What Are the Best Simplicity Canister Vacuums? A 2022 Review

What Is Simplicity Canister Vacuum?

A Simplicity Canister Vacuum is one that has a wheeled body attached to a power head and vacuum wand. They are attached through a flexible plastic hose, the canister portion containing the man motor, filter, and dust bags. As a result, the Simplicity Canister Vacuum feels much lighter to use, and one only needs to move the power head and wand when cleaning. Furthermore, the Simplicity Canister Vacuum wheels smoothly drag the vacuum cleaner from room to room.

The Simplicity Canister Vacuum models can come as wet-dry or dry canister vacuums; they are used for different surfaces. The wet-dry canister vacuum cleans up wet spills like water or oily residue and dry spills like other debris. On the other hand, the dry canister vacuum can only clan dust and dirt floors in soft floor areas.

Why Choose a Simplicity Canister Vacuum?

The Simplicity Canister Vacuum has a flexible hose and long cleaning wand that helps you reach under furniture easily. Its featured wheels help you move it from place to place efficiently and without putting a strain on your back. Thanks to its lighter weight, the Simplicity Canister Vacuum is easy to carry. The suction and flow rate are also better than in Simplicity upright vacuums, which means faster and easier cleaning.

If you don’t like loud vacuums, this Simplicity Canister Vacuum is a great option. It is much quieter than other types of vacuums, making them very useful in quiet environments like hospitals. Furthermore, there are extensive tool options for the Simplicity Canister Vacuum to help you clean surfaces effortlessly. Thanks to its evenly-distributed motor, the Simplicity Canister Vacuum has a larger motor, meaning it can support a large filter.

 Simplicity Canister Vacuums Compared

Simplicity Canister Vacuums Model Comparison



Simplicity Brio Canister Vacuum

Simplicity Jill Canister Vacuum

Simplicity S100 Portable Canister Vacuum

Product Weight

14 pounds

9 pounds

5 pounds





Cord Length

40 feet

18.5 ft.

25 ft.


HEPA Media

HEPA Media


Floor Type Covered

Area Rugs, Hard Floor, Multi-Surface, Carpet

Bare Floor, Hardwood, Multi-Surface, Area Rugs, Carpet

Multi-Surface, Hardwood, Bare Floor

LED Headlight




Other Features

Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Bare Floor Nozzle

Lightweight, Portable, Dustin Brush, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool

Lightweight, Portable, Bare Floor Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool

Review of Simplicity Brio Canister Vacuum


Pros and Cons

The Simplicity Brio Canister Vacuum is a strong, stainless steel canister vacuum with a durable, brilliant exterior. It has a large-capacity disposable dirt bag of up to two gallons to ensure longer and non-stop cleaning. When the bag is full, you can simply toss the bag away; the poof-proof feature ensures there aren’t dust storms. However, the Brio canister vacuum is the bulkiest on this list, weighing 14lbs, meaning “carrying” it may not be as convenient.

Nevertheless, it makes up for the bulkiness with its two large 4.5 wheels and one swivel caster. With these, you can easily maneuver the vacuum and roll it smoothly around furniture and corners. In addition, the vacuum is sneaky quiet, sneaking up on every speck of dirt and sucking it up.

Key Features of Simplicity Brio Canister Vacuum

  • A brilliant Brio canister body with dual aluminum wands; you can use one or both with hose;
  • Dusting brush tool that comes in handy for vacuuming furniture,
  • It features a multi-floor tool with adjustable brushes for cleaning different types of surfaces and a crevice tool for narrow spaces,
  • Large-capacity filter bag – up to two gallons with a filter set and 7ft heavy-duty flexible hose.

Benefits of Simplicity Brio Canister Vacuum

The Simplicity Brio Canister Vacuum ensures you win the war on dirt in your home. With its durable, large-capacity canister and shiny exterior, there’s an impressive profile when you clean. The two-gallon bag and dual filtration features ensure you can clean a long time with the dust captured in the vacuum. This canister vacuum cleaner comes with a multi-floor tool, two aluminum 24” wands, and several other tools to help you clean.

Cleaning Performance

The Simplicity Brio Canister Vacuum is a portable, quiet home and shops indoor vacuum for dry messes and cleaning multiple surfaces. With the featured Can of Steel, you can transition from hardwood to area rugs, rescuing yourself from everyday messes. It has a super-capacity, quiet operation, and suction that ensures you have a smooth and satisfactory cleaning time. Its 40ft extra-long, strong hose reaches tall ceilings with one bound, with the 4.5” swivel canister going the distance.

It is a multi-tasking cleaner for the home, basement, and garage, with versatile tools to break through cleaning barriers. Weighing only fourteen pounds, this vacuum has a powerful suction that ensures all debris and mess is efficiently sucked up. In addition, the large-capacity bag and mirrored finish make sneaking up on messes relatively easy.

Review of Simplicity Jill Canister Vacuum


Pros and Cons

The Simplicity Jill Canister Vacuum is super easy to move around with its convenient handle and large rubber wheels. It has onboard storage where you can store the attachments and keep them from getting lost. It has an automatic cord rewind where it retracts and stores its cord when you push a button. There’s an indicator to tell you when the bag is full, and you need to change it.

However, finding the dirt bag that fits the vacuum is pretty hard, according to people who have used it. You’d have to go directly to the manufacturer to get a replacement for the dust bag, which doesn’t always yield positive results. Nevertheless, the vacuum has powerful suction, is lightweight, and makes for easy storage.

Key Features of Simplicity Jill Canister Vacuum

  • A long and flexible hose to effortlessly suck up dirt and debris,
  • An extendable aluminum wand,
  • A tool clip, adjustable floor tool, and dusting brush,
  • It features an upholstery tool for cleaning heights and a crevice tool for accessing debris in narrow spaces,
  • It has a genuine HEPA filter media and a secondary filter,
  • It has a HEPA media dust bag that you can replace once it is full.

Benefits of Simplicity Jill Canister Vacuum

The Simplicity Jill Canister Vacuum has a HEPA media bag and filters with a special floor tool for cleaning area rugs and bare floors. It is a spunky, lightweight, portable canister vacuum featuring handy tools you can mount on the metal wand. These tools are perfect for cleaning nooks, blinds, and whatever is above the floor level. In addition, its dual-certified HEPA filtration media ensures that every dust, dander, and particle is captured, keeping your entire household safe and healthy.

In the Jill Canister Vacuum is a full-bag indicator that tells you when the dust bag is ready for replacement. There’s also a metal wand that can extend up to ten feet to ensure you have a smooth vacuuming session.

Cleaning Performance

The Simplicity Jill Canister Vacuum is a great vacuum cleaner for rugs and hard floors and efficiently eliminating pet hair. It is a versatile, lightweight nine-pound canister vacuum that is easy to wheel or carry, making it excellent for cleaning stairs. Its powerful suction includes 1,200 watts and 200 volts, making it a vacuum cleaner that packs a mighty punch. In addition, its adjustable suction switch situated on the extendable wand makes for convenient usage.

The Simplicity Jill Canister Vacuum has a slow-down button for slowing it down when you need to resolve a variety of dusty messes. In addition, its dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool are great for edge cleaning.

Review of Simplicity S100 Portable Canister Vacuum


Pros and Cons

The Simplicity S100 Portable Canister Vacuum is a versatile canister vacuum cleaner that gets many jobs done around the house. For example, it is excellent for cleaning the car staircase; the canister vacuum is lightweight with a great strap. Its upholstery tool helps you eliminate elevated debris, like the cobweb at corners of your ceiling, window sills, and vent covers. It is a great vacuuming machine to buy if you need to get odd cleaning jobs around the house done.

Key Features of Simplicity S100 Portable Canister Vacuum

  • It features dual wands and an adjustable multi-floor tool for cleaning multiple surfaces, including hardwoods and bare floors,
  • Its long and flexible hose ensures dirt and debris at long distances are efficiently dealt with,
  • It has an upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush to reach every corner of the house,
  • There’s also a carry strap, an angle adapter, and a micro tool set, making for convenient and satisfactory vacuuming.

Benefits of Simplicity S100 Portable Canister Vacuum

The Simplicity S100 Portable Canister Vacuum features an odor-absorbing charcoal filter with a shoulder strap and a twin-ply electrostatic bag. The regular-sized tools, including the two wands and floor tools, make cleaning bare floors, cars, and stairs easy. In addition, it is a versatile vacuum cleaner with a handy micro tool kit for inflating air mattresses or balloons. Finally, with its flexible hose and other valuable tools, you can clear out dirt in your vehicle; it is easy to use.

Cleaning Performance

At only 4.5 pounds, the Simplicity S100 Portable Canister Vacuum is a lightweight tool with impressive cleaning capabilities. It is a compact canister vacuum you can take with you on your travels. It is recommended for cleaning bare floors like bamboo, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile, featuring a gentle nozzle and powerful, adjustable suction. In addition, its two wands allow extended reach, making tackling ceiling fans and heights simple and easy.


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