Your Ultimate Guide to Nutone Vacuum Parts in 2022 and Beyond

Broan-Nutone is a brand famous for making home products. The company pays significant attention to making products that improve homes' air quality. For instance, the Nutone central vacuum, one of their popular products, is a good fit for homeowners who intend to improve the air quality and keep their homes clean. If you have this vacuum in your home, perhaps it would be essential to understand some of the Nutone vacuum parts. You need to understand the role and features of these vacuum parts. The following are some of the most significant Nutone vacuum parts you should know.

Nutone Vacuum Parts:Hoses

The vacuum hose is the first Nutone vacuum part we are going to look at. They help to make your cleaning experience easy, fast, and safe. The hose connects the port to your machine and gives room for suction, removing dirt and dust from the cleaning surfaces.

There are different types of hoses that will play different roles in your vacuum cleaner. Electric hoses are suitable for electric-powered cleaning. Low-voltage hoses have an easy on and off button that makes them easy to operate. There are also basic hoses used for basic cleaning, and the stretch hoses are suitable for quick cleanups even in areas that are hard to access.

Nutone Vacuum Parts:Filters

Filters are important components of Nutone vacuum cleaners and all vacuum cleaners, for that matter. The filters help prevent the vacuum from circulating dust and dirt into the air.

There are several filter types that are compatible with your Nutone vacuum cleaner. They include the following;

  • Nutone 84128000 Vacuum Filter for Nutone Central
  • Generic Replacement Central Vacuum Cleaner Filter Compatible with Nutone Models CV352, CV352, CV353

Nutone Vacuum Parts:Bags

The Nutone central filters utilize disposable filter bags. There are different filter bags compatible with different Nutone models. Before buying the bag, you must ascertain the model number so that you buy a bag compatible with your Nutone vacuum cleaner. Most bags are characterized by high retention capacity and maximum airflow leveraging the electrostatic and microfiltration dust binding.

Nutone Vacuum Parts:Suction Motor

The motor is one of the most vital Nutone vacuum parts, without which your vacuum cleaner will be of no use. The motor will rotate the fan, which will then create the vacuum pressure and suction, which is much needed for vacuuming purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nutone Vacuum Parts:

  1. How Do I Replace the Nutone Vacuum Bag?

To replace the Nutone vacuum bag, you will first need to unlatch the bottom of the vacuum cleaner to empty the lower portion of the unit. You will notice the paper hanging, ready for removal. To remove the bag, gently pull the cardboard collar off the debris pipe. Toss the bag in the trash and slip the new bag all the way over the intake pipe.

  1. How Often Should I Change My Filters

How often you change your vacuum cleaner filters will depend on the frequency of use. Under normal usage, filters should be changed every 3 to 6 months.

To learn more on how to change your vacuum bags and filters, you can watch the video in the link below;


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