Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288 - Specs, Buying Guide, and Product Review

What is a Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288? This product is a stick vacuum easily maneuvered to pick up different debris on carpeted and hard floors.

The Design

It comes with a large gauge entry that lets bigger particles easily pass through so it can easily pick up cereals and dirt of the same size. The Bissell Icon comes with low, medium, and high settings, perfect for any type of cleaning power needed.

Another highlight of this product is that it is amazingly lighter than other competitive products. Its handle is curved over the top, which offers an option to hold it on the side or top for better balance.

The Functions

Picking up a specific amount of hair without tangles on the device itself is challenging for most vacuums. Still, in the Bissell Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288, they have made their bristles in a way that picking up hair on the floor is easily swiveled minus the tangles.

Getting a vacuum includes having a good filtration system. And the Bissell Vacuum definitely passed that test with no visible fog, which means it is perfectly sealed. Although its filtration system is only close to a HEPA, it still is an adequately sealed system.

Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288 Pros and Cons:

The Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288 is a cleaning device that makes people's lives much easier. This model is surprisingly lightweight but can be converted into a hand-held vacuum that helps clean small corners of any room and space, the crevices of the furniture, and other hard-to-reach areas.

This stick vacuum focuses on taking care of the shedding of fur and hair with the built-in tangle-free brush. It can also pick up different dirt and particles from any floor - hardwood, carpeted, tiled, and more:

Here are its pros and cons:


  • Impressive on the pet hair and dust pick-up feature
  • Includes LED lights that are bright which makes it easy to see whether debris is being picked up or not
  • Equipped with practical add-on attachments
  • Versatile as it can be used in different types of floors
  • Lightweight, which weighs only about 7lbs
  • Long runtime of 50 minutes


  • As it is built with a top-heavy design, it becomes uncomfortable using it overtime
  • Does not have the capability to reach the tighter corners of spaces
  • Charging time is longer, at about 4hrs

Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288 Specifications:






Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288


Maximum Power


Dust Capacity



44.25 x 22x 7.75 inches




SmartSeal Allergen System

Who should buy the Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288?

The Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288 is ideal for people with pets as it focuses significantly on pet fur and hair. Aside from pet owners, this cleaning device will be a lot helpful to people running pet grooming services. This is also ideal for people with small spaces who are always in a hurry when cleaning the house, so they need something that can get things done quickly.

This vacuum effectively picks up dirt on floors like hardwood or carpeted ones; it also performs well in big pet beds that don't fit your washers. And even your own beds and couches.

It is convenient and lightweight, so anyone can use it comfortably. You can ask your kids to vacuum the house to teach them how to do chores. Its portability makes it easier for the user, even kids, to maneuver the vacuum around any space and reach the tight corners that need more attention.

So, if you are the handy type who also wants convenience without compromising the features needed, and with a much affordable price in the market, then the Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288 is certainly what you are looking for.

Review of the Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288?

This product is known to be one of the best vacuums there is on the market. Those who have bought and tried it agree with the following points on what makes this vacuum a good buy:

  • The Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288 is lighter than most competitor products

It is such a plus to get the vacuum that you can easily move around any space without worrying about tearing your arms.

  • It handles pet hair

As it is designed to have bristles that easily pick up hair, both human and pet, you don't have to worry about detangling hair on the vacuum brush. This is one problem generally experienced in many vacuum models.

They pick up the dirt, including hair, but the user ends up having more work since they have to manually remove the hair the brush collected. 

  • Excellent and well-packaged

Most reviews you will see rave about how the product is well packed, all the attachments that come with the stick vacuum are well-placed, and everything works 100%. This is something that many online buyers expect from the products they buy over the internet but rarely get.

This is something critical when buying appliances since most of the time, you will only buy such a bulky product because you need it ASAP, and you no longer have time to have it replaced.

However, the product also gets neutral and negative reviews at times. Here are some points that some of its users have pointed out after trying the product:

  • It does not have a built-in stand, making the unit generally unstable

While some stick vacuums come with a stand, this one does not. So when not in use, its stability is a challenge.

  • It can be converted into a hand-held vacuum, but it could have been built better

Hand-held vacuums are expected to be convenient, especially when used to clean hard-to-reach-corners. But the Bissell vacuum has a seemingly short and rigid hose assembly.

  • Battery life is so-so

Battery life is good enough for many users but is not outstanding. And in this case, this model only has an average run time and battery capacity. The charging time is also a bit longer than most stick vacuums as it needs to be fully charged for four hours.

  • No self-emptying bin

Since it does not have a self-emptying bin, this part is another concern.

Manually emptying the bin is one thing, but the trickiest part is that you are also required to take the filter out when cleaning the bin. This makes it prone to losing its complete sealed filter features.

Overall, this cleaning device is still a good buy. The best part of it is although its filtration system is not HEPA, only HEPA-like, it does not compromise the filtration features that most users seek in a stick vacuum. With reviews that passed the fog test with No Leaks, it simply makes it better than other stick vacuums.

Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288 Comparison Chart:


Bissell Icon Pet

Cordless Vacuum 2288

Dyson V15 Detect

Tineco Pure One S12

Lupe Pure Cordless



73 CFM

73 CFM

61.72 CFM

43.06 CFM

Dust bin size





1 liter

Fog Test


No leaks

No leaks

Some leaks

Some leaks

Sand on hard floor












Run time


50 mins

1 hr and 43 mins

2 hrs

1 hr













Frequently Asked Questions about the Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288:

How do you maintain the Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288?

Like many other stick vacuums on the market, the Bissell Vacuum must be maintained by doing the following:

  • Always use the User Manual before doing anything with the vacuum to be well-oriented about its specifications.
  • Consistently empty the bin.
  • Always check the brush.
  • Make sure to keep the filters clean at all times.
  • Check the app for updates.
  • When you cannot turn it on or make it function properly, it's best to consult the manufacturer's customer service to avoid causing further damage to the unit.

How do you empty the dust bin?

Emptying the dust bin for the Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288 is done through the following:

  • First, make sure the device is fully turned off.
  • While grabbing the tank from the top, pull up the tank. This will activate the wiping feature, allowing the particles from the filter screen to be removed.
  • Remove the separator from the tank.
  • Tap the mesh screen on the side of the bin and empty the debris.

How often should you clean the filters?

You should check the filters monthly, and you can wash or replace them every six months or depending on how often the vacuum is used. It is also ideal to check the filter once a month to ensure it's not too dirty before using the vacuum.

Is the Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288 ideal for any hair?

Yes, this specific model is made for picking up hair. The famous feature of this model is the tangle-free brush that allows it to pick up a maximum amount of hair without having to worry about them being tangled on the bristles.

Video of the Bissell Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum 2288 Review:

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