Eureka Optima Vacuum List: 431DX, 437AZ

What Is Eureka Optima Vacuum?

Eureka Optima Vacuum is a line of high-quality, great-performance vacuum cleaners that deliver, as the name implies, optimal power. Each vacuum cleaner in this collection has peculiar features, but all are designed to provide great cleaning performance. They are typically lightweight, making for easy transporting and maneuvering around the areas where they are being used. Plus, the vacuums in this line have great suction power that enables them to suck up dirt and debris without hassle.

Also, the vacuums are versatile in that they can be used on multiple surfaces, including carpets and bare floors. In addition to the lightweight feature, the vacuums have a grip technology for easier handling and more comfortable vacuuming. Furthermore, they feature the best filtration system one can ever find in vacuum cleaners, the HEPA filtration system. With this filtration system, they can suck up 99.9% of allergens and dust without leaving crumbs or fragments behind.

Eureka Optima Vacuum is a great option if you own pets, have children, and constantly have to deal with hair. With its on/off, efficient brush roll, you can clean your couch, floor, and carpet, riding them off every hair strand. Moreover, these vacuums are renowned for being durable, but that generally depends on how you use them.

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Eureka Optima Vacuum Models

  • Eureka Optima 431DX Vacuum Cleaner
  • Eureka Optima 437AZ Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Optima 431DX Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka Optima 431DX offers all the power and features that an upright vacuum delivers but with half the weight. It has a comfortable grip looped handle featuring thirteen adjustable positions, thus ensuring maximum convenience when using it. The vacuum has a maximum power of 12 amps, which is pretty impressive for a vacuum cleaner that weighs only 12 pounds. We especially love how its on and off brush roll deep cleans low-pile and high-pile carpets.

Apart from carpets, this high-performance vacuum cleaner is also great for bare floors; its brush roll is gentle on bare floors. Furthermore, it comes with two onboard tools, the deluxe stretch hose, and crevice tool, to meet different vacuuming needs. Another outstanding feature of the Eureka Optima 431DX vacuum cleaner is its suction control system, which enables you to clean carpets efficiently. With the suction system, you can eliminate all kinds of debris and dirt from your carpets, including hairs.

With its 12amp motor and on and off brush roll, this bagless vacuum cleaner lets you easily clean multiple surfaces. It also lets you transition effortlessly between carpet and bare floors like tiles, hardwood, and linoleum. More so, the featured onboard accessories and flexible hose make for easy maneuvering around couch cushions and tight spots. It also features a dusting brush for dusting elevated surfaces like tabletops, bookshelves, and even ceilings.

Furthermore, the unit offers a telescoping handle that adjusts to your height and an O-shaped grip for comfortable handling. The handle comes with soft materials to ensure you don’t injure your hand while vacuuming and make cleaning more enjoyable. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner, meaning there are no bags to wash or replace, helping you save a little on recurring costs. Instead, the vacuum cleaner comes with a dust cup that you can easily empty, keeping your hands away from dirt.

Additionally, the Eureka Optima 431DX vacuum cleaner has an 11” cleaning path, a suction control switch, and allergen filtration. You can use the suction control switch to direct all the suction power to the hose or floor. Also, there’s a belt-stopped indicator to ensure your safety and a 20ft cord for moving easily between rooms. The long cord means you can move from your point to another in the house with only minimal outlet changes.

Eureka Optima 437AZ Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka Optima 437AZ Vacuum Cleaner is a budget-friendly, lightweight upright vacuum considered a good buy. The vacuum cleaner has great suction yet is very compact and better suited for smaller areas. It works effectively on multiple surfaces, and its compactness makes it easy to store but can be pretty loud. Considering its combination of conventional upright and stick designs, you could call the Eureka Optima 437AZ a hybrid vacuum.

The Eureka Optima 437AZ is powered by a 12 amp motor, which is quite good for a vacuum cleaner like this. It utilizes dual motors, each one designed for different functions: one for suction and the other for the brush roll. Additionally, you can turn the brush roll on or off if you're vacuuming different surfaces; this feature makes transitioning between surfaces easy. The Optima 431AZ is a bagless vacuum cleaner that uses a reusable dirt container rather than a bag.

The bagless feature of the Optima 431AZ eliminates the need to keep throwing away and purchasing dust bags. While having a bagless vacuum may seem like more of a chore than having to empty dirt containers, it's still worth it. Nevertheless, the vacuum does have filters that need constant maintenance and replacement when necessary to prevent it from leaking.

The Eureka Optima 431AZ also comes with HEPA filtration, a popular feature for people suffering from allergies or asthma. This filter is highly efficient in removing dust particles and allergens from the environment, thus purifying the air. The HEPA filter can remove 99.97% of all airborne particulates that pass through it, including most pollen and allergens. Also, the vacuum cleaner comes with a 20ft power cord, which is not long enough for many users.

Most users of vacuum cleaners prefer power cords that are at least 30ft long, making the 431AZ's cord too short. Also, its cleaning path is only 12 inches, which is quite narrow, although some prefer it this way. The narrowness allows it to clean in-between furniture and very narrow spaces that larger vacuum cleaners cannot handle. Furthermore, it features a few onboard tools like the Power Paw, a dust brush, and a crevice tool or extension wand.

FAQ About Optima Vacuum

Why is my Eureka Optima Vacuum not picking up?

If your Eureka Optima Vacuum is not picking up, the air or exhaust filter may be clogged. Either that or the vacuum bag is full, in which case you only need to clean or replace the bag. The vacuum cleaner will not have good suction if the air or exhaust filter is clogged. To rectify this, refer to the manufacturer's manual to check for cleaning instructions to unclog the filter(s).

Is the eureka optima vacuum cleaner any good?

Eureka is known for making high-quality vacuum cleaners, and the Optima vacuum is one of them. The vacuum cleaner offers more value than the money suggests as it sucks up dirt more efficiently than vacuums in the same range. The Eureka Optima Vacuum has powerful suction that lets it suck up debris and dirt without struggle or tangling. Plus, it is excellent for multiple surfaces, including carpets and bare floors, as well as hard-to-reach areas like under the furniture.

Can you use your eureka optima vacuum cleaner without filter?

You should never use your Eureka Optima Vacuum cleaner without the filter properly put in place. The dust cup filter is easy to remove and washable; simply flip the lever to remove it. Then, gently wash and air-dry it before putting it back in the vacuum.

As for the HEPA filter, it is located beneath the dust cup unit and should be replaced every six months. Ensure all the necessary filters are working properly and fixed before you use your Eureka Optima Vacuum.

How do you clean the brush roll of your eureka optima vacuum?

To clean the brush roll, ensure the vacuum cleaner is unplugged; then loosen the screws to open it. The screws are located on either side of the brush roll; gently lift the cover of the base head of the vacuum. Then, carefully snip threads and hair wrapped around the brush roll with scissors. When you're done, replace the cover and latch the screws back in place; cleaning your brush roll improves suction.


The Eureka Optima Vacuum is a durable vacuum that easily cleans stubborn debris and dirt. It is small, powerful, and very easy to use – and it is very efficient when it comes to cleaning pet hair. Depending on how you use and maintain it, you can use the Eureka Optima Vacuum for a year without needing to replace the filter. It makes for a great buy if you need a good vacuum cleaner that does what it is supposed to do – and efficiently.

The Eureka Optima Vacuum's powerful suction allows it to vacuum tough dirt from multiple surfaces. It also features suction control that lets users direct power flow from the floor nozzle to the hose. Also, Eureka vacuums typically come with a one-year warranty, but only to the original purchaser and his or her immediate household members. If you need a multipurpose, lightweight, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly vacuum cleaner, the Eureka Optima Vacuum makes for a great buy.

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