Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hard floor washer Specifications and review

Conventional vacuum cleaners are still popular these days, but the true rising stars are those wet and dry vacuums that are more flexible and have greater application and functionality. Yes, regular and traditional vacuums are great partners when dealing with dust, dirt, crumbs, pet hairs, debris, and other dry stuff; however, when things get messy, they are not the greatest equipment for it. And this is where wet and dry vacuums truly shine; they do not only suck and get rid of dry dirt but also messes that involve liquid and sticky spills, or in short, damp dirt. This fact about them, when combined with other features like being cordless, makes them ideal cleaning equipment, especially if you are cleaning not only your home but also your workshop and other outside areas. And so far, one of the best vacuum cleaners of this kind is Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hard floor washer.

What is Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hard floor washer?

Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hardwood washer is one of the most popular wet dry vacuum cleaners from Tineco. It is a vacuum cleaner that has a great following, and despite having more advanced counterparts in the same line, many still chose it due to its budget-friendliness and reliable features. Being a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, this cleaning equipment can address and clean both dry and wet messes. It can pick up debris on both carpet and bare floors like a conventional vacuum cleaner, but it can also be used to wash hard floors. This versatility and convenience of the Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hard floor washer make it a great choice.  

Design and Features

In terms of design, the Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hardwood washer would come as great. It is well-designed and aesthetically pleasing - the colors white and gray give an elegant finish to it. Aside from this, its cordless build makes it more movable. It is also lightweight at 6.5 lbs., which makes it very maneuverable; users can even carry it up and down the stairs. Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hardwood washer is also equipped with lots of features, including the following:

  • Dual tank technology
  • Self-cleaning capability
  • Cordless convenience
  • Spot Mode
  • 22-minute runtime
  • Solution Trigger


  • Vacuuming
  • Washing

Pros & Cons


  • Cordless and lightweight, which makes for greater maneuverability
  • The mop effectively cleans messy spills
  • Has a self-cleaning system that keeps the brush and roller clean and odor-free
  • A good run time of 22 minutes
  • The 2-tank system ensures that users are cleaning using clean water
  • Has a spot mode that increases roller speed and suction to get rid of sticky spills
  • Great for small areas
  • Comes with a cleaning solution, charger adaptor, self-cleaning storage tray, and a 3-in-1 cleaning tool



  • Has a quite noisier operation compared to the others
  • Does not have a HEPA filter, so it is not that great for those with asthma and allergies
  • Does not have an auto mode, display screen, LCD animations, iLoop smart sensor, smart app connection, and edge cleaning




Net weight

6.5 lbs.


22 minutes

Charging time

3-4 hours

Lithium Battery

2500 mAh 21.6V (6-Cell)

Rated Power

120 Watts

Suction Power

8.6 W

Operation noise

<82dB (A)

Clean Water Tank capacity

0.55 L

Dirt Water Tank Capacity

0.4 L

Water Flow

Normal Mode: 40 ml/min
Spot Mode: 220 ml/min

Docking Station

Self0Cleaning Storage Tray



iLoop Smart Sensor


Empty Clean Water Alarm


Full Dirt Water Alarm


Blocked Brushroll Alarm


Auto-Control Suction and Water Flow


HEPA filter


Auto Mode


Suction Only Mode


Display Screen


LCD animation


Voice Prompts


Smart App Connection


Edge Cleaning


3-in-1 Cleaning Tool


Cleaning Solution Included


Charger Adaptor


Extra Brushroll


Who should buy Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hardwood washer?

If you frequently deal not only with dirt, dust, and crumbs but also with wet dirt and sticky messes, then a wet dry vacuum cleaner like Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hardwood washer is perfect for you. Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hardwood washer is a budget-friendly model of wet dry vacuum cleaner which trades for around $169. This price is very rational. Not many wet and dry vacuum cleaners trade for this kind of price on top of having great and reliable features. Given this, Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hard floor washer is very fit for those who want a wet and dry vacuum cleaner without forking too much.

However, users must consider the run time of only 22 minutes. If this will be part of the equation, then this wet dry vacuum cleaner is great for those with small rooms or users who intend it to be used in smaller areas. If the buyer has a large room, then the duration may not be enough. Furthermore, people should buy this product if they want a vacuum cleaner for their sealed floor. Yes, Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hard floor washer can be used on all kinds of hard surfaces but is more appropriate and highly recommended on sealed bare floors like laminate, linoleum, glazed ceramics, hardwood marble, sealed wood floor, and more.

People should also buy this if they are satisfied with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner without a HEPA filter which is a great help for home with people who has asthma and allergies. It is not that too advanced either, as it is devoid of alarms, auto mode, suction-only mode, and other features commonly seen in others. The noise level is in noisier part as well so people should buy this if they are willing to deal with it.

Review of Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hard floor washer:

Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hard floor washer is a versatile wet dry vacuum cleaner that can be used for many surfaces. It has a good suction, two separate tanks, a gentle-spinning brushroll, a self-cleaning capability, and many more. Though it has a mall tank, it functions well when it comes to removing stains. It also has a good performance for quick dry cleanups though the same performance cannot be compared to full-size dry vacuum cleaners that are made with that specific intention and function.

To better grasp the performance of the Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hardwood washer, here are some of the reviews from its users:

  • “This is my first time leaving a review for a product I purchase, and the reason for this is that I love this wet dry vacuum cleaner. Cleaning hardwood floors have never been so easy; they become clean just by running a wet jet over them. I literally fell in love with this the first time I turned it on.”
  • “I cannot ask for a better and budget-friendly wet dry vacuum cleaner. I bought this Tineco iFloor since I need to change the last Hoover FloorMate Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, and my decision could not have been better. The performance is simply awesome. Its performance is good; it doesn’t clean the spots as well as my previous vacuum cleaner; nonetheless, I was happy about it.
  • “I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. I had wanted this kind of vacuum cleaner that can deal with both dry and wet stuff, but I was not able to since they are too expensive, in my opinion. But I can only endure so much, and in the end, I also gave in and bought this. I decided to have it due to the reviews, and it was actually fantastic. It is lightweight, easy to use, and has a good performance. I get a water streak left on the floor though sometimes, but it is okay than not mopping at all.”

Comparison Chart: Tineco iFloor vs. Bissell Crosswave


Tineco iFloor

Bissell Crosswave Max

Roborock Dyad


6.5 lbs.

11.5 lbs.

11.02 lbs.


Hard Floor, Sealed Floors

Hard Floor, Carpet

Hard surface floors

Noise Level

82 DB

70 DB

78 DB


22 Minutes

30 minutes

35 minutes

Charge Time

4 Hours

4 Hours

4 Hours


0.4 L Dirt Tank Capacity

0.55 L Clean Tank Capacity

0.55 L Dirt Tank Capacity

0.8 L Clean Tank Capacity

0.62 L Dirt Tank Capacity

0.85 L Clean Tank Capacity





Two-tank Technology





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I use bleach in the machine to clean floors?

Answer: It is up to the user, but it is not recommended as it could damage the machine.

  1. Does this product have a warranty?

Answer: Yes, Tinoco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hard floor washer have a warranty of 2 years.

  1. Can I use this vacuum cleaner on my vinyl and tiled floor?

Answer: Yes, aside from being great for sealed floors, Tinoco iFloor can also be used on vinyl and tiled floors.

  1. Can I use a third-party cleaning solution besides the one that comes with it?

Answer: Users can use third-party cleaning solutions, but they should know that it is not recommended as the washer is designed to be used with the Tineco Cleaning solution that comes with it. The reason for this is that third-party washers can cause too many bubbles when used, and this overabundance of bubbles can immediately fill the dirty water tank.

Video of Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum and hard floor washer Review:

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