How to Empty Wyze Robot Vacuum

When you bought the Wyze Robot Vacuum, you anticipated the next level of home automation. This high-technology vacuum cleaner is designed to feature a powerful processor and multiple sensors. To make the most out of the vacuum cleaner, you are eligible for powerful suction and compatibility with the companion app. These are just a few marvelous qualities of the Wyze Vacuum Cleaner.

This article is dedicated to ensuring that the Wyze robot vacuum cleaner users can easily empty the machine without any hitches in the process. Every modern cleaner robot deserves regular maintenance from the user so as to keep it properly functioning. All you need to do is to clean the dustbin and filter the dirt at least once every day. The filter should be changed twice or thrice a year to keep the performance of the robot at its peak.

How to Empty Wyze Robot Vacuum

Here are the steps that will let you empty your Wyze Robot Vacuum with greater ease and professionalism;

Take the dustbin out of its slot and open its front cover.

Hold the dustbin over a trash can or pit.

Grab a brush and use it to scrub off the dust.

Ensure you close the lid and gently put the dustbin back into the vacuum.

You might be interested in how you can also keep your Wyze Robot Vacuum cleaner in good condition. Read on to ensure that you properly take care of your machine. You need to ensure that your brush roll and other brushes are also kept clean and tangle-free. Here is how you can perfectly remove and clean the brush;

  • Start by lifting up the top cover
  • Remove the small cleaning brush from the robot.
  • Press the two blue tabs inwards so as to release the brush cover
  • Take out the brush from its slot and clean it
  • Re- attach each

What you are required to exactly do is disconnect the vacuum cleaner from its charging dock. This will prevent any possible shock risk. To conveniently remove any tangled hair from the brush, the cleaning brush has a hook on one of its ends. You may also experience a hard time opening the top cover of the vacuum on the first attempt. You can easily open the lid from the inside of the power button.

The other special part that should be thoroughly cleaned is the filter. You can remove the HEPA filter from the back side of the dustbin by just pulling it. Ensure you remove the dust and gently rinse it with running water. After leaving the filter to air-dry for at least 24 hours, re-attach it and put the dustbin and the leaning brush back into the vacuum cleaner. Finally, close the top cover.

Once you keep them in mind every step that has been guided, you will not find it challenging whenever you need to maintain your Wyze Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

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