What Is Simplicity s65 Vacuum Cleaner and Who Should Buy It?

What Is Simplicity s65 Vacuum?

The Simplicity s65 Vacuum is a basic cordless handheld or stick vacuuming solution that offers excellent performance on multiple surfaces. It is especially excellent on high-pile carpets, but it also does a great job of clearing debris on low-pile carpets. The vacuum cleaner is easy to maintain, and although there are recurring costs, there are not as many as others. Simplicity s65 vacuum will efficiently and smoothly clean pet hair, larger dirt like sand, and fine debris like baking soda.

This vacuum cleaner has everything you need to keep a small home or apartment sparkling clean. It is a handheld/stick vacuum, meaning you can use it as a handheld or stick vacuum, depending on your need. It features a HEPA media filter designed to capture at least 0.03 microns; it can capture larger debris. Furthermore, it features two speeds for handling small and large messes, thus making it a very versatile vacuuming solution.

This vacuum cleaner is perfect for a dorm room, with its lightweight feature and all the essentials for cleaning carpets and bare floors. The Simplicity s65 Vacuum is portable and comes with several accessories, including a metal wand and crevice-dusting brush combo. It is a multipurpose vacuuming solution that perfectly and without hassle tackles any floor using the LED headlight nozzle.

Pros and Cons

The Simplicity s65 Vacuum is excellent if you have pets or little kids who love throwing hair around. It will rid your sofa, carpet, and bare floor of every kind of hair, pet or human, leaving it polished. Furthermore, it is a portable vacuum cleaner, meaning you can use it anywhere, including windowsills and hard-to-reach places. Its lightweight, portable design makes it easy to be used and carried from one place (or room) to another.

Also, the Simplicity s65 vacuum cleaner is pretty easy to maintain; the portable design makes it easy to store. It has a good-enough build quality, with a metal wand made of lightweight material, and is easy to assemble and use. Additionally, this vacuum cleaner has only two parts that require regular maintenance: the dirt compartment and brush roll. Plus, the vacuum cleaner has low recurring costs; you can’t wash the HEPA filter – it needs replacement once a year at most.

However, the Simplicity s65 Vacuum has a small dirt compartment, meaning you must empty it while vacuuming. Also, although it has a reasonable build quality, it is not exactly great; the vacuum does not feel sturdy overall.



Simplicity s65 Vacuum

Vacuum Type


Product Weight

6 pounds

Battery Run Time

25 minutes per charge

Filtration Type

HEPA Media

Surface Recommendation

Bare floor, Carpet, Hardwood, Multi-Surface

Attachments and Tools

Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool


Who Should Buy Simplicity s65 Vacuum?

Maintaining hygiene has become more important than ever, with the outbreak of all kinds of viruses, among other things. While different cleaning tools can help you achieve this, having a mini vacuum makes things much easier. This is where the Simplicity s65 vacuum comes in; it is designed to make it easier to maintain optimal hygiene. You need a Simplicity s65 vacuum if you fall in the categories below:

  • There are corners in your home that you cannot reach when cleaning. Simplicity s65 vacuum is compact, making it easy to reach tough and hard-to-reach corners easily. With this vacuum cleaner, you can suck out dirt and dust that have gathered in the corners of your home swiftly.
  • You don’t have enough space to store large cleaning tools like a large vacuum cleaner or long mop. The compact size of the Simplicity s65 vacuum also makes it easy to store and does not take up much space. You can store it anywhere; in your closet, in a medium drawer, or inside your kitchen cabinet.
  • You cannot (or don’t want to) carry heavy cleaning equipment around the house. The lightweight feature of the Simplicity s65 vacuum will be of particular use to you; you can carry it easily. This vacuum cleaner is very easy to use; you can lift it easily and do whatever cleaning you need. Nevertheless, its lightweight feature says nothing about its motor because Simplicity s65 is equipped with a powerful motor.
  • You want a versatile cleaning solution that can clean everything and reach everywhere. Simplicity s65 vacuum cleaner is known for its versatility, featuring different attachments and accessories for your vacuuming needs. Also, the fact that it is cordless makes it even better; you can reach those difficult areas more easily.
  • You want a vacuum cleaner you can easily maintain and not waste time cleaning. Simplicity s65 vacuum comes in handy if you want a cleaning solution that affords easy maintenance. Although its HEPA filter is not washable, you can easily get a new one and replace it. Moreover, the HEPA filter is the only accessory that brings recurring costs, and that’s only once a year at the most.

Review of Simplicity s65 Vacuum

The Simplicity s65 Vacuum is a multipurpose home cordless cyclonic handheld/stick vacuum designed for cleaning carpets and hard floors. It is a portable yet powerful vacuum cleaner that cleans multiple surfaces with the same efficiency. Regardless of where the messes are located, the Simplicity s65 Vacuum is designed to tackle them without hassle. It easily and efficiently deep-cleans any surface, and there is no cord to trip or hold you back.

This vacuum cleaner does not require holding the trigger down as you vacuum, thus making cleaning simple. Furthermore, the featured HEPA Media filtration system is easy to maintain; changing it comes with no hassle or inconvenience. It gives you two speed options: high and low, which you can choose just by clicking a button. Thus, with only the push of a button, you can choose the right speed to tackle the mess you’re dealing with.

The S65 vacuum is versatile in that you can use it for multiple surfaces thanks to its diversified accessories. The hard floor/nozzle has headlights that light the way in the dark, helping you swivel and maneuver through messes quickly. Also, it features a crevice tool designed to help you easily clean edges such as window sills and baseboards. This crevice tool also makes cleaning tight places and hard-to-reach areas, among other places, easily.

Other tools that come with the package include a dusting brush and upholstery tool, each performing different functions. For instance, the dusting brush is perfect for dusting areas like your desks and shelves; it is also great for dusting cars. Meanwhile, the upholstery tool is great for removing crumbs embedded in your chair or couch – and without stress. Another feature that makes this vacuum cleaner stand out is its organized storage solution for keeping your vacuum tools in one spot.

Depending on the surface you use it for, the Simplicity s65 vacuum can run for as long as twenty-five minutes. The run time also depends on how old the vacuum cleaner is, the charge level, and the speed you are using. While it can also remove hair from surfaces, the vacuum cleaner may experience some tangles. Simplicity s65 is a budget-friendly stick vacuum that provides solid cleaning performance and simple usability.

Comparison Chart: Simplicity s65 Vacuum vs. Wyze Cordless Vacuum vs. Jashen V16 vs. Shark Rocket Pet Pro


Simplicity s65

Wyze Cordless Vacuum

Jashen V16

Shark Rocket Pet Pro






Product Weight

6 pounds

2.86 pounds

5.5 pounds

7.17 pounds

Filter Type

HEPA Media




Vacuum Form

Stick, Handheld

Stick, Handheld



Surface Recommendation

Multi-Surface, Carpet, Hardwood, Bare Floor

Carpet, Upholstery, Hard Floor

Multi-Surface, carpet, hard floor

Carpet, hard floor, upholstery, car

Power Source





Run Time

25 minutes

1 hour 40 minutes

40 minutes

40 minutes


Questions about Simplicity s65 Vacuum

What is Simplicity s65 Vacuum good for?

Simplicity s65 Vacuum is excellent for cleaning all categories of dirt, dust, and debris. That includes small dust particles and larger debris; you can conveniently scoop up dirt from any surface in your room. Most people prefer handheld vacuum cleaners like Simplicity s65 because of their ease of use. Simplicity s65 is handy for tackling difficult or uneven terrain like stairs or the inside of your car.

Do you need the Simplicity s65 Vacuum Cleaner?

If you want to clean your room more conveniently, you may want to consider getting this high-performing vacuum cleaner. Also, if you don’t have a large space or budget for a larger vacuum cleaner, Simplicity s65 is a more affordable, compact option. With Simplicity s65, you can get your cleaning done, including those idle corners where months-old dirt has gathered. Having this vacuum cleaner will eliminate that burdensome feeling you get when it is time to clean your space.

Can Simplicity s65 remove pet hair?

Simplicity s65 vacuum cleaner can efficiently and effortlessly remove pet hair from any surface. The vacuum cleaner has a pet tool designed to help you remove pet hair from your space. Thus, if you own a pet and constantly have to deal with hair on your sofa, Simplicity s65 may come in handy.

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