(2022) Riccar Cordless Vacuum, Stick Vacuum, Pet Hair Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

What Is Riccar Cordless Vacuum?

The Riccar Cordless Vacuum is probably the best upright vacuum for the new high-density soft pile carpets others have difficulty adjusting to. It is a full-sized lightweight vacuum that’s specifically built to clean your home and can be used for cleaning commercial areas. Thanks to its ability to adjust and the featured bottom plate, the vacuum doesn’t seal to the carpet. In addition, the bottom plate has continuous air slots around it, which allows the vacuum to move air and push easily.

The most noteworthy feature of this vacuum cleaner is that it can clean bare floors as efficiently as it cleans carpets. Underneath it are soft rubber wheels, and behind the brush, a squeegee that lets it vacuum bare floors like wood. There’s also the poof-proof HEPA bag that keeps your space from debris and dust until you empty it.

Why Choose Riccar Cordless Vacuum?

For one, the Riccar vacuum cleaner is cordless, which eliminates all the inconveniences of a cord, including winding, unwinding, and tangling. In addition, there’s a power boos setting with which you can clean throw rugs and increase tool suction for easier vacuuming. Thanks to the two featured speeds; the Riccar Cordless Vacuum can perform at high(er) power. Additionally, it comes with an LED ultra-bright headlight that makes cleaning dark corners and under furniture easier.

Furthermore, the Riccar Cordless Vacuum features Riccar’s vacuum technology that focuses on cleaning performance, including carpet agitation and filtration, suction power, and airflow. The vacuum is built with strong components that ensure its durability, meaning you won’t be spending money on vacuums for the next few years. There aren’t cheap plastic parts that break easily in the vacuum, and it has a long warranty.

Riccar Cordless Vacuums Compared


Riccar Cordless Lightweight SupraLite R10CV

Riccar Cordless Vacuum SupraLite Premium

Riccar Cordless Vacuum SupraLite Standard

Riccar Cordless Vacuum SupraLite Entry



5.5 amps

5.5 amps

5.5 amps

Vacuum Cord Length

40 ft.

40 ft.

35 ft.

30 ft.

Filtration Technology




Non-HEPA Media

Product Weight

11 pounds

9 pounds

9 pounds

8 pounds


4.5 years

5 years

4 years

3 years






Review of Riccar R10CV Cordless Lightweight SupraLite Vacuum Cleaner


Pros and Cons

The Riccar R10CV Cordless Lightweight SupraLite offers the benefits of a regular vacuum without struggling with a cord. Its lightweight and durable design allow easy manoeuvring to effortlessly clean any environment to get sparkling clean results. In addition, the featured 44V battery can run up to 50 minutes before it requires a recharge, depending on the floor surface. Meanwhile, you can use the battery level indicator if you want to see the battery charge level as you clean.

The Riccar R10CV Cordless Lightweight SupraLite is excellent for cleaning low furniture, including under the bed. However, it is an expensive machine that can only clean floors.

Key Features of Riccar R10CV Cordless Lightweight SupraLite

The key features of the Riccar R10CV Cordless Lightweight SupraLite include:

  • Cordless technology;
  • A 44V Lithium-ion battery that can run for nearly an hour without requiring a recharge;
  • A battery level indicator for checking the charge level of the vacuum cleaner’s battery;
  • It comes with a metal handle tube, wheel axes, brush roll, and an upright stop, which contribute to its durability;
  • The HEPA media is self-sealing technology that traps 99.97% of dust, debris, and dirt and keeps it in the bag until you empty it;
  • It features an on/off switch on the handle grip, which is easy to use;
  • Its featured squeegee can gently but efficiently clean bare and hard floors;
  • Its Ultra-bright LED headlights help you see what and where you’re cleaning clearly;
  • With the rubber heels, you can turn the vacuum cleaner on a dime, and nothing will happen to your floors;
  • Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry about the house and maneuver for cleaning.

Benefits of Riccar R10CV Cordless Lightweight SupraLite Vacuum Cleaner

The Riccar R10CV Cordless Lightweight SupraLite is an excellent tool for easy and efficient cleaning. With this, you’ll get the most out of your vacuuming session; each session will leave you satisfied with sparkly-clean floors. If you’re used to corded vacuum cleaners, this cordless vacuum works the same way, only without the cord. That means the chances of tripping over tangled cords and other related accidents are eliminated.

Cleaning Performance

The Riccar R10CV Cordless Lightweight SupraLite is among the best vacuum cleaners in terms of cleaning performance. The lack of a cord in the vacuum means there is no limit to where it can reach and clean in the house. The freedom to clean in, around, under, downstairs, upstairs, and from one part of the house to another is thrilling. The thrill is even more pronounced when you realize you don’t need to stop and change outlets.

The Riccar R10CV Cordless Lightweight SupraLite is whisper quiet but powerful vacuum cleaner, featuring a 312-watt motor and metal in the right places. In addition, its ultra-bright LED headlights give you light as you clean dark paths.

Review of Riccar SupraLite Premium Cordless Vacuum


Pros and Cons

The SupraLite Premium vacuum cleaner from Riccar is a powerhouse suited to any type of floor, including hardwood floors. It is lightweight enough to be carried up and down the stairs while ensuring you can push it around effortlessly. In addition, it features a 40ft power cord designed to clean room after room without stopping with its 24-inch-long self-sealing HEPA media bag. The HEPA media bag helps trap dust and dirt, featuring a poof-proof function that keeps the debris in the bag until emptied.

Moreover, the SupraLite Premium is the only model with a Hall sensor and lifetime belt for long-term use. Its rubber wheels and non-marking bumper, metal brush roll, and two-speed motor ensure a seamless vacuuming session.

Key Features of Riccar SupraLite Premium Cordless Vacuum

  • Its lightweight feature ensures easy lifting and maneuvering around the house to vacuum,
  • The featured squeegee cleans bare floors as effortlessly as it cleans carpets,
  • It features an ABS plastic body commonly used in hardhats, which is rigid, durable, and impressively lightweight,
  • Its self-sealing HEPA media bags are easy to remove for emptying dirt and reattach,
  • It performs at high or higher power thanks to its two speeds,
  • The hall sensor and lifetime belt protection eliminate the risks of belts breaking; the brush roll stops when it senses a jam. Once the jam is cleared, it goes back to vacuuming as if nothing happened.

Benefits of the Riccar SupraLite Premium Cordless Vacuum

The Riccar SupraLite Premium Cordless Vacuum is convenient to carry and use, making cleaning less time-consuming. Furthermore, you can carry it to any part of the house since you don’t need to connect it to an electric source. Once you have charged the vacuum full, it will work until it is done – or until the battery runs down.

Cleaning Performance

Don’t let the lightweight of the Riccar SupraLite Premium Cordless Vacuum fool you; it is a powerful vacuuming solution. It is a powerful machine with lifetime belt protection and a 40ft power cord that can enter room after room without stopping. This model is the best of the stick vacuums in this category; it is designed with exceptional cleaning performance and durability. It takes all the features you’d expect from Riccar vacuums and more.

Riccar SupraLite Standard Cordless Vacuum


Pros and Cons

The Riccar SupraLite Standard Cordless Vacuum is a pretty powerful machine for a vacuum in its size and weight. However, it is easier to transport, use, maneuver, and clean than the “standard” connotes. In addition, it is durable, thanks to the sturdy materials it was constructed with. The only downside to the vacuum cleaner is its price; it is one of the most expensive.

Key Features of Riccar SupraLite Standard Cordless Vacuum

  • A 5.5 Amp 2-speed motor and metal brush roll with replaceable brush strips,
  • A squeegee for cleaning bare floors and self-sealing HEPA media for retaining dust in the bag
  • Releases its 35-foot cord quickly,
  • The Riccar SupraLite Standard Cordless Vacuum comes with a 4-year warranty.

Benefits of Riccar SupraLite Standard Cordless Vacuum

This cordless vacuum cleaner is lightweight, making it easy to use and store; even kids can use it. Thanks to its portable size, the Riccar SupraLite Standard Cordless Vacuum is easy to hold and maneuver. In addition, it has a powerful motor with which it quickly and effortlessly cleans top surfaces. Furthermore, the lack of cord in the Riccar SupraLite Standard Cordless Vacuum ensures easy storage.

Cleaning Performance

The Riccar SupraLite Standard Cordless Vacuum got a Gold of Seal Approval for its performance from the Carpet and Rug Institute. The Riccar SupraLite Standard Cordless Vacuum is designed to make vacuuming not feel like a chore. Its featured metal roller is strong and designed to perform very well for many years, while the brush strips are replaceable. In addition, you can customize the brush strips for your home’s floors.

Riccar SupraLite Entry Cordless Vacuum


Pros and Cons

The Riccar SupraLite Entry Cordless Vacuum is a perfect option if you’re looking for an entry-level vacuum. It offers the same remarkable results as the other models but in a minimalist design. The vacuum is designed to handle and suck up dirt on whatever floor you place it on. However, it has fewer years of warranty, and its cord isn’t as long as the other models in this article.

Key Features of Riccar SupraLite Entry Cordless Vacuum

  • Gold Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute to reassure its overall quality performance;
  • Weighs only eight pounds
  • ABS plastic body is sturdy, rigid, durable, and incredibly lightweight,
  • The durable metal handle tube and pivot bucket stand upright for daily use.

Benefits of Riccar SupraLite Entry Cordless Vacuum

The Riccar SupraLite Entry Cordless Vacuum is safer than corded vacuum cleaners, runs at greater speed, and can clean different types of floors. In addition, its fast cleaning power offers improved productivity; there is no restriction in movement, and you can easily lift and quickly clean with it.

Cleaning Performance

The Riccar SupraLite Entry Cordless Vacuum is designed to clean floors, with critical features for the best floor cleaning possible. It has a wood brush roll, plastic wheels, 5.5 Amp motor, a thirty-foot cord, and a paper bag for convenient vacuuming. Plus, it is more affordable than the other models on this list; it doesn’t sacrifice performance for the attractive price.

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