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What is Banks Vacuum Novi (Oreck Elevate Control Power Team Bundle)

When it comes to shopping for vacuums, Bank’s Vacuum is a retailer that you can blindly trust. Serving the country’s cleaning needs since 1956, Bank’s Vacuum has established itself as a pioneer in vacuum retail. 

Bank’s Vacuum opened their store in Novi, Michigan in 1992. Since then, residents of the city, and other adjoining areas such as Lyon Charter, Walled Lake, and Salem, have access to the opportunity of choosing between top brands: Bissell, Shark, and Miele, et cetera. 

What makes Banks Vacuum Novi an exciting reality is because the Bank’s Vacuum retail branch in Novi offers superior customer service and a thorough experience for their lucky customers. 

At the Banks Vacuum Novi store, you will have access to the following luxuries that no other vacuum retailer offers:

  • Everything related to your chosen vacuum will be explained in detail. 
  • Assembly and transportation facilities. 
  • Free annual inspections and belt and filter installation. 
  • Free minor repairs. 

And, many more services that have been mastered by the enormous retailer. 

In this reading, we will review one exceptionally effective vacuum from the Bank’s Vacuum inventory. But first, here is a picture of how the Banks Vacuum Novi store looks like after it was renovated in 2011. 

Pros and Cons 

Out of 117 reviews, the Banks Vacuum Novi branch received a whopping 4.8 stars on Google Reviews. The Branch is known for its excellent customer service; whether you are in for buying a vacuum, getting your vacuum serviced, or looking for parts and accessories for your cleaning machine, you will definitely be delighted with the experience. 

Vacuum experts over at Banks Vacuum Novi, Lance and Jimmy, have received abundant praise for their vacuuming expertise and incredible advice. 

There is hardly anything wrong with the operations of Bank’s Vacuum in Novi. 

Apart from the store, our chosen vacuum for this review, the Oreck Elevate Control Power Team Bundle, found on the Bank’s Vacuum store, is an aesthetic and innovative option. 

For a discounted price of $409.99, you will acquire an extremely lightweight vacuum, which weighs less than 9 lbs; less than half the weight of other vacuums in its class. Moreover, the vacuum’s exceptional performance allows it to perform efficiently on low and medium pile carpets, and anywhere above the floor, including furniture and curtains. 

The low-profile design also allows comfortable and effortless handling through tight areas, especially in between furniture sets. With 5 bright LED headlights, you will hardly miss any dust patch underneath your sofa set or bed. 

But, the vacuum comes with only one speed setting, which hampers its ability to effectively perform on a multitude of surfaces, including high-pile carpets. Despite its handsome price, the vacuum does not include the basic feature of swivel handling. 

Albeit, the vacuum is a no-brainer option if you are looking for an aesthetic and reliable vacuum which is easy to handle. 





Elevate Control Power 




Less than 9 lbs. 

Key Features 

SaniSeal Select Filtration Technology that 99.9% dust and allergens from escaping, a low-profile design that helps in handling, 5 LED headlights, 30 ft. cord length, Oreck Ultimate Handheld Canister for specialized cleaning, and a self-propelled feel 

Cord Length 

30 ft. 

Cleaning Path 


Who Should Buy Banks Vacuum Novi (Oreck Elevate Control Power Team Bundle) 

Ideally, the Oreck can be bought by anyone given its fair price which can be considered to be affordable for the majority. Apart from affordability, the vacuum provides an impressive hygienic experience, which will particularly attract cautious users. 

Since the vacuum is one of the most lightest upright vacuums on the market, weighing in at less than 9 pounds, it can easily be handled by people of all ages, including the elderly and young children as well. Its low-profile design, LED headlights, and a lengthy cord length of 30-foot, further aids in its practicality. 

The Oreck Elevate is all about convenience, given its extra-large capacity, enabling the vacuum to hold 4X more than a conventional bagless vacuum. 

The innovative vacuum can also be converted to a handheld canister vacuum, a feature which is ideal for car owners as they can easily carry the handheld version into their car and clean it. 

However, since this is a corded vacuum, it should not be bought by those who live in larger spaces and prefer having a vacuum that cleans the household in one go. 

Review of Banks Vacuum Novi (Oreck Elevate Control Power Team Bundle) 

At Banks Vacuum Novi, you can easily purchase the famous and successful Oreck Elevate Control. The outstanding customer experience, while you purchase your Oreck Elevate, will consist of Bank’s Vacuum’s specialists giving you free and experienced advice, the free offer of helping you assemble your Oreck, and carrying it to your car. 

Your experience will be sublime, if you do not believe us, feel free to look at the branch’s reviews yourself. 

Now, coming to the vacuum, the Oreck Elevate Control has an aesthetic design with a mature-looking black color. The vacuum is known for delivering powerful performance that is enough to easily take care of low and medium pile carpets and furniture. 

All that performance and vacuuming is turned into a hygienic and clean experience with the help of Oreck’s groundbreaking patented filtration system: SaniSeal SELECT Allergen Filtration. 

When it comes to practicality, the Oreck Elevate offers the ability to transform into the Oreck Ultimate Handheld Canister, which allows you to carry out concentrated (portable) vacuuming in the dark depths of your car and closet, as well as the ceiling. Next, the lightweight, less than 9 pounds, design and low-profile allows you to easily weave the vacuum through difficult and tight spaces. Finally, with 5 LED headlights, a 30 ft. cord length, and a self-propelled feel, you will never miss a single patch of dust, in the meanwhile, you will significantly boost your vacuum handling skills. 

Since you will make your purchase through Banks Vacuum Novi branch, there is no need to worry about after-sale services because you will be easily advised on them, and provided; you get a 3-year warranty with the vacuum. 

At $409.99, you are getting an all-rounder vacuum that will surely get the job done, will last you for a long time, and has the backing of a well-established and trusted brand. 

Buy it here 


Comparison Chart: Banks Vacuum Novi Oreck Vs. CleanMax Zoom ZM-500 Vs. Bissell Upright 

In this comparison chart, all vacuums are available on theBank’s Vacuum website and physical locations. 






Elevate Control 

Zoom ZM-500







Less than 9 lbs. 

9 lbs. 

20 lbs. 

Key Features 

SaniSeal Select Filtration Technology that 99.9% dust and allergens from escaping, a low-profile design that helps in handling, 5 LED headlights, 30 ft. cord length, Oreck Ultimate Handheld Canister for specialized cleaning, and a self-propelled feel

5.5 amp motor, 2 speed settings, rubber squeegee, effective fan for air flow, automatic height adjustment, front and side edge cleaning, and non-marking wheels 

1000-watt dual motor, suitable for all floor and carpet types, 46 ft. long power cord, 14 or 18-inch cleaning path, relatively bigger rear wheels for convenient transportation, high efficiency filtration 

Cord Length 

30 ft. 

30 ft. 

46 ft. 

Although the Bissell has a slightly higher price, it has a conventional approach toward vacuuming with more focus on power and less weightage given to handling and agility as the upright vacuum weighs 20 lbs. The Oreck substantially wins the handling competition due to its lightweight, less than 9 lbs, and low-profile design. In terms of hygiene, Oreck’s SaniSeal SELECT filtration technology also takes precedence. 

Buy the CleanMax here 

Buy the Bissell here 

Questions About Banks Vacuum Novi

  1. What are store timings? 

Monday to Friday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Saturday: 10 AM to 5 PM 

Sunday: Closed 

  1. What is the store’s exact address? 

43015 Grand River Ave 

Novi MI 48375 

  1. Can I expect all models to be available in the Novi branch?

Usually, the branch keeps all prevalent models of every notable brand. However, if your specific vacuum choice is missing, you can easily request the branch to deliver it for you from another branch. 

Video of Banks Vacuum Novi Vacuum Cleaner Review: 

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