Simplicity Sport Vacuum: A Review of the Cheapest High-Performing Go-To Compact Vacuum in the Market

What is Simplicity Sport Vacuum?

Cleaning one's home regularly is difficult, but with the Simplicity Sport Vacuum, you can tidy up anywhere and whenever you want. It features a revolutionary compact and portable design. This vacuum is meant to offer users the most cleaning convenience possible. If standard-sized tools are just not enough, the Simplicity Sport Vacuum comes with a 7-piece micro mechanism accessory that comprises an adjustable suction control power cord, an innovative hose, and a repository of mini crevice equipment and brushes for cleaning keyboards and other small areas. A pipe comes with the 7-piece toolkit and can be connected to the blower port to inflate objects such as balloons and mattresses. It not only serves as a vacuum but also as a blower. The Simplicity Sport Vacuum also includes an odor-absorbing activated carbon filtration system, a pair ply electrostatic bag, a shoulder harness for convenience, and a 25' power cable, allowing users to move around one's room with speed and efficiency. This vacuum is specially designed for bare floors such as laminated floors, tiles, and hardwood floors, which are typically a concern for the user. Carrying a large vacuum cleaner from one room to another does not require much effort. This vacuum cleaner ought to be ideal for cleaning rooms upstairs, in the cellar, and anywhere needed.           

Pros and Cons of Simplicity Sport Vacuum


  • Compact Design
  • Aside from vacuuming it can also be used as a blower
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a 7-piece cleaning tools
  • Comes with an activated carbon to purify air.

Its portability is the most fascinating and sleek feature of the Simplicity Sport Vacuum. With a combined weight of only 2 kg, this vacuum is extremely compact and flexible to navigate all around the house. Users can carry it on their shoulders, freeing up both hands. It also comes with a 25-foot cable, allowing you to move freely while cleaning. It is also a small device you can transport in your car for travel purposes. It is inexpensive and on a budget for vacuum cleaner buyers while also providing innovative functions and pleasurable cleaning features with a lightweight body, charcoal filtration, and a blower part. This vacuum kit also comes with a 7-piece versatile cleaning tool. It includes a dusting brush with soft bristles, a crevice cleanup device, an organic brush, an adapter, and a steam cleaning brush. This handheld canister vacuum, which costs S100, has a charcoal filter that evokes odors and volatile organic substances. It also eliminates all unwelcome smoke, vapors, pet odor-causing germs, and any pollutants that make the air unhealthy and untidy to inhale.


  • High-Pitch sound of the vacuum
  • Not Recommended for heavy-duty cleaning

Consequently, the Simplicity Sport Vacuum has a high pitch when turned on. It is something that many people would not appreciate, especially if they turn to clean as a form of stress and anxiety relief. Users should not expect the machine to be used for heavy-duty chores because it is a go-to and lightweight vacuum. It works well for most cleaning problems, but it has some limitations.










Form factor



4.5 lbs.


700 watts


4.5 x 12 x 8 inches

Cord length

25 feet


Charcoal filters

Included tools

Upholstery tool, dusting brush, extendable wand

Cleaning reach

Up to 8 feet


1 Year

 Who should buy Simplicity Sport Vacuum?

Simplicity Sport Vacuum is extremely simple to carry around due to its compact size, shoulder strap, and long cord, making it a vacuum suitable for everyone. The Simplicity Sport also includes an odor-absorbing charcoal filter twin-ply electrostatic bag, which is ideal for people who are allergic to dust, termites, and other allergen particles in the home. Meanwhile, travelers who own cars should have a Simplicity Sport Vacuum because it is compact and can be used to clean window panes, car seats, and both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. The Simplicity Sport Vacuum is also recommended for computer gamers constantly on the go. Cleaning their keyboards and PC would never be a problem with this vacuum because there are micro brushes included in the kit. Finally, those with small or large homes should have a Simplicity Sport Vacuum because it can easily move along and clean the typical vacuuming needs of one person to another.

Review of Simplicity Sport Vacuum

If you want a low-cost hand-held vacuum cleaner that is portable and easy to use, consider the Simplicity-designed Canister Cleaner. All users agree that this vacuum cleaner outperformed their efficiency expectations on bare and carpeted floors. It helps clean the window blinds flawlessly, leaving no trace of dust.  It is a quick-action tool with strong suction that cleans up various messes. Despite its compact size, the powerful motor produces a lot of suction. This model of simple structure is not only lightweight but also has stunning features, making it a popular choice among vacuum cleaner buyers. The vacuum cleaner comes with a one-year limited warranty, which is reasonable given its price of just over $100.

In terms of cleaning and filtration, this vacuum is unrivaled. A vacuum filter is essential because it filters out dust and dirt, allowing easy disposal after vacuuming. Dust and dirt are immediately removed from the rug, and hard floors using this unit's odor-absorbing activated carbon filtration system and twin-ply electrostatic bag. You can easily dispose of the bag after it has become full of dust. This canister vacuum design has an air compressor port as a bonus. Connect the hose to a Simplicity Sport Vacuum exhaust, and the canister will begin blowing air out rather than sucking it in. With the aid of the air compressor port, things like blowing up air bedding and inflatable pool toys are becoming easier than it's ever been. It's also ideal for blowing leaves off your indoor veranda or patio.

Comparison Chart: Simplicity Sport Vacuum vs. BISSELL Quiet Clean Canister Vacuum vs. Oreck Super-Deluxe Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner vs. Dyson - Big Ball Canister Vacuum


Simplicity Sport Vacuum

BISSELL Quiet Clean Canister Vacuum

Oreck BB900-DGR XL Pro 5

Dyson - Big Ball Canister Vacuum






Vacuum Type






4.5 lbs.

24.20 lbs.

5 lbs.

17.6 lbs.


700 watts

1000 watts

480 watts

1400 watts


1 year

2 years

1 year

5 years

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Simplicity Sport Vacuum

  1. What are the bonus tools included in this vacuum?

The Simplicity Sport Vacuum comes with a set of mini tools, a dusting brush, an upholstery tool, a crevice tool, an adapter, and a hose. The Simplicity Sport is similar to a canister in that its hose connects to a wand and floor tool for tidying up bare floors and rugs. But there's one more feature that you won't find on most vacuums. By switching the hose from the intake to the exhaust side, your device becomes an instant blower. Though not as powerful as a lawn blower, it is useful for blowing leaves off a porch or window sill. Crafty individuals have discovered a way to connect the microdevice kit pieces to balloons or other inflatables.

  1. Why does my Simplicity Vacuum have damaged cord plugs or wires?

Even though Simplicity uses high-quality cords, users frequently report damaged cord plugs or wires resulting from improper handling. A few simple techniques can help one avoid this type of problem. Users can find detailed information on proper care techniques on Simplicity's blog on their website.

  1. Does Simplicity Sport Vacuum have HEPA?

The answer is yes. Simplicity's filtration systems are HEPA-compliant. HEPA is a shortened abbreviation for High-Efficiency Particulate Air; to be called a true HEPA filter or bag, it must first be evaluated and approved. According to the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology, a HEPA filter must capture 99.97% of particulates 0.3 microns or greater. What particles have a diameter of 0.3 microns or greater? Some bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens can be removed by HEPA filters and bags. These filters and bags are commonly found in homes and workplaces. Using HEPA bags and filters in everyday cleaning supplies helps improve air quality.

  1. How long can the Simplicity Sport Vacuum be extended?

With a 25-foot cord, the Simplicity Sport Vacuum is ideal for bare floors such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tiles, and even bamboo. Since its floor nozzle is powerful and adjustable, all you have to do is flip the switch on the nozzle. The nozzle will then be installed with bristles, which will aid in the removal of dirt, dust, and pet hairs embedded deep within your rugs. As a result, you can adjust the length of your surface weather floors, carpets, and mats for cleaning, leaving your home tidy.

  1. Can I use the Simplicity Sport Vacuum for heavy-duty cleaning?

Regrettably, no. Because of its small size, the Simplicity Sport Vacuum is unsuitable for heavy-duty cleaning. It is only intended to perform routine tasks and be easily transportable from one location to another. However, its suction capacity is greater than that of its counterpart compact canister from other brands, so it will serve its purpose as an efficient tool for reaching those points and places that are thinner and more difficult to clean, such as corners and edges.

Video of Simplicity Sport Vacuum Cleaner Review

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