Shark Vacuum Replacement Parts: Bags, Filter, Belt, Hose and Attachment Accessories

To improve the cleaning experience using Shark vacuum cleaners, the company provides a wide array of accessories, attachments, and other necessary tools. In this article, we will focus on parts and accessories you can use on different Shark vacuum cleaners. From Shark vacuum hose parts to batteries and belts, we will highlight all accessories there is to find. So, let’s get into it.

Shark vacuum parts filters

If you are looking for replacement filters, there are many from Shark. All are suitable for different vacuum models. For example, you can buy the:

Colorfullife Shark filters

This universal filter is ideal for numerous Shark vacuum cleaners such as Nv500, Nv552, Uv560, and others. It is made of robust material enabling it to capture large and small particles. It is washable and reusable meaning you can use it on a wide array of Shark vacuum cleaners.

Colorfullife LA322 Filters

Another filter you can buy is this model designed for the La322, La300, and La301. All vacuum cleaners are lift-away models. You also get two HEPA filters meaning you get a complete package. It is lightweight, washable and reusable.

Mop attachment

Mop attachments enable the vacuum cleaner to easily clean the surfaces at hand. This is through proper alignment and exerting the necessary pressure. Some of the attachments you can buy include:

Shark steam mop replacement

If you want to clean corners with ease, this triangle head attachment is what you need. You can also use it to clean hard to reach areas such as under the sink and toilet. Be sure to be using a Shark steam model, otherwise it will not work as intended. It is lightweight weighing 8.89 pounds.

Shark steam mop head

If you don’t want a triangle head, you can opt for the square model. Like the triangle model, it will enable you to clean hard to reach areas with ease.

Vacuum replacement parts

Since there are many moving parts in a Shark vacuum cleaner, they are susceptible to failure or breakage after a certain period of use. As such, you need to replace them when they start becoming faulty. For example, you can replace wheels of a robot vacuum, cleaning brushes, and more.

Here are a few replacement parts you can buy.

Shark extension wand

If you need a new wand for your Shark vacuum cleaner, you can opt for this model. It is compatible with model such as Nv356e, Nv358, Nv355, and Nv370, among others. It is 23 inches long so you can use it to clean high up places, combined with Shark vacuum hose parts.

Shark replacement wheels

If your Shark robotic vacuum cleaner wheels are faulty, you can buy this set of wheels. They are compatible with models such as Nv752, Hv320, and Nv650w, to mention but a few. They are made of high-quality PE material, ensuring they are quiet and wear-resistant.

Shark brush roll replacement kit

The brush roll is one of the most important components of a vacuum cleaner. It captures debris, pet hair, and other particles leaving you house clean. Luckily, you can buy this brush roll replacement kit compatible with Hv380, Hv380w, and Hv383, among others.

Shark cleaning pads

Cleaning pads enable you to mop bare floor and get rid of stubborn stains. There are many cleaning pads to choose from depending on the model of your shark vacuum cleaner. Let’s look at a few.

Shark steam mop pads

This microfiber-cleaning pad comes in a packet of three pieces. The microfiber material ensures it can clean stubborn stains as well as accidental spills with ease. It is compatible with models such as S3501, S3801Co, and others.

Shark steam cleaner pads pro

If you are looking for thorough cleaning, you can opt for this model. While coming in a tough material, it is washable and reusable. As such, you can use it for long periods before buying another set. It works perfect on stubborn stains, dirty marks, and water stains.

Shark mop cloths

Mop cloths, like mop pads, allow you to clean stubborn stains with ease. They are made of the same material but tend to be lighter. So of the mop cloths you can buy include:

Shark mop cloth fit

This set of four-mop cloth ensures your floor is free from stubborn stains, marks, and others. It is compatible with steam vacuum cleaners such as Sk410, Sk140, and S1000, among others. It is made of high-quality microfiber offering much-needed cleaning performance.

 Shark mop pads for steam pocket

If you have a steam pocket model, you can opt for this mop cloth. It comes in high-quality microfiber material, which is ideal for cleaning annoying stains. It is washable and reusable meaning you can use it for long before replacement.

Shark batteries

If you are using a cordless vacuum cleaner, then you need long-lasting batteries to keep your vacuum cleaner running. Here are some of the batteries you can buy for your Shark vacuum cleaner.

Hqrp battery

This battery is compatible with Shark models such as Sv116n, Sv1110n, and Xbt1106n, to mention but a few. It has a voltage of 10.8V and a capacity of 2000mAh. The best part is you get a 200 days warranty.

Hqrp ninja battery

This NiMH battery is compatible with models such as Svt5_n, Sv75c-n, and Sv75sp-n, among others. It has a voltage of 15.6V and a capacity of 1200mAah. Before buying this battery, ensure it is identical to that of the original make.

Shark belt replacement

As mentioned, there are many moving parts in a Shark vacuum cleaner. And most of this is facilitated by belts. As such, they are susceptible to wear and tear, requiring replacement quite often. This however depends on how you use the vacuum cleaner. Luckily, you can use many belts for replacement. Let’s look at a few of them.

Cgygp vacuum belt replacement

If you own a Shark navigator lift-away Pro, then this belt is ideal for you. It is compatible with models such as Nv357, Uv410, Nv356, and others. It is easy to install since all you need is to remove the broken belt and replace it with the new one. It is made of quality material; therefore, you can expect longevity with it.

Jedeleos replacement belts

This model is intended for the Shark professional lift-away upright vacuum cleaner. However, not all models are compatible. You can only use it on Nv500, Nv752, Nv501, Nv652, and Nv400. It is made of quality rubber ensuring you get nothing but stellar performance.

Lanmu vacuum replacement belts

Another option is the Lanmu series of replacement belts. Like others on the list, the belt is compatible with lift-away series of vacuum cleaners. Some compatible models are Nv505, Nv500w, and Nv500. As expected, it is made of quality rubber, ensuring improved suction power.

Shark replacement hoses

If you are looking for shark vacuum hose parts, here are some you can consider buying. Shark vacuum hose parts are meant to make vacuuming an easy activity. They also enable you to clean hard-to-reach areas. Let’s look at a few.

Think crucial hose handle replacement

If you own a shark rotator professional vacuum cleaner, this might be the perfect choice for you. Models such as Nv520, Nv505, Nv500 and others are compatible with this hose part. It is made of BPA-free plastic ensuring it does not compromise your health.

Oem Selgo replacement hose handle

Again, this part is compatible with several Shark rotator vacuums such as Nv520, Nv552, and Uv560. It is made of metal, steel, and PVC, ensuring you can use it for long periods. It is also lightweight adding no bulk. It is also flexible, affording you much needed maneuverability.

Shark HEPA filters

HEPA filters enable a vacuum cleaner to capture micro particles, allergens, and pollen. On Shark vacuum cleaners, several models come with HEPA filters. As such, they need replacement when their effectiveness reduces. Here are a few to choose from:

Shark Hepa replacement filter

This set of Hepa filters is intended for vacuum cleaners such as Uv440, Nv356e, and Nv360, among others. You also get four foams for improved cleaning.

Surpass Hepa filter replacement

If you have a Shark rotator pro, this pair of Hepa filter is the perfect choice for you. You also get two foam filters to capture large debris. It is made of eco-friendly material ensuring you get improved filtration.


How do you replace Shark vacuum hose parts?

Since the vacuum cleaners have a modular design, you only need to remove the broken part and replace it with the new ones.

How long should Shark filter be replaced?

Most Shark filters are washable and reusable. You should replace them at least once six months.

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