RIDGID Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Test & Review: Filter, Attachments, Attachments

What Is RIDGID Wet Dry Vacuum Brand?

RIDGID is the leading manufacturer of wet and dry vacuums, well-known for its unwavering dedication to quality, technology, and superior performance. Vacuums produced by RIDGID have a long-lasting construction and innovative onboard storage, making them the go-to vacuum for thorough cleaning. The vacuums are designed to last; they come as standard products with the best warranty in the vacuum industry. In addition, RIDGID offers a full lifetime warranty against defects in the material and workmanship of its vacuums.

The RIDGID Tool Company is a manufacturing company based in America known for its high-quality plumbing, construction, and HVAC trades. It offers different models of impressive vacuum cleaners from years of manufacturing and engineering know-how. Its offerings include contractor-grade shop vacuums that offer top-of-the-line durability and cleaning performance, ensuring a convenient and easy vacuuming session. In addition, the vacuums feature the RIDGID Qwik Lock Filter System, making changing or replacing the filters straightforward and quick.

Additionally, there’s the Dual-Flex Locking Hose that, in addition to resisting collapsing, adds more flexibility, ensuring uninterrupted vacuuming by locking on to the vacuum. RIDGID vacuums also feature the Scroll Noise Reduction Technology, a patented feature providing quiet operation through airflow control. RIDGID has over fifty years of experience manufacturing and designing strong wet-dry vacuums, making it a reliable source for vacuums.

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RIDGID Wet Dry Vacuum Models:

  1. RIDGID HD1640 16-Gallon 5.0-Peak HP NXT Canister Vacuum
  2. RIDGID HD1200 12-Gallon NXT Canister Vacuum
  3. RIDGID RT1400 Vacuum Cleaner

RIDGID HD1640 16-Gallon 5.0-Peak HP NXT Canister Vacuum


The RIDGID HD1640 is one of the must-haves of vacuum models from this brand with its high value and powerful suction. It is an adult-sized vacuum with incredible suction at a price way below the value it offers. The combination of exceptional qualities and affordability explains why professionals love this model. The vacuum’s notable features include its 16-gallon canister, blower, smooth mobility, hose and cord management, accessory storage, and drain spigot.

The RIDGID HD1640 has a 6.5Hp motor, the same type of motor found in vacuum cleaners in this size class. It features a 2.5” diameter hose designed to pull a massive 203 CFM through it, locking airborne particles in. Additionally, it features a 4.5lb suction force while its high CFM ensures moving debris keeps moving. The excellent CFM rating of the RIDGID HD1640 sets it apart from the competition – and its value proposition.

Its 16-gallon canister is the highest you can get from a wet-dry vacuum, and we still call it compact. At this rate, the vacuum cleaner will effectively take care of nearly all debris, large or small, in your workspace. The RIDGID HD1640 uses the typical combination of two large back wheels and two swiveling front casters. Its back wheels let you roll the extension cords and other debris over, on which caster-only vacuum models get stuck.

The RIDGID HD1640 has a storage pouch hanging from the handle rather than in a compartment on the vacuum’s housing. While this feature may not be as organized as the traditional accessory storage approach, accessories are safe and out of the way. Considering the capacity of its tank (a whopping 16 gallons!), the RIDGID HD1640 should naturally be a heavy vacuum. However, its drain spigot helps, making it easier to leave and empty.

RIDGID HD1200 12-Gallon NXT Canister Vacuum


We’ve yet to find a vacuum cleaner that beats the RIDGID HD1200 12-Gallon NXT in its features and suction power. In addition, the canister vacuum cleaner offers a good cleaning capacity with all the proper nozzle ends for wet and dry vacuuming. The HD1200 is an updated version of the WD1270 with notable design improvements, including the center-mounted handle. Apart from the center-mounted handle for easy carrying, it also has a large glove-friendly on/off switch.

The RIDGID HD1200 12-Gallon NXT exhibits the same quality, synonymous with RIDGID vacuums. It has enough power to eliminate all pollutants, allergens, and debris that could disfigure your home’s décor. The vacuum cleaner sucks up spider webs, screws, shards, large pieces of broken glass, and paint chips without cringing. The HD1200 is one of the most powerful vacuums RIDGID has to offer, powerful enough to lose even wall plasters.

This 12-gallon capacity of its water tank offers a sweet spot between maneuverability and capacity. Thanks to the large capacity, the RIDGID HD1200 12-Gallon NXT won’t require you to stop and empty it often. At the same time, thanks to its convenient handle, it isn’t too bulky to lift over stairs or empty. This HS1200 canister vacuum features three nozzle ends, including a small nozzle for corners, a wide dry nozzle, and a wet nozzle.

The RIDGID HD1200 12-Gallon NXT features a standard 2.5-inch hose diameter best suited for vacuums this size. Its hose clips to the vacuum, ensuring a more stable connection, thus giving it the edge over its competition. Other vacuum cleaners have a pressure-fit connection that tends to loosen as you pull the hose when vacuuming. The hose is big enough to suck up nearly all major workshop messes, including nails, screws, and sawdust.

RIDGID RT1400 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner


One of the most outstanding and essential features of the RIDGID RT1400 is the suction power. It is designed to efficiently pick up pine needles, dirt, pet hair, sawdust, sand, food crumbs, and several wet and dry messes. Another notable quality of the vacuum is its maneuverability, which is also one of its selling points over traditional vacuums. In addition, the ergonomic build of the RIDGID RT1400 vacuum cleaner makes it easy to move around to clean nooks and crannies.

Additionally, the RIDGID RT1400 is a versatile vacuum cleaner; this is probably one of its most underrated features. It is versatile in that it can effortlessly clean various surfaces, including upholsteries, rubber floor mats, and carpets. Regardless of where you use the RIDGID RT1400, it will easily pick up all pet hair, dander, dirt, and debris. Its accessory storage is unconventional but good; it keeps the vacuum’s accessories out of the way as you clean.

The RIDGID RT1400 features a Qwik Lock Filter Fastening System that ensures quick attaching and detaching of paper filters. Additionally, its heavy-duty locking hose ensures the hose never pulls loose as you use the shop vacuum. Meanwhile, you can use the carry handle on the vacuum as a cord wrap. The RIDGID RT1400 is reviewed to be a powerful and maneuverable vacuum cleaner that effortlessly picks up all types of construction debris.

FAQ about RIDGID Wet Dry Vacuum

Does the RIDGID Wet Dry Vacuum need a collection bag?

Whether or not you need a collection bag depends on the type of RIDGID vacuum you’re using and the debris you’re cleaning. For example, you won’t need a collection bag if you’re vacuuming large to medium-sized debris with a cartridge filter or reusable filter vacuum. However, if you’re using this type of vacuum to pick up fine debris, you’ll need a high-capacity HEPA or filter bag. Without the collection bag, in this case, the fine dust will escape through the filter and back into the air.

Meanwhile, you don’t need a collection bag if you’re using a vacuum with a HEPA cartridge filter. Some RIDGID vacuums with foam sleeves typically come with their collection bag; use the collection bag with the foam sleeve.

Which RIDGID filter is best for dry pickup?

This depends on the type of debris you’re cleaning: large, medium-sized, or fine debris. You should use a filter with at least a general household filtration level for large debris like gravel and wood chips. When cleaning medium-sized debris like sawdust and sand, you’ll use a filer with at least a medium-level filtration. Meanwhile, you’ll need a filter with a fine filtration level if you’re picking up fine debris like cold ashes.

Which RIDGID filter is best for wet vacuuming?

The foam sleeve is the best RIDGID filter for cleaning up wet debris and dust. The foam sleeve is specially designed to stop debris in the water from getting sucked into the motor. Meanwhile, you may want to add a dry collection bag when vacuuming water with debris. The bag helps trap the debris while letting the water into the tank; then, you can remove the debris and dispose of it.

Is RIDGID a good brand for wet dry vacuums?

The RIDGID brand is the leading, innovative manufacturer of wet-dry vacuums in the industry. That means their vacuum cleaners constitute some of the best, highest-quality vacuums on the market. A typical RIDGID vacuum combines exceptional features with high technology and affordability, making it unbeatable compared to the competition.


RIDGID wet dry vacuums are undoubtedly some of the best on the market, with very high-quality products. The RIDGID Company has been around since the early 1920s, meaning their vacuum-making experience is nearly a century old. As a result, most people who have purchased their vacuums consider them worth the investment.

RIDGID wet dry vacuums, especially the NXT line, are the most powerful shop vacuum lines the brand has created. These RIDGID wet dry vacuums are perfect for emergency or major jobs; vacuums notably better than them are hard to find. The RIDGID wet dry vacuums are an excellent choice if you want a shop vacuum with unparalleled suction strength. They work as effectively for DIY car detailing as they do on a large-project job site.

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