Review of Handheld Stick Bosch Cordless Vacuum Lineup which is Ideal for Pet Hair and Hardwood Flooring 

What is Bosch Cordless Vacuum 

The Bosch Cordless Vacuum lineup has been making headlines in the vacuum cleaner world for a long time, for all the right reasons. The lineup consists of outstanding vacuums, such as the Unlimited and Athlet. 

These vacuums are known for their effectiveness and practicality. No matter what you are looking for, the Bosch Cordless Vacuum lineup has something in store for you, whether you are looking for a specific vacuum for pets or extreme performance.

Bosch creates versatile and powerful vacuums that are known for their suction prowess and user-friendliness. 

Bosch Unlimited Series 

Why Choose Bosch Cordless Vacuum Vacuum? 

The Bosch Cordless Vacuum lineup has evolved since the company first came into existence, 130 years ago. Recently, Bosch has shifted its focus towards creating state-of-the-art, superior cordless vacuums that have something to offer for everyone. 

For instance, take Athlet from the Bosch Cordless Vacuum lineup. Apart from being a powerful vacuum that has abundant quality and sheer performance, it also comes in various ‘flavors’ to suit the needs of everyone. For instance, Athlet is great for an overall experience that consists of great performance, no matter your floor type. 

On the other hand, the Athlet ProPower from the Bosch Cordless Vacuum range is a beefed up version of the Athlet. It is specifically designed for bigger families with larger homes as it is crafted to deliver lengthy runtimes and higher power outputs. 

Next, Athlet ProHygienic is for individuals who prefer a vacuum session that is as clean and hygienic as possible as the ProHygienic releases clean air through its exhausts after each vacuuming session. 

Hence, we see how every Bosch Cordless Vacuum has something on offer for everyone. 

Bosch Cordless Vacuum Vacuums Compared 

Bosch Cordless Vacuum Vacuums Model Comparison 



Unlimited 8 (18V)

Unlimited 7  


Find a dealer on the Bosch website 

Find a dealer on the Bosch website 

Find a dealer on the Bosch website 


7.27 pounds 

6.6 pounds 

6.4 pounds 

Battery Runtime 

Up to 60 minutes 

Up to 65 minutes 

Up to 45 minutes 

Key Features 

Exceptionally lightweight, impressive runtime of 60 minutes, all-floor brush bar with 5,000 rpm motor, strong suction power, three power level modes 

99.9% dust pickup through strong suction power, exchangeable Bosch battery, unlimited runtime with interchangeable battery and quick charging, 99.99% air filtration, auto mode, wall docking station 

99.90% dust pickup, clean exhaust air with 99.9% air filtration, wall docking station with charger, auto mode, enhanced flexibility, RotationClean 

Included Parts and Accessories 

Plug-in adapter, flexible hose, upholstery tool, crevice nozzle (optional)

Extra battery, quick charger, wall dock, crevice tool, bottom roller 

Wall dock, crevice tool, bottom roller 

Review of Bosch Cordless Vacuum (Bosch Athlet)

Bosch Athlet vacuums are designed to produce surreal amounts of cleaning power with the help of their impressive motor, which runs up to a whopping 5,000 rpm to deliver amazing all-floor suction. 

The Athlet vacuums are cordless and bagless. With Bosch’s engineering and design excellence and experience, you do not have to worry about your Athlet’s life because it will last you a long time. 

The all-floor motorized brush and motor provide exceptional cleaning on any surface, be it hard tiles or carpets in the living room. Its impeccable prowess allows it to pick up dust, debris, and tiny pet hair. When it comes to suction, the smart sensor will notify you when it is time to service the filter. With three distinct cleaning modes, you can choose the way you clean, according to your requirements. 

With the Athlet, there is no need to worry about battery runtime due to several intriguing reasons. Firstly, the ideal runtime of up to 60 minutes is optimal for cleaning large houses or longer vacuuming durations. If, in case, your battery drops, you can use the Athlet’s fast charging feature, which completely charges it in a matter of minutes while the vacuum is parked. 

The Bosch Athlet offers exceptional handling due to its streamlined design and negligible weight of only 7.27 pounds. Its slim and compact design, featuring great ergonomics, allows you to easily glide it across tricky angles and spots. The Athlet’s design allows it to be parked upright wherever, whenever. Its upright design also allows you to store it against a wall. It can also lay completely flat to the ground for vacuuming underneath sofa sets and beds. The vacuum also comes with a shoulder strap for easier carrying. If you are looking to clean the tightest of spaces, the vacuum can also transform into a handheld device for close up vacuuming. 

With the help of the extra long hose, you can reach anywhere, even the ceiling. 

For greater convenience to the user, the Athlet has a dust cup size of 0.9 liters, allowing users to clean and vacuum larger areas in one go. 

However, there are a few shortcomings to this mighty vacuum. Firstly, it does not come with a wall dock, meaning that users can not conveniently store it on the wall or gain benefit from wall charging as it comes with an old school wall socket. 

In its higher power mode, the Athlet lasts up to 10 minutes only. 

Furthermore, users have complained about the vacuum’s handheld mode, which can be difficult to handle. 

A few users have also complained about the vacuum’s dust canister being having less storage. 

In conclusion, given its price and the brand recognition and trust of Bosch, the Athlet is an ideal option for those who prefer strong performance with the added benefit of a lightweight vacuum. 

Buy it through Bosch’s trusted dealers listed on the website 

Bosch Athlet 

Review of Bosch 18V Cordless Vacuum (Unlimited 8) 

Bosch’s Unlimited cordless stick vacuums are known for being complete all-rounders. They offer performance of the highest order due to high-efficiency motors and impressive battery runtimes that beat the competition. You get all of this with a sleek and lightweight design that can vacuum every nook and cranny in your house. 

Bosch’s effective 18V battery delivers a whopping 65 minutes of runtime on the Unlimited 8. When it comes to runtime, there is nothing to worry about because the vacuum can fully charge in a meager 46 minutes; truly impressive. The Unlimited 8 is also blessed with an extra battery and a quick charger to ensure optimal cleaning with substantial time-effectiveness. 

The Unlimited 8’s mighty TurboSpin motor ensures 99.99% dust pick up, a rating which matches the best corded vacuums on the market. Moreover, this vacuum can clean almost every surface, be it hard floors or carpets. The glorious TurboSpin motor will not break down; this guarantee is taken up by Bosch as they provide a free 10-year motor guarantee which showcases the sheer quality and rigidity of the motor. 

With a sleek, ergonomic, and lightweight (only 6.6 pounds) design, the Unlimited 8 can reach anywhere, especially the tricky places between sofa sets. It also can be converted to a handheld vacuum so that you are able to vacuum your car and closets. 

The Unlimited 8 series comes with a wall dock for optimal storage that takes up negligible space. The wall dock is also capable of charging your vacuum. 

This is not where the Unlimited 8’s glory ends. The vacuum is also equipped with an Auto Mode that intelligently alters air flow according to the flooring type. This saves battery and is an efficient and innovative way to vacuum all floor types. 

LED lights are situated on the all-floor nozzle to ensure perfect visibility in dark and tight spaces, allowing you to never miss a spot. 

The Unlimited 8 is also an exquisite hygienic vacuum as it cleans the air coming from its exhausts; it filters up to 99.99% of dust and contaminants in the dust coming from its exhausts. 

Buy it through Bosch’s trusted dealers listed on the website 

Bosch Unlimited 8 Series 

Review of Bosch Cordless Vacuum (Unlimited 7) 

The Unlimited series from Bosch has more or less everything in common. Here’s how the Unlimited 7 differs from the Unlimited 8. 

Firstly, the Unlimited 7 is lighter in weight: 6.4 pounds. It also comes with a Flex Tube, which allows you to easily vacuum underneath beds and sofas without having to kneel. The vacuum also comes with a Quick Stand that readily stores the stick and nozzle in an upright manner to ensure accessibility. 

The Unlimited 7, as compared to the Unlimited 8, offers lesser, 99.90% air filtration. It does not offer quick charging and an extra battery and the runtime is dropped to 40 minutes; way ahead of the competition. 

The Unlimited 7 comes with a wall dock that has storage and charging capabilities. 

Buy it through Bosch’s trusted dealers listed on the website 

Bosch Unlimited 7 

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