What Are Some of the Top-Rated Homasy Handheld Vacuums to Buy?

What Is Homasy Handheld Vacuum?

Homassy handheld vacuum is a high-performing, portable vacuum cleaner popular for its long battery life and great vacuuming power. It has a brush attachment of medium length, although the brush is a little stiff compared to other softer bristles. This stiffness makes cleaning take a little longer to clean the same dirt you’d easily clean with a soft bristle. The handheld vacuum is especially great if you want to clean light messes like dust and dirt in-between deeper cleans.

Nevertheless, the stiff bristle was designed for a reason; to clean dirt, soft bristles cannot. For instance, the tough bristle in the Homasy handheld vacuum is very effective in removing dirt or dried mud.

Why Choose Homasy Handheld Vacuum?

Homasy handheld vacuum is a highly efficient vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning flat areas and corners very easy. Furthermore, its portability is one of its defining qualities as it makes use in hard-to-reach places possible and very easy. Also, Homasy has great cleaning power; it can suck up difficult messes like oats and flour from furniture and carpet. Below are the top reasons why you may want to buy the Homasy handheld vacuum:

  • Ease of Use: The Homasy handheld vacuum is very portable, thus ensuring easy and convenient carriage when cleaning elevated places. There is no need to detach anything to reach corners; the vacuum is designed to clean hard-to-reach places effortlessly. It has a large crevice tool that enables it to enter crevices of the right size.
  • Remove Stubborn Dirt: The Homasy handheld vacuum performs better than many other handheld vacuums in eliminating stubborn dirt from surfaces. The vacuum cleaner can handle large dirt particles without stress, sucking up wheat from carpets if there is no attachment.
  • Long Battery Life: The Homasy handheld vacuum has a longer battery life than most other handheld vacuums. It lasts for more than twenty-five minutes on a full charge before you need to recharge it. That means you can use this vacuum for one cleaning session unless it takes more than thirty minutes.

Homasy Handheld Vacuums Compared


Homasy 8 kpa HM207A

Homasy Cyclonic Suction

Motor Power




8 kpa

6 kpa

Run Time

35 minutes

30 minutes

Nose Level







Homasy Handheld Vacuum 8kpa HM207A Review

Pros and Cons

The Homasy Handheld Vacuum HM207A is a cordless handheld vacuum, making it convenient to carry from one room to another. Furthermore, it has high-capacity li-ion batteries that let it run for a long time, up to thirty-five minutes, before quitting. It is versatile, easy to use and clean, fast, convenient, and powerful, and its cord-free feature eliminates wire entanglements. Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner adopts the latest generation of intelligent power management and fast-charge technologies.

However, the Homasy Handheld Vacuum HM207A is expensive and not a great option if you are tight on budget. Also, there is no information from the brand as to whether it is great for people with allergies or not.

Key Features of Homasy Handheld Vacuum HM207E

The Homasy Handheld Vacuum HM207A has a wide variety of features, including:

  • Powerful suction: It utilizes a 100W ultra-high power motor to suck out paper debris and pet hair from any surface. Its powerful suction enables it to reach unseen, hard-to-reach areas and particles hidden deep inside mattresses and sofas.
  • Long battery life: The Homasy Handheld Vacuum HM207A has about 4 2,200mAh li-ion batteries capacity that runs for up to thirty-five minutes before packing up. It arguably has the longest sucking time when it comes to handheld vacuums on the market.
  • Large-capacity dust cup: It has a large-capacity dust cup, 600ML large, to ensure deep cleaning of your living room, kitchen, and bedroom.
  • Durable HEPA Filter: Its efficient battery can cycle up to five hundred times, which typically translates to five years. This lifespan is longer than most handheld vacuums; it can save more energy than normal filters.
  • All-round cleaning: The Homasy Handheld Vacuum HM207A makes for efficient, all-around cleaning, featuring three attachments for different applications. You can use it for the corners of your car, wall, sofas, stairs, and hard-to-reach areas in your home.

Benefits of Homasy Handheld Vacuum HM207A (KB-9005)

The Homasy Handheld Vacuum HM207A is one of the brand’s best portable handheld vacuums and the longest-lasting handheld vacuums on the market. The best feature of the Homasy K-9005 Handheld Vacuum is its battery; it has a pretty impressive, long-lasting battery. This long battery life ensures you can complete one vacuuming session without needing to recharge, thus letting you finish cleaning quickly. Also, it is fairly easy and convenient to use and clean, with a large-enough dust cup to hold debris.

It makes for efficient and easy cleaning of your home environment, meaning you no longer have to worry about dead corners. Plus, it is a wet/dry vacuum, meaning it can also suck up liquid debris from any surface, including your car.

Cleaning Performance

The Homasy Handheld Vacuum HM207A has a powerful suction that provides satisfactory cleaning performance. Its 100W ultra-high power motor can suck up small and large debris from hard floors and car surfaces. Plus, its 600ML dust compartment can store a sizable quantity of dirt and debris without you needing to empty it amidst cleaning. This large-capacity dust cup makes it perfectly capable of deep-cleaning your kitchen, bedroom, living room, and anywhere else you need.

The most common use of the Homasy Handheld Vacuum HM207A is cleaning up light messes like dirt and dust. It comes with a brush attachment of medium length but on the stiff side. This stiffness makes the vacuum slightly disadvantaged because it takes a longer time to clean dirt. Nevertheless, the stiffer brush makes it more efficient in cleaning dried mud and dirt than vacuums with softer bristles.

More so, the Homasy Handheld Vacuum HM207A works excellently on flat surfaces, entering smoothly into the corners of shelves and window sills. Plus, this vacuum cleaner performs pretty well cleaning large particles like oats and wheat, although it may leave some fragments behind.

Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum Review

Pros and Cons

The Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum is one of the best hand vacuums on the market of cordless vacuums. It is a powerful vacuum cleaner that will tackle problematic pet hair on your carpet as well as debris in your car. It has powerful suction with the exceptional build quality and impressive battery life, among a blockbuster of features. It also comes with a removable and washable filter that removes recurring costs and makes for easy use and reuse.

The Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum is lightweight, making it easy to use at home and in the car. It charges fast, lasts long, and comes with additional accessories in the package. It is excellent for wet and dry spills and does not make noise when working. The only downside to this product is that there is no information on the quality of its filtration system.

Key Features of Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum

One of the outstanding features of the Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum is its exceptional build quality. Although not necessarily a key factor to note, design aesthetics does give it a point. The Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum has an elegant and innovative overall design, a comfortable handle, and a large dust collection chamber. Below are the top features of the Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum:

  • Deep Cleaning: The Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum has a powerful suction that helps it deep-clean any surface it is used on. It has enough suction power to deal with everyday debris and dirt, spills, and embedded pet hair.
  • Cutting-Edge Circuitry: The Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum features cutting-edge battery technology and advanced circuitry, making it a premium home appliance. The battery lasts as long as thirty minutes and charges fast; it lasts longer than most handheld vacuums on the market.
  • Quiet: The Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum works quietly despite its powerful cleaning performance, making it suitable for all-day cleaning. That means even if you vacuum your floors in the middle of the night, you will not wake up your family.
  • Versatility: The Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum comes with three attachments that make it suitable for cleaning multiple surfaces, including computer keyboards. It also comes with a crevice tool that allows you to reach beneath and around furniture easily.

Benefits of Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum

Homasy does not give any information about the filtration quality of the vacuum, so there’s no way to know its performance with allergies. Nevertheless, we know that the Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum is great for freshening the air in the home. However, when it comes to sucking up embedded dirt in sofas and car rugs, among other places, this vacuum cleaner works excellently. It delivers the right immensity of power needed to remove stubborn dirt and debris from just about any surface.

Furthermore, its large dust chamber means you can give your car and home a decent clean without emptying it. For the price at which the Homasy Handheld Cyclonic Suction Vacuum comes, it is a pretty good vacuum cleaner to buy.

Video of Homasy Handheld Vacuum Review

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