Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow: Which One Is the Better Vacuum Cleaner?

Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow, Which Is Better?


Very few people know that we've had vacuum cleaners since the 1900s. So naturally, they've grown in number and advanced in technology than when they first began. This article compares two of the best vacuum cleaner brands in the industry: Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow. By the end of this article, the goal is to decide which of the two works for you.

When deciding between the two vacuum cleaner brands, you want to look at their design, cleaning performance, and features. Essentially, you're looking for a vacuum cleaner that has the features and specifications you want in a vacuum. The price, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as the cleaning power, are also essential factors to consider.

Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow: Specs and Features, Price, Pros & Cons

  • Specs and Features: Quantum X Vacuum and Rainbow feature many onboard tools and products; the Rainbow outclasses the Quantum in features. The features of Quantum X Vacuum include the upholstery brush, crevice tool, separator cleaning brush, caddy, dusting brush, and inflater. Also included are a water bowl cleaning brush, hoses, and electric and non-electric wands. In addition, it has a 100oz tank capacity, which is higher than the Rainbow's 80oz – and you can extend it by purchasing another XL tank. The Rainbow Vacuum features additional proprietary fragrances like gardenia, mulberry, lemon, spice, blossom, Siberian pine, apple blossom, and eucalyptus. It comes with a hard floor mop tool (jet pad), an aqua mat that turns it into a carpet cleaner, and the Rainbow Mate IL. In addition, it features the Minijet, which is excellent for cleaning upholstery, Rainjet for cleaning linoleum tiles, and Rainmate as an air humidifier. The Rainbow Vacuum exerts over 1,150 watts, which is way above the Quantum Vacuum's 850 watts.
  • Price: In the battle of Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow, Quantum wins when it comes to affordability. Quantum costs around $500, while Rainbow costs over $2,000. We recommend the Quantum; it has several admirable qualities, including quality materials and excellent suction. However, if you prefer Rainbow Vacuum cleaner's fancy accessories, you can go for it.
  • Pros and Cons: The Quantum X Vacuum is compact and handy, so you can easily move and maneuver it around your home. It works quietly despite its powerful suction, which can suck in dirt and debris from any surface. In addition, the Quantum X Vacuum features an air sterilizing feature, meaning you get an allergen-free environment. However, the vacuum shuts down once the tank is full of dirty water and has no exhaust filter, height adjustment, or special carpet attachments. On the other hand, the Rainbow Vacuum features an excellent air purifier mechanism and efficiently removes pet hair and traps hair. It comes with a reusable filter, which means you don't need to replace the filter; this improves its durability. Additionally, the Rainbow Vacuum has a hand tool that lets you operate the vacuum easily and has a good warranty. However, it doesn't clean fast, has a big cord that tends to tangle, is expensive, and is very heavy.

Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow: Design

Both vacuum cleaners have a vacuum body with a suction assembly and a dust chamber. In the dust chamber is a dust collector assembly, which features a dust collection seat and an upper cap. The dust collection seat is further sectioned into two compartments connected to each other with an airflow duct. The two compartments in the dust collection seat are a filter chamber containing water and an airflow chamber.

On the one hand, the Quantum X Vacuum has a slick appearance, while the Rainbow Vacuum is more traditional gray. Additionally, the Quantum Vacuum has four wheels, while the Rainbow Vacuum has five. Both vacuums have a rubber band attached to the caddy's lower part; it protects your furniture and units. Furthermore, the Quantum X Vacuum features a multifaceted design that ensures you can reach a broader and more complex area.

On the other hand, the Rainbow Vacuum features a brush with a circular shape and active edges. This brush makes the vacuum perfect for reaching embedded dirt, helping you tackle tough debris without stress.

Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow: Cleaning Power

Comparing the suction or cleaning power of Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow is hard, especially since they are two different products. First, both brands don't offer clear values, making the comparison more difficult. Generally, vacuum cleaners like these two, having water filtration, feature a high cleaning power. However, the Rainbow Vacuum features the brand's latest Hurricane brushless motor that produces about 70 CFM, which is outstanding.

The 70 CFM doesn't necessarily resolve to 1200 AW; the Rainbow E2, for example, has around 300 AW suction power. The Quantum Vacuum also produces a similar cleaning power, so there's not much difference in that area. However, the airflow is another thing entirely, mainly since water filtration vacuum cleaners never really lose this feature. Generally, Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow, as far as cleaning power and efficiency go, both units are similar.

Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow: Performance

In comparing the performance of Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow, we discovered that they work the same way. The suction assembly of a typical vacuum cleaner offers an airflow that draws particles into the airflow chamber and then the filter chamber. In water-based filtration systems such as these, the water sticks to airborne particles and dust. Since water is denser than air, it remains in the filter chamber, completely purified of the debris and dirt sucked in.

Then, the purified air is released into the airflow, passes through the vacuum's outlet, and then back to the room. Both vacuum cleaners remove mold, bacteria, germs, pollen, and every pungent odor as efficiently as they remove dirt and debris. You can use both vacuums on wet and dry messes, and there's no need to replace bags because they are bagless. All that's needed after cleaning is to empty the filter by pouring out the dirty water.

Quantum X Vacuum Review


The Quantum X Vacuum is an energy-efficient vacuum cleaner, only consuming 870 watts of power. In addition, it is a water-based vacuum cleaner, meaning it doesn't feature or require a bag to store the dirt and debris. Instead, it features a basin that holds water that'll filter dirt out; the basin has a capacity of 32 ounces. That means you don't need to worry about cleaning or changing filters; just empty the vacuum after every vacuuming session.

Water-based vacuums typically have the edge over traditional vacuums with their filtration efficiency for many reasons. First, they capture much more than dirt; water is a magnet for bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. The Quantum X Vacuum reportedly traps 99% of captured allergens, making it perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Rainbow Vacuum Review


The Rainbow Vacuum is a popular vacuum cleaner; it uses water to filter out pollen, dust, debris, mites, germs, and several pollutants. In addition, the Rainbow Vacuum can trap odors and bad smells, including cooking and pet odors and mold. The vacuum cleaner is one of the few bagless vacuums that never lose suction, especially with the latest models. So regardless of how dirty its water gets, the Rainbow will still trap dirt and release air from its exhaust.

The Rainbow Vacuum features a HEPA filter system that will trap anything that passes through the water, whether plaster or concrete dust. Normally, these particles don't mix well with water, meaning they tend to blow back into the air. However, the Rainbow Vacuum efficiently captures dust, especially when you add a little amount of vinegar to the water. The vinegar will break the surface tension of the water and let it absorb dust into the water.

Comparison Chart: Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow E2 vs. Rainbow SRX


Quantum X

Rainbow E2

Rainbow SRX


Quantum Vacuum




Quantum X



Surface Recommendation

Hardwood, Carpet


Hardwood, Carpet

Input Power

870 watts

50 - 1,150 watts

850 – 1050 watts

Bin Capacity

0.946 liters

2.36 liters

1.9 liters

Product Weight

17 pounds

19 pounds

17.4 pounds

Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow, Which Should You Choose?

In the debate between Quantum X Vacuum vs. Rainbow, which model you choose ultimately depends on your expectations. That is, what you expect to get from the vacuum cleaner will determine which one you'll get. We recommend the Quantum Vacuum because it has sufficient features, efficient cleaning performance, and impressive suction power. In addition, it has many similar accessories as Rainbow, excluding the fancy accessories, and comes at an affordable price.

The Quantum Vacuum will give you a wholesome and natural treatment since it doesn't need components like HEPA, sponge, or paper filters. It is also great for asthmatic and allergy patients, although Rainbow performs better in that department. The Rainbow Vacuum is more expensive, but it's a good investment if you can afford it. Otherwise, Quantum also offers admirable accessories, qualities, and features, and you won't spend up to the $2000+ you'll spend on Rainbow.

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