Dewalt Portable Vacuum List: Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Dry Hand Vacuum DCV501HB, Dewalt DC515K 18V Wet Dry Portable Vacuum, Dewalt DCV581H

What is Dewalt Portable Vacuum?

The Dewalt Portable Vacuum is a powerful cleaning solution for picking up common debris on the job site such as dust, small screws and nails, and drywall. With the six different cleaning attachment accessories that come with it, it’s versatile enough to tackle any type of cleaning job.

The hand vacuum can clean smaller messes, but it can also be used with the floor accessory and extension tube in order to clean larger areas. It’s also a lot easier to clean darker areas with its bright LED light that can help illuminate them.

Other features of the Dewalt Portable Vacuum include:

  • 46 CFM that allows for higher suction performance
  • Drawstring bag that lets you keep all the vacuum accessories in one place
  • Canister that’s easy to empty and has minimal exposure to dust and debris
  • HEPA filtration that provides a more efficient cleanup
  • Belt hook that can free up your hands and lets you work more efficiently

The Dewalt Portable Vacuum doesn’t only clean up job site debris. It can also clean vehicle debris such as small stones, grass, paper, food crumbs, pebbles, and small pieces of plastic.

Video About Dewalt Portable Vacuum

Dewalt Portable Vacuum Models

The different Dewalt Portable Vacuum models include:

  • Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Dry Hand Vacuum DCV501HB
  • Dewalt DC515K Wet Dry Portable Vacuum
  • Dewalt DCV581H

The Dewalt DCV501HB has a handheld design that makes a variety of cleaning tasks on both the job site and at home a lot more convenient and easier. Not only can it pick up small particles such as sawdust and drywall dust, but it can also pick up larger debris like small screws and wire cuttings.

With the Dewalt DC515K’s cordless vacuuming ability, you can easily clean up almost every part of your home or job. Even the tightest of spaces can be cleaned up a lot easier just by simply pulling out the vacuum’s attached 2.5-foot long hose.

The Dewalt DCV581H has the longest battery in all of the models under the Dewalt brand. This Dewalt model also has an auxiliary power cord, which means you won’t have to worry about prolonged cleaning jobs.

Dewalt DCV501HB Review

The Dewalt DCV501HB is not your typical hand vacuum. With its cordless and handheld design, no cleaning task is too impossible or difficult. It also has 46 CFM and 65 total air watts that can easily pick up debris, both small and large.    

This vacuum also has 6 different attachments. These attachments are used to modify the vacuum and make it versatile enough to handle more cleaning tasks than your standard hand vacuums. They include a gulper brush, a round brush, and a flexible hose.

The Dewalt DCV501HB also has a crevice nozzle that makes cleaning in tight areas a lot easier. Its handheld extension tube extends the vacuum’s reach and allows you to clean much larger areas.

The drawstring bag that comes with it makes it easier to have all the attachments kept in one place and minimize the chances of losing them. Not to mention, its belt hook allows you to free up your hands when it isn’t in use.

With its 5.0Ah battery, you can use the vacuum continuously for up to 21 minutes. That’s enough to fill its 23.5-ounce capacity canister fifteen times.

Dewalt DC515K Review


The Dewalt DC515K can make for a great addition to anyone that already has other 18V Dewalt cordless tools. It’s important to keep in mind though that this is not meant to replace a full-size vacuum that can accomplish the much larger cleanup tasks, but it’s still able to hold its own.

The suction power of this vacuum is enough to pick up smaller particles like dust, sand, sawdust, drywall screws, dirt, and metal shavings. It also makes a loud noise but not enough to make a person uncomfortable, measuring at 79 db SPL.

With the vacuum’s HEPA filter, it does a good job of sucking up dust and not blowing it out of the exhaust port. This is an important feature because it helps to minimize the further spread of dust and dirt in the area.

Its battery life is also sufficiently long and it offers a decent suction performance, easily cleaning small messes and convenient to lug around without worrying about it being connected to an outlet.

Dewalt DCV581H Review

What makes the Dewalt DCV581H stand out are its effective floor tool attachment, battery adaptor, and its significantly longer runtime. You can use this vacuum continuously for up to 40 minutes, making it perfect for prolonged cleaning jobs.

Unfortunately, this model has very poor suction and airflow compared to the other models under the Dewalt brand. The motor of this vacuum is incredibly underpowered for the cleaning jobs that it’s meant to be performing. Not to mention, its motor can only produce up to 16 inches of water lift, which is drastically lesser compared to other brands and models.

But despite the model’s minimal airflow and suction, its floor attachment has gaps in its contact surface that allow for a more continuous air movement and any unwanted debris or liquid to shoot up into its trash bin.

FAQ about Dewalt Portable Vacuum

Is the battery of the Dewalt Vacuum compatible with the 20V drill?

Yes, the Dewalt battery vacuum is compatible with the Dewalt drill. For instance, if you have a Dewalt DCD995B 20V Max XR Premium Hammer Drill, you can use its battery for both your Dewalt portable vacuum and your drill.

How do you change its filter?

The filter of the Dewalt Portable Vacuum is washable. The first thing you can do is to make sure it’s free from any debris. You can even run a screwdriver blade between it to make sure that it’s thoroughly cleaned. Then, place it under running tap water to wash it. Make sure to let it dry before using it again. This also helps extend the useful life of your vacuum filter.

Can you use this vacuum to clean liquids?

It’s not advisable to vacuum up liquids with the Dewalt Portable Vacuum. This also includes snow as snow can melt once it’s inside the vacuum. Once the vacuum senses moisture inside it, it might end up shutting down.

However, the Dewalt DC515K can be used to pick up liquids. But it’s not advisable to use it to clean large amounts of liquid as you would need to continuously empty the canister.

How do you store the Dewalt Portable Vacuum?

The vacuum has a clip on it that lets you mount it on your wall for easy storage. You can also attach it to your belt so it’s handier and more convenient.

Can this vacuum be used without its battery pack?

No, the portable vacuum doesn’t have a corded option. It will only work once you have attached the battery to it.

Is the vacuum very loud?

Its noise is what you would expect from a typical vacuum. It’s loud but not loud enough that it would cause discomfort and pain to the people around it.

How long can you use it on one charge?

The runtime depends on the model and battery type. Pay attention to the battery’s Ah level. The higher the vacuum’s Ah is, the longer you’re able to use it. The longest it’s able to run on one charge is 40 minutes.

Can the wet and dry vacuum also be used as a blower?

Yes, it can also be used as a blower. The regular filter can be used for suction. When blowing, you can put on a new filter and then you’ll have filtered air to cool down your computers and for other purposes.


All three Dewalt models are fundamentally the same. However, there are some that do a better job in certain tasks than others.

The Dewalt DCV501HB is ideal for cleaning tasks that need a bit more versatility. For example, if you need to clean a large area that also has tight crevices. Its crevice nozzles let you clean those hard-to-reach spots, while its handheld extension tube helps you cover a larger area and clean up larger messes.

Meanwhile, the Dewalt DC515K is able to suck up both dry particles and liquids. Its HEPA filter also does a great job of making sure that any dust or debris isn’t blown out of its exhaust port and spread out into the area.

The Dewalt DCV581H is also able to clean both wet and dry particles. However, its vacuuming performance leaves a lot to be desired. But this vacuum is great for prolonged cleaning tasks since it can run up to 40 minutes on a single charge.

The Dewalt Portable Vacuum is overall extremely convenient, considering it runs on battery and doesn’t need to be tethered to an outlet with a power cord. When choosing between the models, decide which one can suit your needs the best.


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