Is Your shark vacuum not sucking? Here is What to do to solve the Issue

One of the most popular issues you will likely face with your Shark vacuum robot cleaner is the suction problem. Most people using this vacuum have asked me why the Shark vacuum is not cleaning and some of the troubleshooting solutions they can try to resolve the suction issues. If you are having trouble with the Shark vacuum suction, worry no more. This article will explain some of the reasons why your Shark vacuum cleaner is not sucking and offer some of the troubleshooting solutions to fix the problem.

Possible Causes to Why is Your Shark vacuum not Sucking

Many possible causes could explain why your Shark vacuum is not working. You will have to do a thorough inspection of the vacuum cleaner to establish the real cause of the loss of suction.

  1. Cleaning head dirt and height issues

The first component you should inspect is the cleaning head which is always prone to many problems. The clogging of the brush bar with pet hair or clump could be the culprit causing the loss of suction power. The wrong height of the cleaning head could also be the problem.

  1. Dirty filters

Another possible cause of the loss of suction on your Shark vacuum cleaner is clogged filters. It means that failing to clean the filters for a very long time could deny your Shark vacuum cleaner the suction power it deserves. Residue and dirt accumulation on the filters could block the airway and cause the vacuum to choke up.

  1. Clogged suction hose

If too much debris lodges into the suction hose, it will block the proper airflow and cause a suction problem.

  1. Overfilled Dust bags

However tempting it might be, filling the dust cup beyond the required mark could cause suction loss.

What to do if your Shark Vacuum is not Sucking

You can try out the following troubleshooting solutions to address the problem of failed suction on your Shark vacuum cleaner.

  1. Untangle the Hair in the Brush Roll

You should pick out the hair clogged around the brush roll to enhance the suction power of your Shark vacuum cleaner. You can use a pair of scissors to cut the hair into smaller parts and pull them out with your hand.

  1. Adjust the Height of the Cleaning Head

Some Shark vacuums have a manual height adjustment lever which you can use to fix the height of the cleaning head and enhance the suction power of your Shark vacuum cleaner.

  1. Clean up the Filters

You should clean the filters to relieve them of dirt and debris clogged around them to improve the suction power of your Shark vacuum cleaner. Just remember to attach the filters once they are adequately dried.

  1. Clear the clogged suction pipe

If the clogging of the hose is the one behind the suction issue, then you will have to remove the suction hose and dislodge the clog from the hose. You can use the end of a broomstick or a baking soda and vinegar method to clean the clogs.

You can watch the video in the link below to learn more about how to clean the vacuum filters to avoid shark vacuum not sucking



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