Demystify The Why And The How To Reset Shark Robot Vacuum

I will always recommend Shark vacuum cleaners any day and anytime. I say because I have been using them for some time now, and I know the immense cleaning value they hold. So if you have been planning to acquire the Shark robot vacuum cleaner, do not hesitate, for you are on the right track. But like all machinery, you might experience some technical hitches while using the Shark robot vacuum cleaner. For instance, the Shark vacuum cleaner might fail to connect to Wi-Fi or skip part of the mapped areas that ought to be cleaned. There are a few troubleshooting solutions you can try out to fix such technical hitches. One of the most approved solutions is to reset the vacuum cleaner. This article will explain why and how to reset the Shark robot vacuum cleaner

Why Reset Shark Robot Vacuum

As I have stated above, resetting the Shark is a troubleshooting solution you can to solve technical hitches. So it is not something you should do daily. You should only consider resetting your Shark vacuum cleaner when the Shark has failed to establish a Wi-Fi connection, there are software malfunctions, or you are transferring ownership of the Shark vacuum cleaner.

How To Reset Shark Robot Vacuums

Before we learn how to reset the Shark Robot vacuum, you should first understand the implication of resetting. Upon resetting, the Shark robot cleaner will lose all settings, including Wi-Fi connections, saved passwords, Cloud storage, maps and schedules. Still want to go ahead with resetting the Shark vacuum cleaner? There are majorly two methods of doing that.

Using the Shark App to reset

This is the method I highly recommend for resetting your Shark robot vacuum.

Step 1

Open the Shark application on your mobile phone and connect to the same Wi-Fi connection to which the Shark vacuum cleaner is connected.

Step 2

Navigate to the settings menu and select the factory reset option. The entire factory reset process will take a few minutes to be completed.

Resetting the Shark Robot cleaner using Manual Reset

Step 1

Disconnect the Shark robot vacuum from the power source and turn it upside down

Step 2

Press and hold the power button for about ten seconds until it turns off

Step 3

Wait for about ten seconds before pressing the power button again. The second press and hold will reset the vacuum cleaner.

What if the technical hitch is not resolved even after resetting the Shark robot vacuum cleaner?

If the hard resetting troubleshooting solution did not work, then it is possible that the technical hitch was not a result of the settings. In that case, it would be best to try other troubleshooting solutions, such as charging the Robot vacuum cleaner.

You can also watch the video in the link attached below to learn more troubleshooting solutions that will help solve the troubles with your Shark robot vacuum cleaner.

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