(Shark Freestyle Vacuum) Compare & Reviews Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle Cordless Vacuum, Shark Rotator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum, Shark Freestyle Pro Cordless Vacuum

Modernity has proved that cleaning your house should not be a needle in the hay. Highly technologically advanced vacuum cleaners bring the ultimate simplicity and fun to your cleaning routines, and you will always look forward to having more vacuuming sessions. The Shark Freestyle Vacuum is one of the most popular and most celebrated vacuum cleaner brands that offer exceptional vacuum cleaner models.

What is Shark Freestyle Vacuum?

The Shark Freestyle vacuum cleaner offers a variety of vacuum cleaners that exhibit different features and designs. The Shark Freestyle vacuum cleaner series is comprised of cordless stick vacuum cleaner models. The cordless stick vacuum cleaners are the ones that give a hassle-free cleaning due to the absence of a cord. You can e easily move from room to room, and this type of vacuum cleaner is the ideal alternative for full-size vacuums. 

The upright vacuum cleaner models tend to be more powerful when compared to stick vacuum models. Both upright and stick cordless vacuum cleaners deliver exceptional cleaning performance on bare, wooden carpets and edges of all other surfaces. The cordless nature of Shark Freestyle vacuum cleaner models allows the users to carry out cleaning on cars and other places as there is amazing mobility and flexibility that you will find vital. 

All the vacuum cleaner users need to do is to ensure the Shark Freestyle vacuum is completely charged before they venture into the powerful cleaning routine. These vacuum cleaner models employ a lithium-ion battery that is known to be powerful enough for strong suctions throughout the cleaning sessions.

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List of Shark Freestyle Vacuum Cleaner Models

This article takes a big move into introducing you to the best Shark Freestyle vacuum cleaners that are worth owning. The following vacuum cleaners meet the desired qualities a homeowner would wish to experience in a vacuum cleaner.

Shark Freestyle Vacuum Cleaner Models;

  • Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle Cordless Vacuum
  • Shark Rotator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum
  • Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro Cordless Vacuum

Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle Cordless Vacuum Reviews


  • The machine features a lightweight
  • It offers a long battery life performance
  • It offers multi-surface cleaning
  • It comes with a large dustbin capacity


  • It vacuums floors only
  • It has long battery charging times

The Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle vacuum is absolutely easy to operate as it features a foot switch that lets you switch on the machine without having to bend down. The vacuum cleaner’s button features two settings that are meant to clean carpets and bare floors. In the carpet mode, the motorized brush is made to spin faster, the suction becomes stronger, and it can be noisier.

 This vacuum cleaner features a nickel-metal hydride battery that requires four to seven hours of charging time. After a complete recharge, you are guaranteed excellent vacuum cleaning moments for three to five hours. There is no harm that will face the battery if you leave it charging even after charging is complete.

Pet hair is well taken care of by the motorized brush that efficiently collects all the debris. In case of hair entanglement around the brush, you will be required to use scissors to cut off hair for better cleaning performance. The 10-inch cleaning path and other exciting features make this vacuum cleaner worth buying.

Shark Rotator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews


    • It comes with an extra-large dust cup
    • It features a lightweight design
    • It offers excellent maneuverability
    • It offers a powerful suction


    • It takes a long charging time

    You deserve a powerful and portable vacuum cleaner like this one, which is engineered to achieve a cordless nature. This cordless nature brings optimal convenience as it allows a range of movement without necessarily having to move a cord or plug. Thanks to the multi-functioning charger that doubles as a storage rack that facilitates the charging of the vacuum in four hours. 

    There are regions in your house that tend to be tricky when you want to clean them. This can be under furniture or any other hard-to-reach spot. The Shark Rotator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum is designed to be lightweight as it features a swivel steering that gives the machine the ease to maneuver around obstacles.

    The vacuum cleaner is versatile for flooring since it comes with a 2-speed brush roll that works best on both carpeted and bare floors. The brush roll easily picks up pet hair, dirt, and dust and ensures that your house is completely clean. Any hair entanglement on the brush can be taken care of by using a pair of scissors to disentangle the brush for it to deliver optimum performance.

    Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro Cordless Vacuum Review


      • It offers an extra-large dust bin capacity

      It is bagless and 

      • has a lightweight nature
      • It has excellent maneuverability
      • It has a strong suction


      • It takes a long charging time

      The Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro vacuum presents a funky and stylish physical design that brings a sense of technology to your home. This vacuum cleaner features a powerful motorized brush that has the capability to lift embedded pet hair by its strong suction over a long battery run time. Thanks to the bag-less lightweight vacuum cleaner design that brings you an extra-large dust cup. With this large dustbin capacity, more debris can be accommodated; hence the frequency of emptying the vacuum cleaner is reduced.

      For the excellent maneuverability of this vacuum cleaner, an advanced swivel steering is installed for increased cleaning convenience. You stand a chance to enjoy a 10-inch cleaning path for faster cleaning and make your home look cool and clean within no time. The machine employs a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery that brings the ultimate power the machine needs.

      Frequently Asked Questions about Shark Freestyle Vacuum

      Here is what most people tend to ask concerning the Shark Freestyle Vacuum;

      Why is my Shark Freestyle Vacuum cleaner not charging?

      If your vacuum cleaner fails to charge, the problem is that the outlet is dirty, the battery is probably old, or the vacuum cleaner is generally clogged. What you are required to do is to try and clean the charging station and plug it into a different outlet. If this does not work, you have no obligation but to replace the batteries with new ones.

      How long does the Shark Freestyle Vacuum battery last?

      The vacuum cleaner uses the most powerful lithium-ion battery, rated to last 20 minutes for every complete recharge. This battery life is long enough to meet your cleaning ambitions.

      How do I empty my Shark Freestyle Vacuum?

      Before you empty the machine’s dust bag, you need to power off the device and then unplug the vacuum cleaner. Grip the handle on top of the dust cup gently, and go ahead to pressing so that the dirt can be directed to the trash bin. As you hold the dust cup over the trash bin, you should release the button on the bottom front to open the bottom door.

      Is the Shark Freestyle Vacuum worth buying?

      Once you have a Shark Freestyle Vacuum model, you will be a happy vacuum cleaner with the great cleaning benefits that it presents. The powerful suction easily captures pet hair, dust, and other sorts of dirt that this vacuum cleaner offers. 


      The Shark Freestyle Vacuum cleaner series proves to be highly useful and handy when you have a medium size room that you intend to maintain its floors to be clean and decent for a good home atmosphere. The vacuum cleaner models are highly portable, and they bring technology to the user’s reach. The Shark Freestyle vacuum cleaner is worth using at your own convenience.

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