Dirt Devil Breeze Vacuum List: Power Swerve Pet Stick Vacuum BD22052, QuickFlip Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum BD30225, Endura Max Upright Vacuum

What Is Dirt Devil Breeze Vacuum?

The Dirt Devil Breeze Vacuum is a line of inexpensive vacuum cleaners designed by the Dirt Devil company. It features powerful suction and cleaning power that lets it clean hard floors and hard-to-reach places, among other surfaces. The brand is known for its durable cordless, upright, pet, stick, and handheld vacuums with great cleaning performance. Apart from the great products, Dirt Devil is also known to provide incredible cleaning tips.

The vacuums have a lightweight design, making them easy to push around on the carpet and other surfaces. They use a canister or dustbin to collect debris, with each vacuum differing in size and ease of use. Also, the Dirt Devil Vacuums feature a long cord that gives you enough lead to vacuum a large space. In other words, you can vacuum multiple rooms using this vacuum cleaner without needing to unplug and switch to another outlet.

Each Dirt Devil vacuum differs in design and function, but they are all designed to make vacuuming easy and smooth. The Dirt Devil Dash, for instance, comes with an extension hose and wand that you can use in cleaning furniture and upholstery. The vacuum cleaners work well, picking up debris without struggling, and their parts are washable, providing low recurring costs.

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Dirt Devil Breeze Vacuum Models:

  • Dirt Devil BD22052 Power Swerve Pet Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dirt Devil QuickFlip Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner Model BD30225
  • Dirt Devil Endura Max Upright Vacuum

Dirt Devil Power Swerve Pet Stick Vacuum Cleaner - Model BD22052

This Dirt Devil brand vacuum model features a compact and lightweight design that makes for easy maneuvering. Apart from the swivel steering it offers, the compact design of the vacuum also makes it easy to store. You can easily and smoothly transition from one part of the house to another to get the cleaning done. It is a great option if you are not big on space but need an effective, easy-to-use vacuum cleaner.

Also, the vacuum has great suction that enables it to tackle embedded pet hair and other stubborn debris. It features a premium brush roll that gets rid of allergens and pollutants, leaving the environment air freshened up. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner comes with a carbon pet filter that keeps the waste trapped inside from emitting offensive odor. However, don’t let the lightweight fool you; the vacuum cleaner is made with highly durable and sturdy materials.

Furthermore, the Power Swerve Pet vacuum features a long-lasting lithium battery, a fast-charge feature, and fade-free suction. Plus, there is an indicator light to help you know if anything needs a checkup in the vacuum cleaner. It is a versatile vacuum cleaner - you can use it to clean different surfaces, including carpets that are usually hard to clean. Meanwhile, the cordless feature eliminates the chances of cord-related accidents and gives you a wider reach.

The vacuum cleaner features Dirt Devil’s premium Spin Pro brush roll, optimized to clean and remove pet hair without struggle. The Power Swerve vacuum has an extra-large dirt cup, meaning limited trips to throw trapped dirt out.

Dirt Devil QuickFlip Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum BD30225

Here is another versatile, powerful vacuum cleaner from Dirt Devil designed for optimal cleaning performance, the surface regardless. It is a handheld vacuum, which is very convenient for practically any surface and dirt type. Also, there is no cord to limit where you get to when vacuuming, and there is no chance of slipping over tangled cords. The vacuum cleaner comes with a 16V lithium battery that charges fast and gives the vacuum a long runtime.

The best part of the QuickFlip hand vacuum BD30225 has to be its wet/dry feature; it is a multipurpose vacuum cleaner. With it, you can get the cleaning done much faster than you would with a bigger, wet-only, or dry-only vacuum cleaner. It is portable and lightweight, so you can carry and use it anywhere, even underneath furniture and in narrow spots. This vacuum cleaner makes for an impressive little vacuuming solution with the portability and versatility combined.

Regardless of any mess you need to get rid of; the Dirt Devil QuickFlip vacuum cleaner will make the process easier. Whether you are facing spilled beverages or the pot of plant your dog knocked over, this vacuum comes in handy. It is designed to take care of small and big messes with its extra-large dirt cup that can hold 17oz of liquid. Meanwhile, it features the onboard QuickFlip crevice tool that makes cleaning tight or cramped spots possible – and much easier.

Its small, lightweight design gives you flexibility and easy maneuvering from room to room and transitioning from surface to surface. When it is time to recharge the battery, there is an LED charge indicator light you can refer to. The vacuum cleaner has a washable filter for peak performance and a squeegee tool for picking up any wet mess. We cannot forget the fade-free suction that ensures a continuous and smooth cleaning experience.

Dirt Devil Endura Max Upright Vacuum

If you are tired of always buying bags for vacuums, the Dirt Devil Endura Max may be what you're looking for. The Endura Max Upright Vacuum from Dirt Devil is a self-sufficient vacuum appliance perfect for small apartments. It features a washable filter you only need to replace once a year, depending on how you use it. With this vacuum, say goodbye to vacuum bags and hello to canisters that capture dirt easily and keep it trapped.

The vacuum cleaner runs with an eight-amps and 120V motor, giving it more suction than its price suggests. Furthermore, it features a three-stage filtration system, which is arguably the best filtration system a vacuum cleaner can have. This filtration system ensures no loss of suction, especially when combined with the multi-floor brush roll. Together, these components help the vacuum to suck in dirt and keep it there until you empty the container.

The Dirt Devil Endura Max is great if you're using it for a small home; it is not so great with larger apartments. If you're using it for a large-sized home, you may find that the suction power is not that great. Also, while its 1.5L dust cup is great for handling a small amount of dirt, it is too small for a large-sized vacuum. Meanwhile, thanks to its crevice tool and extension pieces, you get extra cleaning reach of up to ten feet.

Nevertheless, the vacuum cleaner is impressively durable; there's less chance of breaking pieces off accidentally. Plus, despite its large size, the vacuum cleaner is incredibly lightweight, and its long 20ft power cord makes it easy to handle. Overall, the Dirt Devil Endura Max Upright Vacuum undoubtedly gives value for the money, especially when compared to some other brands.

FAQ about Dirt Devil Breeze Vacuum

How do you reset your dirt devil breeze vacuum?

You can reset your Dirt Devil Vacuum by simply pressing the reset button. You can find the reset button on the left-hand side of the vacuum, above the point where the low voltage wires connect.

Why do I have low suction at the end of my hose handle?

If the end of your hose handle has low suction, it could be that the dirt canister needs to be empty. Otherwise, your filter may need replacement, or the hose may be clogged. If the hose is clogged, unplug it and insert an object, like a butter knife, with a smaller diameter. Pass it completely through the hose; if the object stops, that's where the hose is clogged.

It could also be that the dirt canister is not properly fixed or the tube line is obstructed. You should contact your local dealer if you've tried fixing all these problems and still have low suction.

How do you empty the dirt canister of your dirt devil breeze vacuum?

To empty the dirt canister and replace the filter of your vacuum, start by unlatching and removing the dirt canister. Then, grasp the bottom and pull down to remove the cyclonic cone. After that, turn the filter latch counterclockwise beneath the filter, aligning it with the slots in the base. Next, remove the filter and gently tap it to empty the loose debris and dirt or replace it if necessary.

How often should you change the filter of your dirt devil breeze vacuum?

Dirt Devil recommends replacing your vacuum filter at least once a year. Nevertheless, you may need to replace it more frequently depending on how you use the vacuum. Also, when you empty the dirt canister, you should remove the filter and tap it against the side of the unit.

Doing this will remove excess dust and debris from the filter. Meanwhile, note that the filter is not washable and should not get wet; replace it as often as needed.


The Dirt Devil Breeze Vacuum is a good purchase if you're looking for an affordable vacuuming solution. While not the best on the market, it offers good value for its price. It is a pretty decent vacuum cleaner that can take care of debris, dirt, and dust around your home. Also, the Dirt Devil Breeze Vacuum is a great buy if you have a pet and often have to deal with pet hair.

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