Kenmore 600 Series Review: Top Reasons Why It Is Worth Buying

What Is Kenmore 600 Series?

The Kenmore 600 Series is a bagged canister vacuum cleaner designed to clean pet hair and inconvenient crumbs. Thanks to its powerful system, it is a handy cleaning appliance that tackles wood, carpet, and laminate surfaces without struggle. The vacuum cleaner’s powerful 2-motor system and multipurpose all-floor design help it to efficiently and smoothly clean surfaces. Furthermore, it comes with a convenient Pop-N-Go floor brush that quickly deals with messes and a motorized Pet PowerMate that lifts stubborn hair.

The Kenmore 600 Series is great for removing pet hair, dander, and more from furniture, baseboards, and carpets. Additionally, it features a detachable handle and extendable telescoping wand that give you extra reach into difficult and high corners, respectively. With this vacuum, you can say goodbye to pesky pet hair, inconvenient crumbs, and allergen-inducing dust; they cannot withstand its suction. The Kenmore 600 Series is a handy appliance with various features designed to make vacuuming easier and more enjoyable.

The Kenmore 600 Series vacuum cleaner has certain nice features, although it falls behind compared with other vacuum cleaners. For instance, while it will remove all messes you use it for, it would require more passes than others. Nevertheless, it stands out with its onboard tool storage that lets you switch out attachments while vacuuming.

Pros and Cons

The Kenmore 600 Series canister vacuum has an impressive motor performance; it works powerfully yet quietly. Its quiet operation ensures you can use it even at night when the neighborhood is asleep without waking them up. It comes with an adjustable suction, is lightweight, and works okay on the carpet, though it could be better. The Kenmore 600 Series is better than some canister vacuums when it comes to taking care of pet messes.

Furthermore, this canister vacuum is easy to use, although its design does not make it easily storable. The featured PowerMate technology makes it capable of cleaning staircases and its edge without using the crevice tool. Also, it comes with a motorized pet tool that sucks in pet debris better than any air turbo tool. The canister vacuum has a strong stair grip that holds its body well on the stairs, provided you don’t kick it.

The downside of this vacuum cleaner is that it is made of plastic and looks like it won’t last long. Also, its grip, wand, hose, and PowerMate don’t stand securely; they can fall over easily if they don’t lean on something. Additionally, the cords are shorter than most canister vacuums but long enough to clean rooms 25-30ft smaller.



Kenmore 600 Series



Item Weight

23.22 pounds

Dust Capacity


Power Cord Length

26 feet

Hose Length

7 feet

Vacuum Style



Who Should Buy the Kenmore 600 Series?

The Kenmore 600 Series will make a profitable purchase if you want a more powerful vacuum cleaner with enough suction power. The Kenmore 600 Series generally makes cleaning higher areas like the upholstery, drapes, and blinds easier. It also comes in handy if you want a vacuum with a better flow rate that lets you clean your space faster and more easily. Moreover, considering the vacuum’s lightweight design, you can easily carry it down the stairs or from one room to another.

If you have cramped areas at home that have accumulated dirt you can’t reach, the Kenmore 600 Series will come in handy. It is ideal because all you need to do is move the wand rather than the whole machine to clean. Furthermore, this canister vacuum cleaner offers good sound insulation that makes it work more quietly, making it ideal for schools and hospitals. It is also a good buy if you want a versatile vacuuming solution that you can use for different surfaces.

The Kenmore 600 Series features a variety of tools, including a crevice nozzle, upholstery brush, and mechanized brush for increased efficiency. You can place these tools directly on the vacuum cleaner’s wand or the canister, which is more convenient. The vacuum has a flexible hose and long wand that helps you reach under furniture easily for cleaning. Also, considering that its weight is evenly distributed, this vacuum cleaner has a larger motor, meaning it has a larger filter.

Overall, the Kenmore 600 Series will be profitable for people who want versatile, lightweight, and easy-to-use vacuum cleaners. Its strong, powerful motor performs every cleaning very efficiently, and its wheels make for easy maneuvering from place to place.

Review of Kenmore 600 Series

Kenmore 600 Series vacuum cleaner is a high-performance vacuum cleaner, not the best of its kind, but still impressive. It is one of the high-quality vacuum cleaners that Kenmore is known to manufacture, delivering strong suction power and cleaning performance. Some of the vacuum’s most impressive features include:

  • HEPA Filter System: The Kenmore 600 Series features a high-efficiency HEPA filter system, one of the best filters in vacuums. The filter system can remove over 99.9% of dust, debris, and other harmful substances around your home. It can also efficiently suck in pet hair embedded in your couch while letting you reach into difficult areas for effective cleaning.
  • Dual Motor: The featured dual motor in this vacuum makes it a great option for commercial use. It uses two motors, one to power the brush and the other to power the suction. This dual-motor feature makes the Kenmore 600 Series more effective because each motor focuses on its separate operation. This feature also makes it more expensive, but it is worth it – plus, it is not as expensive as some others.
  • Retractable Cord and Adjustable Wand: The Kenmore 600 Series comes with a 28-inch retractable cord; you can detach the cord when vacuuming. It also comes with an adjustable and lightweight wand that can extend to give you a longer reach when vacuuming.
  • Multipurpose Design: Kenmore 600 Series is a bagged canister vacuum featuring a multipurpose swivel head designed to clean all surfaces. Its powerful motor delivers enough power to clean your home, kitchen, garage, and even your car.
  • Pet PowerMate: The vacuum cleaner comes with a motorized attachment, Pet PowerMate, and a Pop-n-Go brush that lifts stubborn dirt quickly from surfaces. If you have a pet, this vacuum cleaner is the best; it will remove pet hair from your space without stress. More so, the eliminated hair does not get tangled around the brush; it is instead stored inside the vacuum.

Comparison Chart Kenmore 600 Series vs. Dyson V15 Detect vs. Shark Navigator NV352 vs. Aspiron Cordless


Kenmore 600 Series

Dyson V15 Detect

Shark Navigator NV352

Aspiron Cordless







600 Series

V15 Detect

Navigator NV352


Vacuum Form





Filter Type




5-Stage Filtration System

Product Weight

6 pounds

1.9 pounds

12.5 pounds

8 pounds

Surface Recommendation

Carpet, Hard Floor

Hard Floor, Carpet

Carpet, upholstery, hard floors

Hard floor, carpet, multi-surface

Cord Form

Retractable cord





Questions about Kenmore 600 Series

How Long Does the Kenmore 600 Series Last?

The lifespan of a Kenmore 600 series vacuum, or any vacuum cleaner, depends on how well (or otherwise) you use it. A Kenmore vacuum cleaner is typically designed to last eight years on average, but that number can be increased or lessened. You can use a Kenmore 600 Series for as long as ten years with proper maintenance, maybe even a bit longer. On the other hand, your Kenmore 600 Series vacuum cleaner may not last up to four years if you don’t maintain it well.

Can You Repair a Kenmore 600 Series?

You can repair a Kenmore 600 Series, but the worth of the repair depends on a few factors. The first one is how much it will cost to repair the vacuum cleaner and how much you purchased it. If the purchase cost is less than the cost it will take to repair it; repairing might not be worth it. It would make better sense to buy a new Kenmore vacuum, especially if you’ve already used it for a while.

On the other hand, repairing the vacuum cleaner may be worth it if the repair cost is minor. Before you take it for repair, you should know what needs fixing in the appliance.

Is the Kenmore 600 Series Any Good?

The Kenmore 600 Series has a high-efficiency HEPA filter, one of the best in vacuums. The HEPA filter can remove more than 99.0% particulate dust, mold, and toxic airborne particles wherever you use it. Additionally, it uses a powerful motor that makes it suitable for commercial use and clearing stubborn debris like pet hair.

Is Kenmore a Good Brand for Vacuum Cleaners?

Kenmore is known for producing high-quality appliances, including vacuum cleaners, which it has been producing for over eighty years. The brand updates its appliances as technology advances to ensure they operate at their best. The brand has different models, each with a set of peculiar features. Thus, what you’re looking for in a vacuum cleaner will determine if Kenmore is good for you.

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