ZOKER Cordless Vacuum Reviews Handheld Stick Vacuum Pet Hair Cleaners for Hardwood Floors

What is a ZOKER Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

ZOKER Cordless Vacuum cleaners are a perfect choice for cleaning everything from pesky crumbs to pet hair from different surfaces. The machine uses the newly upgraded 250W motor, which gives it a suction power of 20KPa. It can remove all dust, dirt, and debris from hard floors and carpets.

ZOKER Cordless Vacuum has many great features that make it one of the go-to stick vacuum cleaners on the market. Apart from high suction power, this vacuum model uses a 5-stage, high-efficiency filtration system and is equipped with a removable, high-efficiency large-capacity battery. It can achieve a runtime of 30 minutes on a single charge.

Why Choose ZOKER Cordless Vacuum Cleaners?

ZOKER Cordless Vacuum cleaner gives you many reasons to choose it over other models. First, let us talk about its high cleaning performance. Its high-speed, powerful brushless motor gives it a high suction power that picks dirt, dust, and debris from all floor types.

Secondly, ZOKER Cordless Vacuum effectively removes allergens and microscopic dust particles from the exhaust air. Thanks to its 5-stage filtration system that corporates HEPA filtration. It is what you need to keep the air in your home clean.

Thirdly, ZOKER Cordless Vacuum has a large-capacity battery that gives it up to 30 minutes of runtime. This cordless stick vacuum is for you if you don’t need to tangle with cords when cleaning your room or apartment.

Lastly, buy a ZOKER Cordless stick vacuum for its lightweight and usability. Cleaning should not be tedious, and this vacuum ensures it is a breeze. It is also easy to maintain. So, you will not need a technician often for cleaning or parts replacements.

ZOKER Cordless Vacuums Compared

Unfortunately, ZOKER does not have a wide range of products. Its production line only has ZOKER A10 Pro as the only cordless stick vacuum, which we will review in this post. But first, let’s look at the specifications of this vacuum model.





Motor power


Suction Power


Battery capacity


Charging time

4-5 hours


30 minutes

Noise level



13 x 4.52 x 8.86 inches

Filter type




Dustbin capacity


Dust collection


Recommended surfaces

Hard floors and carpets


Reviews of ZOKER Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

As mentioned, ZOKER only has the A10 Pro cordless stick vacuum model on its production line. We will review it to understand what it offers and where it falls short.

Features of ZOKER A10 Pro

The A10 Pro has gained fame in the market for its features and benefits. It has managed a fair share of the market size in a highly competitive sector where giants try their best to dominate. With the ZOKER A10 Pro, you get the following:

Newly Upgraded High Speed Brushless DC Motor

ZOKER A10 Pro cordless stick vacuum cleaner has an 80,000-rpm brushless DC motor capable of outputting 250W of power. Most cordless stick vacuum cleaners in the market have DC motors whose speed is less than half of that.

Additionally, ZOKER A10 Pro boasts a high suction power of 20 kilopascals. These specifications give it a high cleaning performance comparable to full-size corded stick vacuums. The ZOKER A10 Pro can effectively pick up all ground dust and other debris from hard floors and carpets.

Easily Convertible to Handheld Vacuum

ZOKER A10 Pro is a 4-in-1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner. As a stick vacuum cleaner, you can use it to remove dirt and debris from floors. You cannot use it in that form to clean above-floor surfaces. Fortunately, this vacuum model is easily convertible to a hand vac. So, you don’t have to worry when you want to vacuum your car, windowsills, ceilings, couch, and any other elevated surface.

ZOKER A10 Pro is ideal for whole-house cleaning because it comes with all accessories such as a crevice tool and other accessories. You buy one cordless vacuum cleaner for all cleaning purposes.

Height-Adjustable Extension Rod  

Users have varying heights. The ZOKER A10 Pro cordless stick vacuum cleaner features an adjustable extension rod to cater to the comfort of everyone. You can set the length where you feel is right for your height to improve your comfort in cleaning different surfaces.

5-Stage High-Efficiency Filtration System

Most cordless stick vacuum cleaners face the secondary air pollution problem. The ZOKER A10 Pro vacuum model deploys a 5-stage filtration process to address it. It can effectively remove pollutants, allergens, and microscopic dust particles from the exhaust to keep your indoor air clean. That is the reason most allergic people prefer this model over others.

High-Capacity Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

ZOKER A10 Pro vacuum cleaner is cordless. It is equipped with a 6x2200mAh battery that can power it for 30 minutes. Say no to cords that can entangle you and cause accidents when cleaning by choosing this cordless stick vacuum cleaner. It can clean about 135 square-meter space on a single charge.

Recharging the battery is also straightforward. ZOKER A10 Pro vacuum cleaner has a docking station that you can position anywhere in the room. After cleaning, you can hang it back to recharge. It usually takes 4-5 hours to fully recharge the battery.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

ZOKER A10 Pro vacuum cleaner weighs only 2.86 pounds. That means you can use it for a long time without feeling any pain in the wrist because you have less weight to lift. Moving it from room to room is also effortless.

But above all, the ZOKER A10 Pro vacuum cleaner is beautifully designed and modeled. Apart from being a functional cordless stick vacuum cleaner, it can double as a gift to your loved one. The recipient will appreciate this product right out of the box before even trying it.

Large Dust Cup

Most cordless stick vacuum cleaners the size of ZOKER A10 Pro have a small dustbin, usually below 500ml. However, this model manages to squeeze an 800ml dust cup for collecting debris and dirt. It reduces the frequency of emptying, saving time when cleaning large spaces.

Additionally, you can hygienically empty the dust cup with a button press. You will never get messy with the garbage if you choose the ZOKER A10 Pro vacuum cleaner.

Washable Honeycomb and HEPA Filters

ZOKER A10 Pro vacuum cleaner has washable filters that reduce maintenance costs. You can easily disassemble the unit when the filters are clogged and clean them. Remember to always air-dry the filters before reinstalling them. Moisture can damage the motor and other machine parts.

LED Brush Head

ZOKER A10 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner has an inbuilt LED headlight to illuminate dark places, allowing you to work in the darkness or at night. You can use it to clean storage rooms, the basement, kitchen cabinets, and all other dark spaces.

Pros and Cons of ZOKER A10 Pro


  • Large capacity and easy-to-clean dust cup
  • Lightweight vacuum cleaner
  • High suction power
  • 5-stage filtration system
  • Height adjustable extension bar
  • Relatively long runtime


  • No anti tangle roller
  • Not as good on carpets

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