Sirena Vacuum vs Rainbow: The 2022 Definitive Comparison

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner and the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner are some of the most popular vacuums. Rather than relying on traditional vacuums that fail, water filtration vacuums like these models keep the dirt trapped within the water by forcing the vacuum air into a water reservoir and preventing it from being gusted back into the air.

This is an important feature for individuals who suffer from allergies and are looking for hypoallergenic alternatives for their vacuum cleaners that can eradicate allergens and dust mites from home without blowing them back out.

In this post, we will be comparing the top bagless vacuums available in the market. This Sirena vs. Rainbow E2 Black model will compare the specs, performance, prices, pros & cons, and ultimately decide which is best in 2022.

Sirena Vacuum vs Rainbow: Which is Better?

The Sirena Vacuum Cleaner is engineered and designed by a Canadian total home cleaning company. This model employs a water-based filtration technology that also prevents clogging as you vacuum. You’ll have a 100% deep and thorough cleaning without compromising the airflow. This will allow you to clean your home chemical-free.

It also comes with multiple nozzles and attachment heads designed to polish various surfaces in your home, including rugs, upholstery, carpets, and more!

Like the Sirena model, the Rainbow E2 also offers high-quality water filtration technology with hypoallergenic benefits. This model can clean different surfaces and comes with simplified components, unlike its predecessors. This modern look no longer comes with a curved wand, which is extremely hard to reach in the nooks.

Another important difference between the Sirena vs. Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner is that the Rainbow model now features only one hose for wet and dry cleaning compared to the Sirena model, which still uses two hoses.

We may have mentioned it in the previous section, but both systems employ HEPA filtration technology to purify the air.

Now, let’s see how the Sirena vs. Rainbow vacuum cleaner compares to performance!

Sirena Vacuum vs Rainbow: Specs and Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Comparison Points

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner



 Rainbow E2 Black Vacuum






20 x 20 x 12 in

15.5 x 11.8 x 15.8 in

Cord length

21 ft

25 ft

Hose Length

6.25 ft

8 ft

Suction power

63.556 CFM

70 CFM

Volts / Watts

1200 Watts

1150 Watts

Water lift

86.3 in/ minute

80 in/ minute

Noise Level

70 DB

            68 dB


HEPA 12 Filter Cartridge

True H13 class HEPA


10 years

5 years

Specs & Features

When it comes to features, both models offer virtually the same components. However, the Rainbow vacuum offers more additional parts as compared to the Rainbow model. Here’s a list of the included components for each model:

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner


●       Two hoses: Wet and Dry

●       Crevice Tool

●       Inflation Tool

●       Power Nuzzle

●       Floor Brush

●       Dusting Brush

●       Upholstery Brush

Rainbow E2 Black Vacuum


●       1 Hose: Wet/Dry

●       Crevice Tool

●       Inflator Tool

●       Upholstery Tool

●       Dusting Brush

●       Floor and Wall Brush

●       Pet Grooming Tool

●       Wet pickup/Extractor Head

●       Attachment Caddy

●       Stainless Steel Wands


The Rainbow E2 Black model to say in short is EXPENSIVE. It ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 and was the ultimate reason for buyers to find alternatives that are much more affordable. On the other hand, the Sirena model is not too bad. It just costs under $1,000; it isn’t cheap but it’s two to three times more affordable than the Rainbow model.

Pros & Cons

Sirena Vacuum: Pros

●       Affordable, costs just under $1,000

●       Employs hypoallergenic technology

●       Features a curved wand which allows for easy cleaning

●       Offers a powerful vacuum that suits carpets, rugs, and other surfaces

●       The components are durable and last long

●       Offers a longer warranty of 10 years compared to most brands on the market

Sirena Vacuum: Cons

●       Complicated design and components

●       Some customers say they had difficulty figuring out the instructions

Rainbow Vacuum: Pros

●       Also offers hypoallergenic technology

●       Features a powerful vacuum that can be used on a variety of surfaces

●       Doesn’t clog and the suctions remain consistent for a long time

●       Components are long-lasting

●       Easy to install




Rainbow Vacuum: Cons

●       Expensive costs almost $1,500 or three times the price of a standard vacuum

●       Has a bulky and heavy design

●       You have the option to upgrade the system, but it just means more money to spend

Sirena Vacuum vs Rainbow: Design

The Sirena model features a diagonal design that allows you to see more of its water basin when used. But it makes it difficult to use since it needs to be laid down when taking off the basin.

On the other hand, the Rainbow unit is a lot easier to use since it features a flat design. Unlike the Sirena vacuum, which has an upright design, you won't have to lay it down when you take off the water basin. This makes it easier for you to take out the basin, and the power is also easy to see, so you'll know whether it is running or not.

The Rainbow E2 wins this category.

Sirena Vacuum vs Rainbow: Cleaning Power

Both the Sirena and the Rainbow vacuums use vibration and suction to clean surfaces. Both vacuums are efficient in getting rid of the dirt, which other vacuums don't offer. Both systems also gave cleaning attachments that do not only look identical but also work in a similar manner. And both systems use Hepa filtration technology which offers hypoallergenic benefits.

The one thing that made Sirena stand out in comparison to Rainbow is that it came with a larger water reservoir that allows for a more powerful cleaner.

So while their cleaning attachments are practically the same, the fact that the Sirena model offers more extensive purification, the Sirena model clearly wins this round.

Sirena Vacuum vs Rainbow: Installation & Performance

The Sirena vacuum is super easy to install. It comes with a picture in the box with complete instructions. Since it has fewer parts than the Rainbow model, it's pretty clear how to set up the components since the design is pretty straightforward.

The Rainbow model is also easy to install. You just have to get all the components out of the box, install the tube together, fill the water basin, and then click the tube in, and you're ready to vacuum.

When it comes to performance, the Sirena vacuum offers more cleaning power as it features a larger water reservoir – and double the size of the Rainbow model. Although you can get an upgrade with the latter, it just means more money for you to spend.

So, we think the Sirena vacuum wins this round.

Sirena Vacuum: Customer Reviews

The majority of the customers loved the Sirena vacuum cleaner.

One customer said they had the system for over 8 months, and the suction remained as powerful as ever. They were amazed by how much dust and dirt it picked up. They also loved how they could use it on almost any surface, like furniture, hardwood and floors, and car seats.

However, some customers did complain about the model. They said the cord is short, and the hose is not that flexible.

Rainbow Vacuum: Customer Reviews

Customers say the Rainbow vacuum is amazing. It cleans almost every filth in the corners and is a must-have if you have children and animals in your home. Its durability and functionality are worth the price.

The only setback is that it's more expensive than most brands. Customers did not like how they needed to take out more money for a larger water reservoir.

Sirena Vacuum vs Rainbow: Comparison Chart

Below we've summarized the overall performance comparison of the Sirena vs Rainbow Vacuum models.

Comparing the two vacuums, we can see that they offer the same benefits regarding function and durability. Both machines offer amazing performance and can transform your entire home into an allergen-free environment. However, although the Rainbow Model stood out with its design and features, the Sirena vacuum wins in pricing, cleaning power, installation, and performance.


Specs & Features





Installation & Performance






Sirena Vacuum vs Rainbow: Which Should You Choose?

The short answer is the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner. This model comes with a larger water reservoir, a less expensive price, and a longer warranty while featuring a curved wand. Although the Rainbow model also offers a larger water reservoir option, you will need to get additional money for the upgrade.

Moreover, unlike the Sirena Vacuum that offers discounts, you’ll have to get the Rainbow model three times the pricing of the Sirena Vacuum. When it comes to warranty Rainbow only lasts until 5 years, however, Sirena tops it off with a 10-year warranty on the bag.

Final Verdict

We have provided you with a comprehensive review of the Sirena vs Rainbow Vacuum models. Ultimately, we found out that the Sirena Vacuum offers far superior benefits to the Rainbow Model.

Although Rainbow E2 offers great features and better design than Sirena, it pales in comparison to pricing, cleaning power, and overall performance. However, the final decision rests on you. Whichever brand you choose, do your research and weigh your budget!

If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help! And as always, happy cleaning!

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