Rainbow Vacuum Replacement Parts: Bags, Filters, Belts, Hoses & Attachment Accessories

The Common Rainbow Vacuum Replacement Parts:

Buying a new vacuum might appear to be a straightforward task. However, if you begin exploring all the available alternatives, brands, and accessories, this entire process can quickly become overwhelming. The Rainbow vacuum cleaners are available in several models and there are features on offer for every one of them with various accessories. The price tags for the Rainbow vacuums can be from under $100 to more than $2000. One of the significant considerations while selecting a Rainbow vacuum cleaner is how the dirt and debris are collected. Let’s take a close look at the common Rainbow vacuum replacement parts for learning how to clean them.

Rainbow Vacuum Parts: Bags

There are many Rainbow vacuum replacement parts. But it is significant to be aware of how you can take care of your vacuum. You need to keep your vacuum bag clean and maintain it regularly. In most cases, when your Rainbow vacuum has stopped sucking it means it is full of debris and dust. So, we have to remove this bag and replace it with a new bag. Then you can move to clean the old bag. The Rainbow vacuum cleaners might still pick the debris with a half-full bag but its overall performance might get hampered. 

For cleaning, open the container and remove the contents avoiding the spread of dust. It might be a good idea to have a garbage bag on hand for throwing away the debris. Clean the bag in an open area away from the home and your furniture. Never clean the bags near the clean clothes. If there is a lot of damage to the bag it will be better to replace it with a new one. You can wash the old bag with soap and water after throwing away the rubbish. You need to make sure that the fabric is in good condition to take all the hand washing. After replacing the bag in the compartment, make sure that all the locks are in their place. Take into consideration the Rainbow recommendations for this.

Rainbow Vacuum Parts: Filters:

The new generation Rainbow vacuum cleaners have a unique system for collecting dirt. Rather than a bag or empty canisters, these vacuums funnel the dirt from the carpet into a water-filled reservoir. One of the popular series for Rainbow vacuums is the E-series. It uses a HEPA filter that is also known as a HEPA neutralizer for removing dust or small particles before sending the air to the room. This filter is also useful in making the vacuum operate quietly. The HEPA filter can work for 3 years without any servicing if the usage is normal. If you find the vacuum losing power you must clean the HEPA filter.

Here are the steps to  clean the HEPA filter

  1. Remove the vacuum panel, from the back of the machine. Press up the latch on the sides. Pull the panel bottom towards you. You should be able to slide up the panel after it is free.
  2. When you can see the top edge of the HEPA neutralizer, pull it towards you and lift the filter from the housing.
  3. Hold it with the louvers facing upwards. Run cold water into it till it overflows. Keep on flushing the filter by using water for 60 seconds.
  4. Turn over the HEPA filter and shake it. The water will leave via louvers this way.
  5. Flush it again with water till the filter is clean.
  6. Remove all the water from the louvers by facing them downwards.
  7. Replace the filter in the vacuum.
  8. Take the vent door away from the rear panel and empty the vacuum's water basin.
  9. Place the vacuum on a clean piece of cloth with the vent door facing the downside.
  10. Place the airflow adapter on the vacuum.
  11. Run the vacuum for 30 minutes for drying the filter.
  12. Replace the vent door.


Rainbow Vacuum Parts: Belts

Apart from the vacuum motor, the belt of your Rainbow vacuum is pretty much the most significant part of your machine. Without having the belt to spin your brush roll the vacuums will not be able to suck anything from the carpet at all. In case your vacuum is using a rubber belt, you need to check it once after 30 days. You must check it for signs of melting, cracks, and most importantly slippage. Keep in mind that the rubber belts stretch. So, even when you have not turned on the vacuum, check it continuously. 

It is a good idea to change the belt around 3 times every year. Some models are available that come with better belts than others. You still need to check them for debris, belt channel and wear every month. Even though cog belts normally do not stretch, they do still get damaged or worn. This is the reason they are called permanent belts. In addition to all this, you must be prepared to clean the vacuum regularly. It means removing the belt cover and cleaning the housing close to the brush roll and the belt.

Rainbow Vacuum Parts: Hoses

Hoses are usually one of the last items of Rainbow vacuums that we consider cleaning. It is only after experiencing suction issues we think about cleaning the rainbow vacuum hoses. Let’s look at how to clean the hoses of your Rainbow vacuums.

  1. Before cleaning the hose of your vacuum cleaner, you need to remove it from the machine. This makes cleaning and washing a lot easier.
  2. First make sure that the vacuum is not connected to power. Remove the top wand from the vacuum handle. Remove the hose away from the wand. Release the latches to remove the hose from the water basin or canister.
  3. After this, you will see a build-up of debris and fluff within the house. You must unclog the insides of the hose especially when the suction power of the machine has reduced.
  4. You can clean the hose by placing it in front of the vacuum and sucking away the dirt. Or, you can attach the hose to the exhaust. 
  5. You can also use the old broomstick method for cleaning.
  6. You can use a damp cloth or warm water to remove the dirt depending on the severity of the dirt collected inside.
  7. Always sanitize the hose with baking soda and vinegar.
  8. Re-assemble the vacuum.

Rainbow Vacuum Parts: Mop attachment

After the introduction of Rain Jet and later Jet Pad, Rainbow has introduced a couple of mop attachments that enhance the versatility of the vacuum. There are a couple of attachable cleaning heads available. One is with a sponge on one side and the second is with a scrubbing brush for tough cleaning jobs. It can work as a hard floor cleaner. Jet Pad mopping attachment is introduced for light cleaning work. There is a jumbo pad to be attached to the jet pad for cleaning large rooms within minutes. A jumbo cleaning pad is specifically created to attract dirt and debris from your home.

Rainbow Vacuum Parts: Wet pickup, extractor, and pet grooming tool

 You can gently groom and clean the pets by using an attachment available with the Rainbow vacuums. If you have stubborn spills and stains, they may get picked easily by using the Rainbow vacuum. You also get a handy wet pickup and extractor head as attachments with the Rainbow vacuums. There is a refrigerator coil cleaner attachment available that cleans the dust and crumbs from the refrigerator for an energy-efficient cleaning. Because of the slender design, this attachment can be used for cleaning under the dryer or washer.

Rainbow Vacuum Parts:  FAQs

  1. What is the lifespan of a Rainbow vacuum?

It is pretty normal to find more than 30 years old Rainbow vacuums still in working condition. These vacuums generally do not lose their suction power when they are filling up with dirt. Rainbow uses water for filtering. So, you can pick up a considerable amount of dirt because just the water is getting dirty.

  1. Do these Rainbow vacuums offer a lifetime warranty?

So, what is covered under the warranty for the Rainbow vacuums? Another company called Rexair is the authorized Rainbow distributor. This company provides a four-year warranty for the SRX cleaning system and a ten-year warranty for the motor and controllers.

  1. How often does the Rainbow vacuums HEPA filter needs replacement?

It is a good idea to visit the authorized Rainbow service center for cleaning the HEPA filter after a couple of years of usage. If you have used the machine for more than five years, you need to replace the HEPA filter to keep the vacuum performing at the top level.


Apart from all that information about the Rainbow vacuum replacement parts, you have to clean the machine regularly. You can get it cleaned up professionally if you wish. It means you need to remove the belt covers and clean up the housing around the brush roll and the belt. You also need to clean up the bags and motor area. Although generally speaking it is not a good idea for a user to dismantle the vacuum, sometimes there are things such as cleaning the filters that you can complete occasionally.

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