bObi Robot Vacuum: Which bObi Pet vs. bObi Classic vs. Bob model is right for you?

What is bObi Robot Vacuum?   

It's a robotic vacuum, much like Roomba. I'm sure you've seen them all over the place, from your friends' houses to TV ads. The technology is fairly similar. The difference between bObi and most other robot vacuums is how it addresses the human factor.

The bObi is much more intelligent than most competitor robots, and they've made a lot of other improvements on the original Bobsweep.

The bObi robotic vacuum cleaner is more advanced than other robot vacuums, and it has unique features. The battery-powered bObi cleans your home just like a regular vacuum cleaner except it works a lot faster and can clean more often so you'll use less time and effort.

There are two versions of the bObi robot vacuum, bObi Pet and bObi Classic. Both have different features and modes, but they are more than enough to handle your home cleaning needs.

The bObi line of vacuums features several improvements from its predecessors. The new models are slimmer and have more brush heads than their predecessors, as well as a smaller dust bin and longer run time. They also feature touch sensors on the front of the devices that can be used to control the settings or brush rotation.

Let’s try to differentiate the two bObi robot vacuums, together with the two other bObsweep robot vacuum models in the table below.

Model Name

bObi Pet

bObi Classic

Bob PetHair

Bob PetHair Plus

Remote Control

LED Screen Remote

LED Screen Remote

Standard Remote

Advanced Remote



Nickel-Metal Hydride


Nickel-Metal Hydride

2,200mAh Lithium-Ion

2,200mAh Lithium-Ion


Life Capacity

75 mins.

75 mins.

60 mins.

60 mins.

Dustbin Capacity

350 ml

350 ml

1000 ml

1000 ml


UV Sterilizer


Spot Cleaning

The alternative series of robot vacuums, the bObi, comes with a remote control that is slightly more extensive. The bObi controller has a sizable LED display that lets you view the time along with upcoming cleanings. The bObi remote allows you to:

  • Switch the vacuum on and off
  • Switch to standby mode.
  • Put off cleaning.
  • Make time for cleaning.
  • Enable UV cleaning.
  • Verify the current
  • Adjust vacuum speed
  • Transmit to the charger.

bObi Pet Review

If you’re tired of pet hair and dander making their home in your home, buy this bObi Pet vacuum cleaner. It helps you to eliminate unwanted dirt by using its programmable self-start function, which allows you to set the frequency of vacuuming.

It has three touch screen buttons for ease of use, and with its intelligent navigation, it can avoid obstacles that might be present in your house.

Much like the bObi Classic robot vacuum, the bObi Pet offers a host of many of the same features. It has an app for remote control and scheduling and connectivity to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is easily achieved via Bluetooth.

However, there are some additional features here too. Not only does it have both a better suction power (11,500 RPM vs. 10,000 RPM) but also includes the bObi blOck which helps clean upstairs and upholstery more effectively.


- Appealing design

- Work in silence.

- Has a remote control


- Extensive setup time

- Installation of all parts and batteries is necessary.

- Susceptible to errors and glitches

- Low suction

bObi Classic Review

It's not every day you come across a robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean both carpets and hard floors. But that's exactly the kind of functionality you get in the bObi Classic robotic vacuum cleaner.

With its multisurface brush head, TurboLift technology and anti-collision sensors, it can handle all kinds of flooring without getting stuck or damaging them due to design flaws.

The bObi Classic certainly delivers on the lack of a cleaning schedule. With every floor you clean and with every part of the house, there's a little bit of romance built into it.

Just like robot vacuums are designed to get into hard-to-reach places, the bObi Classic can handle some tough tasks. The robot vacuum is super lightweight, so you can place it almost anywhere in your house (as long as there is some sort of wall or riser for support).


- Passes around rather swiftly with quite an accuracy

- Battery maintains a good charge

- It recharges by itself.


- Difficult to clean.

- The quality wasn't good for certain people.

- Random power outages

Bob PetHair Review

Bob PetHair is a state-of-the-art robotic vacuum cleaner designed with man's best friend in mind. It's easy to use and hard to forget, so you'll be able to ditch the manual and focus on bigger issues. Robotic vacuum cleaners are for people that want an easier life and less housework.

This robotic vacuum can clean your floors without you having to lift a finger. While most robotic vacuums are limited to carpeting, Bob has a variety of different attachments that allows him to cover all floor types including hardwood, tile, and other residential floorings.

The PetHair robot vacuum is a great choice for pet owners, who want the same great features as their standard model without some of its disadvantages.


- fun to brag about

- Bob is true to what he says.

- raises a lot of pet dander and hair

- it is a lot quieter than anticipated

- relatively good construction quality


- omits a map of the house

- The environment must be prepared by the user

- tumbles to the ground if the basement door is left open

- messes with iPhone charging cables

It topples objects, so keep your valuables safe

Bob PetHair Plus Review

If you have pets, you know how important it is to keep your home clean and tidy. Pet hair and pet dander can be easily tracked into your living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Bob PetHair Plus is a powerful vacuum cleaner designed to handle all types of messes including the skin's shedding process that we all know so well. It acts as a strong floor cleaner and an effective barrier between your pets and other surfaces such as furniture, floors, or carpets.

Not only will this robot vacuum be your best friend and companion, but it is also very practical. Bob Pet Hair Plus comes with virtual block barriers and has rollers at the end of its power cord, usually used for carpets. This makes cleaning under furniture a snap and keeps you from losing hair.


  • a strong vacuum.
  • control panel with a lot of detail.
  • comes with a ton of extras, including a mop extension and a digital wall.


  • not very good at changing between different floor kinds.
  • setup process that takes a while.
  • incompatible with low-profile furniture.
  • both Wi-Fi access and app controls are absent.

Video of bObi robot vacuum cleaner review:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a bObi Robot Vacuum empty itself?

A bObi robot vacuum does have a filter, and it does empty itself when necessary. But if you have more than one pet at home who sheds a lot, then the filter might get worse every day, and would need to replace the filter as often as you can. Having monthly maintenance scheduled for it can work as well.

2. Does a bObI Robot Vacuum do with pet hair?

If your pets are the type who sheds hair very often here and there, then you don't have to worry about finding them! bObi checks her TurboLift vacuum to make sure you're getting all the loose fur before you can even start vacuuming.

3. Can bObi robot vacuum and mop combos at the same time?

The bObi is a cool combo robot. It's not exactly like those flying drones that can vacuum and mop your floors all at the same time, but it's not bad either. The bObi comes with a motorized broom to help pick up dirt and debris from your floor carpets as well as a vacuum with HEPA filtration technology to remove any leftover dust from the previous cleaning.

The best part is that you won't have to worry about getting down on your knees, cleaning up cobwebs or anything else quite yet…though, you will have to do that eventually once this robot gets too old.

4. Do bObi robot vacuums work well on hardwood floors?

Whether you’re worried about your hardwood floor or the appearance of your floors, the bObi robot vacuum can be an excellent choice for cleaning both. It was designed to work on bare floors, hardwood and tile which makes it easier for you to clean your floors without any problems.

Also, this robot vacuum comes with a small microfiber pad so that you can effectively mop up any dust or dirt on the surface when you are done vacuuming.



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