteristics of each vacuum is important, you should not forget to consider yourself. If you think that a vacuum suit you, it has the right functions, that it would do the job, and that you could use it successfully, then go for it.

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