Kalorik Vacuum vs. Rainbow: Which Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Should You Choose?

Kalorik Vacuum vs. Rainbow, Which Is Better?

Filtration vacuum cleaners like Kalorik and Rainbow succeed, whereas traditional vacuum cleaners struggle to pass the testing stage. This is because they don’t rely on dust bags to collect water; instead, they force the vacuumed air into a water reservoir. The water reservoir then keeps the dirt trapped in the water, preventing it from returning to the atmosphere. Both Kalorik and Rainbow vacuums are excellent for allergy sufferers looking for a hypoallergenic vacuum cleaner to eliminate dust mites and allergens.

This article is aimed at comparing Kalorik and Rainbow vacuum cleaners and helps you make an informed decision when choosing. On the one hand, the Kalorik vacuum cleaner is considered one of the best water filtration vacuum cleaners. However, most people avoid this brand because Kalorik vacuum cleaners tend to be very expensive, although there are affordable options. On the other hand, the Kalorik vacuum cleaner works well on different surfaces, whether soft or hard, and the wheels make maneuvering easy.

Meanwhile, the Rainbow vacuum is a high-quality water filtration cleaner that uses water to remove dirt and allergens. It can clean different surfaces and has other models, from high-end to low-end options, like the Kalorik vacuum. Both Kalorik and Rainbow vacuums undoubtedly offer impressive power, reach, and functionality to clean your home, making it allergen-free.

Kalorik Vacuum vs. Rainbow: Specs and Features, Price, Pros & Cons

Specs and Features

The Kalorik vacuum weighs 14.4 pounds and measures 12.4 x 12.4 x 20.1 inches, making it a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Its wet and dry performance tackles tough messes and spills, and some models feature a pet brush to remove hair. In addition, it has great suction power with a lightweight feature that ensures easy maneuverability and offers excellent value for money. On the other hand, the Rainbow vacuum weighs 19 pounds and measures 11.8” by 15.5” by 15.8”, making it bulkier.

It has an 8ft hose and 24ft power cord with water tanks measuring 0.625 gallons and a bin with a 2.36-liter capacity. In addition, it has a fitted dolly that makes its bulky body easy to maneuver.


Rainbow vacuums are typically more expensive than Kalorik vacuums; a new one ranges between $750 and $1500 in the US. Rainbow vacuums are a good choice if you want a vacuum that’ll last a long time; they are expensive but worth it. On the other hand, Kalorik vacuums also range in price; you can find ones as low as $99.99 and as high as above $400.

Pros and Cons

The Kalorik vacuum has an amazing suction and requires no filter cleansing since water is the filter. Also, it is easy to assemble and clean; simply dump the dirty water out and clean the hose. The downside is that you need to get rid of the water daily, and the hose could be a bit longer.

Conversely, the Rainbow vacuum is economical and practical, with a water reservoir that’s easy to clean. It features sturdy and excellent build quality built to last many years, is environment-friendly, and has a consistently powerful suction. The downsides to Rainbow vacuums are that they are more expensive than most and awfully heavy.

Kalorik Vacuum vs. Rainbow: Design

The Kalorik vacuum has a bagless design, featuring a pile height adjuster and water filter that fights pet odors. It includes a cleaning solution that makes cleaning the home and large areas a breeze. It is a wet/dry cleaner that offers the best filtration for household dirt and allergens; its bagless design is a plus. In addition, the vacuum cleaner’s bagless and top air design enables it to efficiently filter out sucked-in dust, trapping dirt in the water chamber.

Meanwhile, the Rainbow vacuum cleaner has a fitted dolly that makes maneuvering its heavy weight around the house easy. Blue LED lights are fitted to the water bowl to provide an aesthetic appeal, and the transparency lets you see it at work. So you don’t only see what’s going on inside the vacuum; you’re able to know when it is time to change the water out. Rainbow vacuums come in a jet black color scheme with a rainbow design at the front.

The detachment action parts of the Rainbow vacuum are colored gray to help you differentiate them. There is an allowance at the back of the vacuum cleaner where you can store the long cord easily. A rubber bumper on the vacuum’s sides protects it and whatever objects are on their way from scratches.

Kalorik Vacuum vs. Rainbow: Cleaning Power

The Rainbow vacuum naturally has a higher cleaning power than the Kalorik vacuum because it has a higher capacity. Its 1.5 horsepower motor, referred to as the “Hurricane,” utilizes 12 amps, delivering intense suction power while keeping energy efficient. The Kalorik vacuum is also a powerful vacuum cleaner, featuring the Cyclonic Water Filtration System to offer the best filtration. In addition, it has an extra motor gasket that helps reduce noise, clean efficiently, and deliver maximum results every time.

Kalorik Vacuum Review


The Kalorik Vacuum cleaner features a water-holding capacity of 0.8 liters, which is large enough to hold enough water for trapping dirt. At only 2.3 kg, the vacuum cleaner is lightweight and has an ergonomic design that makes for easy maneuvering. In addition, the Kalorik vacuum cleaner can efficiently eliminate dust and allergens thanks to its cyclonic air filtration system. It is the perfect vacuum cleaner to get if you have or have someone living with you who has allergies.

It is a light and balanced vacuum cleaner that makes house chores so easy you start looking forward to them. Once you ensure you clean the dust container after each use, you can enjoy the vacuum cleaner at its full capacity. The Kalorik Cyclone Filtration system swiftly traps stuck-on dirt, hair, dust, and other debris, eliminating them efficiently. In addition, the vacuum cleaner quickly and effectively converts to a handheld cleaner to tackle furniture, blinds, upholstery, and other hard-to-reach areas.

The Kalorik vacuum cleaner is of excellent quality, offering values that compete with others. For example, the vacuum cleaner has no bags or dust containers to empty; you only need to drain the water often. With its four caster wheels, the Kalorik vacuum has a maneuverable caddy design and a dust/water full indicator. In addition, it features a telescopic metal tube, auto-stop switch, heavy-duty 2-in-1 floor brush, crevice tool, and dust brush.

Rainbow Vacuum Review


The Rainbow Vacuum features a unique dual filtration system that makes it user-friendly and safe for asthmatic patients and people with allergens. The dual filtration system comprises a water-based filter and True H13 HEPA filter media. The water in the filter is designated for dissolving pollutants and allergens while absorbing most of the particulate dirt. In addition, the water-based filter protects the accompanying HEPA filters from getting clogged; only stubborn microscopic dirt gets to it.

The dual filtration system of the vacuum cleaner is one of the reasons it is expensive and durable. The vacuum can use the expensive HEPA for a long time without needing to replace them. The vacuum cleaner also has a powerful suction designed to deliver intense power while keeping energy efficient. So while it removes dirt from your carpets and floors, it helps you save money on energy bills.

The vacuum cleaner can also double as an air purifier; simply set it in the middle of a room. In addition, the Rainbow vacuum cleaner can release fragrances, featuring specialized attachments that help it work more efficiently. For example, the RainbowMate is designed to increase the cleaner’s reach, while the AquaMate lets you shampoo your floors and carpets. Additionally, the MiniJet is designed to be used on smaller vacuuming tasks that require shampooing.

Comparison Chart: Kalorik Vacuum vs. Rainbow Vacuum vs. Sirena Vacuum vs. Quantum Vacuum


Kalorik Vacuum Wet/Dry Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

Rainbow Vacuum

Sirena Vacuum

Quantum X Vacuum Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner

Product Weight

14.30 pounds

19 pounds

16.8 pounds

16.93 pounds

Bag Type






3.3 gallons

0.625 gallons

0.792 gallons

0.396 gallons

Cord Length

216 inches

300 inches

75 inches

120 inches

Filtration System

Water Filtration System

Dual-Filtration System

HEPA Filter Media

Water Filter

Surface Recommended

Multi-Surface, Hard Floor

Multi-surface, bare floors, rugs carpets, furniture, hard-to-reach places

Carpet, Hard floor

Carpet, Hardwood







1 year

4 years

3 years

3 years


Kalorik Vacuum vs. Rainbow: Which Should You Choose?

Both Kalorik and Rainbow vacuums are great options, but they don’t offer the same values. If you want more features in your vacuum cleaner, you’ll want to go for the Rainbow vacuum. However, be ready to pay more because those extra features come with an additional cost. The good news is that the vacuum cleaner is high-quality and built to last very long.

That means once you buy the Rainbow vacuum cleaner, you’re set for at least a decade – or until you’re tired. Meanwhile, the Kalorik vacuum is equally a great option if you want a “cheaper” vacuum cleaner. We say “cheaper” because it is less expensive than Rainbow, but many people shy away from Kalorik vacuums because they are also costly. Still, it is excellent for removing hair, dust, and debris from carpets, crevices, furniture, and hard-to-reach areas.

When choosing between Kalorik and Rainbow vacuums, you want to consider your budget and how many features you need. Also, consider the level of convenience you desire; both vacuums offer convenience, but Rainbow offers more, howbeit at a cost. Also, consider their suction power; the Rainbow Vacuum costs more, so naturally, it has a more powerful suction. However, don’t let the lower price on Kalorik fool you; its suction power is pretty impressive, giving you a run for your money.

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