Is Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum A Good Buy - A Detailed Review & Troubleshooting

Are you on the lookout for a robot vacuum that not only does your day to day household cleaning activities, but is also available at an economical price? You have landed on the right page. In this review we will discuss Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum, which has all the qualities you would want in a robot vacuum.

What is Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum?

As the name suggests Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum is an automatic vacuum cleaner that is capable of self-charging. It falls under the category of budget smart vacuum cleaners. Though the price tag attached to this cleaner looks cheap, it is capable of doing the toughest of the cleaning tasks with ease.

  • Design and features: Goovi D380 is a beautifully designed compact robo vac cleaner. It comes in light weight but does heavy duty. Also as mentioned earlier, it is a smart & cheap robot cleaner that is capable of self-charging. It can clean almost any type of surface with ease. Another important feature of the cleaner is that it doesn’t give you the headache of dealing with its cables while it makes your surface spotless. It works completely cordless, which means it can maneuver seamlessly from one room to another without leaving any long or tangled cables behind.
  • Functions: Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum comes with sensors which help it navigate through your home with a little to no fuss. These sensors are designed to keep the robot away from walls and other hurdles on its way. It is incorporated with one of the best suction powers for a budget robot cleaner.

Pros and Cons of Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum Cleaner



Works great on lesser to medium height carpets

Cannot be integrated with apps

It self-charges automatically via charging dock

Sometimes, it misses scheduled timings

It can clean in two directions (bi-directional)

The size of the dust collecting bin is small

Very economical

Can get stuck if it sucks huge amounts of hair


Specifications of Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum




Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum

Vacuum Size

12.6x12.6x2.8 inches


9 Pounds



Navigation Type

Sensor-based navigation

Battery Capacity

2600mAh Lithium-Ion

Running time

Approximately 120 minutes

Time to recharge

Approximately 180 minutes (3 hours)

Recharge Type


Filter Type


App Integration


Remote Control


Types of Floors

All Types

Room Selection


Capacity of Collection Bin

0.45 Liters

Bin Type


Automatic Bin Emptying

Not Supported

No. of Side Brushes


Device Warranty

1 year

Best Price

$159.99 (Present Rate on Goovi Website)


Who Should Buy Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Since you have read this far, you already know that Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum is a decent buy for the number of features and specifications it has on offer, and that too for such an economical price. However, you should also understand that many economy models come with certain limitations and D380 is no exception.

That being said, D380 does a better job than most of its contemporaries in the same price range. However, if you are on the lookout for a cleaner that has a better technology and control options, or if you have spacious floors needing high capacity cleaners, you may want to opt for high-end models. 

Finally, from my point of view, Goovi D380 is meant for consumers who want to buy an economical robot vacuum cleaner, but are on the lookout for the one that covers most of the features that high end models have. 

Review of Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

D380 Robotic Vacuum is a combination of multiple smart features. The hardware, software, sensors, brushes, design, etc., are all worth a mention. In this section, we will discuss the various features, advantages and limitations of this tiny yet powerful robotic cleaner.


As far as Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum’s performance is concerned, I should say, it does a pretty decent job by running up to 120 min on a single charge, and that too with suction power as high as 1600 Pa. Comprising of a 2600mAh Li-ion battery, the high power output of this smart cleaner is capable of covering more floor space compared to its peers. Also, its self-charging option only helps its powerful battery to operate for extended periods of time without breaking down.

Another feature worth mentioning is its smooth and silent operation. No matter in what mode you set it to perform, whether it is Goovi edge or Auto, it never makes any noise. The only exception is that when it encounters rough surfaces like concrete, it tends to get a little fussy.

Important Features

Solid Suction Capacity

As mentioned earlier, Goovi D380 comes with a powerful suction capacity of 1600 Pa, which is very rare to find at a cheap price. Vacuum cleaners under such a price tag often come with no more than 1000 Pa. This suction power is what that helps D380 to suck in stubborn debris, hair, fur, etc., from the carpets with minimal fuss. It also works quiet efficiently on wooden as well as tiled surfaces.

Optimum Safe Cleaning 

Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum makes use of infrared backed sensors to help it recognize the hurdles and take the optimal path while cleaning your home. Also, once the sensors detect any obstacles, they signal the device to either slow down or make a turn. This feature helps a lot, especially, when you are living with juniors and pets.

Pet Hair – No Problems!

Home owners having furry friends in their homes need not worry either. D380 is capable of dealing with shredded hair or fur very efficiently, but the only problem is you need to clean the brushes regularly. The HEPA rated filters only add to its sucking capacity by filtering minute allergens that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Smart Operation Modes

D380 comes with a total of 4 Smart Operation Modes to choose from. They are the Auto Mode, Max-cleaning, Spot cleaning and Edge cleaning mode. You can use them depending on your requirements. If you want your carpet to be cleaned to the optimum level, switch on the max cleaning mode, similarly, if you want to clean the edges, switch on the edge cleaning mode. The name of the mode itself suggests it all, as simple as that.

Automatic Charging

One more important feature of Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum is that it gets docked automatically to its charging station when the battery is about to exhaust. There is no need for you to connect it to the charger.

Anti-Fall and Anti Bump Sensors

Apart from having some of the best cleaning abilities, Goovi also comes with some of the safest measures that prevent it from falling from the stairs or bumping into a wall. The safety technology incorporated in the device in the form of anti-fall sensors, send signals whenever they detect a hazard ahead. This helps Goovi turn around and find some safe spot where it can resume its cleaning duties again.

Ease of Use

Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum cleaner is a far less technically complicated device. Unlike high-end models it doesn’t support any integrated app or Wi-Fi facility, all you have is a remote to make it work. The absence of smart technology is where D 380 falls short compared to other models. However, considering its cheap price, it is still a great choice for home owners with a modest floor space.  

Comparison Chart of Goovi robot vacuum


Goovi D380

Coredy R650

Robovac 11S Max

Suction Capacity

1600 Pa

2500 Pa

2000 Pa


2.83 inches

2.77 inches

2.85 inches





App Integration


iRobot Home App

Siri, Alexa

Running time/charge

120 min

120 min

100 min


















Questions About Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum

  1. How much time is needed for D380 to get charged?

Goovi D380 takes up to 5 hours to get completely charged. Once done, it can run up to 120 min without any interruptions.

  1. What is the warranty period of Goovi D380 Vacuum?

The robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a warranty of 12 months. Optionally, you can also buy two more years of warranty by paying a bit more.

  1. How well does it clean carpets?

According to reviews on Amazon, Goovi does just fine with carpets that are low or medium level in height. It also performs well on rugs and wooden surfaces.

  1. How about detecting falling hazards?

D380 comes equipped with infrared sensors that can detect obstacles as well as falling hazards. Once a hazard is detected, the sensors signal it to turn around and go to a safe place.

  1. Can I set-up schedule on Goovi D380?

Yes, it is possible to set-up a cleaning schedule on Goovi with the help of the remote controller. There is a provision to input at what time you want Goovi to start cleaning your home.

  1. Where can I buy Goovi D380?

The best place to buy Goovi D380 is via Amazon. It is also your first point of contact if you have to speak to customer service.

  1. Where can I buy Goovi spare parts?

Just like the vacuum cleaner itself, you can place order for spares via Amazon. Duplicates are available in the open market, but are less reliable.

Video of Goovi D380 Vacuum Cleaner Review

If you want to know more about Goovi D380 Vacuum cleaner and how it performs, you can watch its review on YouTube:

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