Review of Handheld Stick Toppin Cordless Vacuum; Ideal for Pet Hair and Hardwood Floors 

What is Toppin Cordless Vacuum 

The Toppin Cordless Vacuum cleaner series has seen a meteoric rise in its popularity over the past few years. The Toppin Cordless Vacuum S2, commonly referred to as Toppin 8-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum, was the 4th most successful stick vacuum on Amazon for a long time. 

Its reasons for fame are several. The vacuum’s brushless motor delivers resounding performance, which is sufficient for pet hair suction on all floor types. The Toppin Cordless Vacuum also offers a three-step filtration solution for hygienic air emission, three power modes for various suction levels, numerous attachments, and a 180-degree spiraling brush head for the ultimate maneuverability. 

Toppin Cordless Vacuum Cleaner S2 

Why Choose Toppin Cordless Vacuum Vacuum? 

A Toppin Cordless Vacuum, no matter which model you choose, will provide you with excellent performance with superior build quality. There is simply so much on offer at an immensely affordable price. 

A Toppin Cordless Vacuum is ideal for consumers looking for an affordable option that does not compromise on competence. The vacuum’s suction power is widely regarded to be greater than the likes of Dyson and Bissell. 

Toppin’s new and improved brushless motor is highly efficient as it produces less heat and noise and far more performance. 

Specifically for users who allocate high priority towards hygiene, almost every Toppin Cordless Vacuum comes with a high efficiency, 4-layer, filtration system that does not allow secondary air from your vacuuming experience to pollute your home. 

S2, from the Toppin Cordless Vacuum range, is an extremely practical option because of its seamless and sleek design and low weight of only 5 pounds. This means it can be easily used by people of all genders, ages, and conditions. 

The S2 is also ideal for young parents and pet owners because its noise production of a mere 68-76 dB(A) is negligible. 

Toppin Cordless Vacuum Vacuums Compared 

Toppin Cordless Vacuum Vacuums Model Comparison 


S2 - Versatile 

S1 - Classic 

S4 - Swift 






5 lbs 

5.2 lbs

7.25 lbs

Key Features 

Efficient 250W brushless motor provides 23KPa of suction, handheld and extension capability, easy trash disposal with one click, rinsable filter and dust cup, dual charging option, LED headlights, 4-layer filtration system, whisper-quiet noise production

5-layer filtration captures 99.99% dust particles measuring 0.01 microns, tangle-free brush roll, battery level indicator, 35 mins runtime, 12KPa suction with 32,000 rpm/min, rinseable cup and filter, handheld capability, wall mountable 

4-layer effective filtration, handheld capability, lay flat design for added convenience, rinsable filters and dirt cup, one-button removal of dirt cup, 2 power modes, wall mountable 

Parts and Accessories 

Extension wand, crevice tool, adapter, charging unit, user manual 

2-in-1 brush, crevice tool, metal wand, power adapter, wall mount installation kit, motorized floor nozzle, user manual 

Floor brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, wall mount, adaptor, cutter, user manual 

Work Time 

12 to 34 minutes 

Up to 35 minutes 

Up to 40 minutes 

Review of Toppin Cordless Vacuum (Toppin S2 - Versatile) 

At a stellar price of $134.99, you get an excellent vacuum that has established itself in the market due to its enormous performance output, lightweight and sleep design which is ideal for handling and maneuverability, and a multi-layered filtration system that champions hygiene. 

Toppin’s new and improved dynamic and energetic 250W brushless motor produces up to 23KPa of suction, which is sufficient for picking the smallest of pet hair and the gunkiest of pet litter. The upgraded brushless motor is also credited with significantly boosting the efficiency of the S2 as it produces reduced amounts of heat and noise. Talking about noise production, the S2 is one of the quietest in its class as it produces only 68 to 76 dB(A). 

With the help of its ability to seamlessly transition into a handheld vacuum, the S2 provides greater avenues for effective cleaning as you can now clean your car and closet. With the help of its attachments, such as the extension wand and crevice tool, you can easily vacuum ceilings and tricky parts of sofas. 

To increase practicality, the sleek design weighs in at only 5 lbs; one of the lightest weights of any stick vacuum on the market. Toppin has made the S2 as handy as possible; the dust cup is easily detached with a single click of a button and the filter and dust cup are washable to maintain thorough performance throughout their lifespan. 4 bright LED headlights on the brush brighten up even the gloomiest corners in your house, allowing you to clean every nook and cranny without missing a single spot. 

With a charge time of up to 3-5 hours, you will get a decent runtime of 34 minutes, which is enough to easily clean a whole house without any trouble. When it comes to charging your S2, you can either charge it in the provided unit or use the provided wall adaptor for charging. 

Lastly, the S2 is equipped with a high efficiency 4-layer filtration system that also consists of a HEPA filter. It allows only clean air to pass from the exhaust as it captures 99.99% of allergens and dust particles before releasing exhaust air. 

However, the S2 could have been made to be unparalleled if the Toppin Cordless Vacuum range equipped it with a wall mount for effective storage and charging. Moreover, the charging time of 3 to 5 hours seems hefty, and could have been reduced through the latest efficient charging capabilities. 

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Toppin S2 Versatile 

Review of Toppin Cordless Vacuum (Toppin S1 - Classic) 

The S1 classic is a vastly affordable option, being priced at $109.99. Adding to its affordability, it has a lot on offer. Its 35mm wide roll is tangle-free, which means you do not have to tediously remove hair from the brush after every vacuuming session. 

The 2200mAh battery is ideal for a lengthy runtime, which is exactly what you get with a whopping 35 minutes runtime. The battery indicator always keeps you updated regarding battery levels so you can charge your S1 beforehand as it takes 4 hours for it to fully charge. 

When it comes to performance, the S1 performs exquisitely on hard flooring and low-pile carpets with its powerful motor that produces 13KPa worth of suction and a remarkable 38,000 rpm/min. Its two power modes allow you to effectively deal with various situations as per your choice. 

In terms of hygiene, the S1 has got you covered with its 5-stage filtration system that captures up to 99.99% of allergens and contaminants. Furthermore, you can easily clean your dust cup and filters with water to upkeep the filtration system’s performance. 

With its 5.2 lbs lightweight design, it can be easily maneuvered and handled for exceptional vacuuming sessions. The S1 can also be converted to a handheld vacuum for specialized and focus vacuuming in tricky areas, such as cars and tight spaces between couches. Swivel steering offers added freedom to move. And, the LED headlights ensure that you never miss a spot even in the darkest and tightest of spaces as your visibility will always be on point. 

The S1 is also wall mountable. 

For the price, it is a no-brainer purchase decision given its impressive features and sheer quality in terms of performance, durability, and handling. Not surprisingly, the vacuum has garnered incredible reviews. 

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Toppin S1 Classic 

Review of Toppin Cordless Vacuum (Toppin S4 - Swift) 

$99.99 gets you a sublime vacuum with a surreal runtime of a staggering 40 minutes. This magnificent runtime provides the user with great practicality as he or she can vacuum the whole house in one go, saving their valuable time and effort. 

The S4 also switches to a handheld vacuum for capturing dust from the trickiest parts of your house. Weighing in at 7.25 lbs, the vacuum calls for easy and effortless handling due to its sleek, lightweight, and ergonomic design. Moreover, the revolutionary lay flat design allows the vacuum to lay parallel to the floor, allowing it to vacuum underneath sofa sets and beds. 

The S4 provides the user with great cost-effective opportunities as the filters and dust cups are reusable and washable. 

Despite its low price, the S4 also includes a thorough 4-step filtration process which ensures clean exhaust air to be produced during and after vacuuming sessions; this exhaust air is 99.99% rid of allergens and other pollutants such as dust and bacteria. 

The vacuum offers two power modes for a custom vacuuming experience. It can also stand upright, allowing you to easily place it anywhere if you want to take a break during vacuuming. The vacuum is also wall mountable, hence it can easily be stored anywhere without taking a hefty amount of space. 

For the price, the S4 is one of the best options on the market today. 

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Toppin S4 Swift 

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