Why is My Shark Vacuum Blinking Red? Red, Green Flashing, what do the Vacuum Lights Mean?

Shark vacuum cleaners have gained a lot of use in different homes in recent times. These vacuum cleaners are built with unique features that make sure you get unique services. As you buy and continue using your Shark vacuum cleaner, you will realize that it is designed with various LED lights that light up when the vacuum cleaner is in use or when it has developed some malfunction.

When you notice different lights on your vacuum cleaner, it’s your vacuum cleaner sending some signal on the operation of your vacuum cleaner.

The Expected Lights on Your Shark Vacuum

Some of the common LED lights that you can notice on your Shark vacuum cleaner include;

  • Green Light
  • Red Light
  • Blinking/ Flashing Lights
  • Lights completely off

These lights may light up at different times, and if you watch your vacuum cleaner closely, you will realize that it is properly working, has reduced its workability, or its not working properly.

Here is what they may mean;

Why is my Shark Vacuum Blinking Red?

In a normal situation, the Red light remains solid red, and may this is what you are used to. When it starts blinking/flashing, you may wonder what is happening, and such a question arises.

What does this mean?

When the red light is flashing, there may be two reasons; Either the brush roll is compromised, or your shark vacuum cleaner has overheated. Your shark vacuum cleaner can overheat when you have over-used it or even when the brush roll is jammed up and cannot rotate as intended.

Even as you monitor the lights, you will also realize that when your vacuum cleaner overheats and lights up Red, it will also change the normal operating sound. You may hear it producing a straining sound/noise.

What to Do:

Once you discover that your Shark vacuum cleaner is blinking red;

  • Disconnect your shark vacuum cleaner from the power supply for the corded shark vacuum, or turn off the cordless vacuum cleaner. 
  • Allow it to cool down for about 30 minutes.
  • Flip it over to check whether the brush roll is jammed, and remove any long hairs in it and any form of dirt.
  • If the brush roll is ok, disconnect the attachments on your shark vacuum cleaner, and clear any dirt build-up. You may need to empty the dustbin and also clean the filters too.
  • Power it and switch it ON and continue enjoying the vacuuming service.

Why is My Shark Vacuum Lighting Solid Red?

 Your shark vacuum cleaner, at some point while in operation, may light its LED lights solid red. This may be a recurring occurrence in different cleaning cycles. This indicates that the main brush roll is compromised and not working well.

What to do:

The main brush roll may malfunction because of the accumulation of dirt and long pet hair that may hinder its normal spinning. When the brush roll is completely entangled, it may stop spinning at all, and therefore you will experience that your vacuum cleaner is not picking any dirt.


  • Unplug your vacuum cleaner from the power source.
  • Flip over to locate the main brush roll from the head of your shark vacuum cleaner
  • Chop away any long pet hair on the brush roll using a pair of scissors or utility knife. You may also clean any form of dirt on the brush roll.
  • Power your vacuum cleaner and confirm if the error is reset.

Why is My Shark Vacuum Lighting Solid Green?

This is a common happening on your Shark vacuum cleaner. With this indication, you don’t need to worry, as this is an indication that your vacuum cleaner is properly functioning. Here, the brush roll, motor, and other vacuum cleaner components are functioning correctly, and you can continue enjoying vacuuming.

How to Make Sure that your Shark Vacuum Cleaner does not Blink Red

It is clear that when your Shark Vacuum Cleaner is blinking Red, it means that it is not functioning well. It means that some of the parts of your vacuum cleaner are corrupted and may lead to a breakdown or cause further damage to other parts of the vacuum.

To make sure that your vacuum cleaner parts are not corrupted, here is what you need to employ;

  1. Deep Cleaning of your Shark Vacuum cleaners

Your shark vacuum cleaner cleans your floor and other surfaces; it also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. You need to take time and clean your vacuum cleaner to make sure that there is no dirt build-up that may lead to clogging of the vacuum cleaner parts that may lead to the said errors and consequently malfunctioning different parts of your vacuum cleaner.

To achieve deep Cleaning of your vacuum cleaner;

  • Detach and clean all the attachments. This may include an upholstery tool if your vacuum cleaner is a handheld one.
  • Always empty the dustbin and clean it regularly. Make sure that you also clean the rest of the areas that the dust tank touches and any other opening that leads to the dust bin. This is to make sure that any dirt that may be attached to these parts is dealt with.
  • Clean the Hoses. Because the hoses have a strained passway, the dirt may tend to clog them. Use a thin string to knock the debris loose. You need to take care so that you don’t damage the hoses as you clean them.
  • Replace/Clean the Filters. The filters play an integral role in making sure that you breathe healthily as your shark vacuum works. Depending on the type of Shark vacuum cleaner you are using, you can either wash the filters (If washable) or replace them.
  • Always Clean the brush roll. As the brush roll maneuvers through your floor, some dirt may clog around it, and you need to clean it from time to time to prevent it from being entangled.
  1. Supply Power Properly

If your Shark vacuum cleaner is a cordless vacuum cleaner, make sure it is fully charged for better suction and vacuuming. When the battery runs low, the suction may reduce or may lead to an indication of different errors in your vacuum.

For corded shark vacuum cleaners, ensure the power cord is plugged correctly into the power supply sockets. You also need to make sure that the power cord is well insulated.


A little maintenance on your vacuum cleaner is needed for proper functioning. The basic maintenance you can carry on your vacuum cleaner is to ensure that it is also clean as it cleans your floor. 

Sometimes the errors may persist, and your shark vacuum cleaner may stop working or may reduce its efficiency. You may seek clarification of the user’s manual or contact your local vacuum cleaner expert. 

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