Sebo VS Miele Vacuums, which is better? (Sebo k3,d4 vs Miele c3,s8)

Sebo and Miele are German brands that have earned themselves a great reputation for their top-of-the-range vacuums. It is, therefore, an established fact that they are both good brands but which one is better? This is not in any way an easy question to answer which this article will try as much as possible to answer.

Sebo VS. Miele:  Specs and Features, Price, Pros & Cons

Sebo v Miele Specs and Features


A majority of canister and upright Sebo vacuums have an S-class hospital-grade filtration systems which traps 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. Clean air is then released which has the effect of increasing the life span of your vacuum. This is not the case with Miele vacuums. They are fitted with either Active AirClean or HEPA filter technology which is capable of removing 99.97% of pollutants from the air. This does not much up to the 99.99% that is offered by Sebo.

Tight Seals

Both Miele and Sebo vacuums come with tight seals as a standard to ensure that dirty air does not escape through the body of the machine.

Rubber Wheels and Soft Bumpers

They both also come with rubber wheels and soft bumpers to protect your furniture and walls from scratches.

Advanced Brush Roller Technology

Sebo vacuums have advanced brush roller technology which is designed to funnel hair and debris into the powerheads' airflow channel. They are also easily removable so that you can replace them, a case which cannot be said for Miele vacuums.

Suction Hose

In upright Sebo vacuums, the suction hose is integrated in the design. This feature is not present in Miele vacuums.

Dust Bag

The dust bag in the Sebo vacuums fills from the top. Meanwhile, most Miele vacuums are bagged but they do not have this feature.

Height Adjustment

Various Sebo models have automatic height adjustments for different carpet depths and surface coverings. The same cannot be said of Miele Vacuums.

Two Motor System

Miele is known for their two-motor system which is present mostly in their upright and canister vacuum cleaners. The first motor is behind the suction while the second removes the tough stains from carpets. When it comes to the Sebo vacuums, only a few such as the SEBO Felix have the two-motor system.

Suction Control Settings

Miele has elaborate suction control settings complete with pictographs that denote upholstery, bare floor, quiet operation, carpet, area rug, and drapes. On the other hand, Sebo vacuums do not have these. Sebo suction control settings are underwhelming and you will be reduced to guessing which suction is suitable for the surface you want to be cleaned. To make matters worse, some Sebo vacuums do not even have multiple suction control settings.

Operating Radius

Sebo vacuums have wide operating radii. The range can be placed between 37ft and 52ft. The same cannot quite be said about the Miele vacuums. Their canister vacuums' operating radii range between 29 ft to 36 ft, which is considerably lower than the Sebo vacuums.


Miele upright and canister vacuums have headlights that serve the purpose of illuminating dust or dirt that may be hidden in the dark areas or might not be visible under regular light.


Both Sebo and Miele are top brands recognized in the world of vacuums. You will have to part with a hefty amount to own one of either brand. This high price is attributed to their durability which will guarantee you years of use. However, relatively speaking, the Sebo vacuums are less expensive and have low maintenance costs. Miele vacuums require technical expertise whenever there is a need for some repairs at whatever scale because of their sophisticated designs.



Wide operating radii.

Low cost of maintenance.


Lack of elaborate suction control settings.



Headlights that enhance visibility in dark places.

Two motor systems.


It is quite expensive to buy and maintain.

Sebo VS. Miele:  Design


Sebo vacuums designs are credited for their simple designs which offer ease of use and reliability. They make a range of vacuums such as uprights, canisters, and powerheads. This translates into cheaper maintenance costs, roughly half of what is needed to maintain the Miele vacuums.


Miele vacuum designs are sophisticated. However, this is a disadvantage as mere repairs will have to be taken to professionals. The accumulation of these costs will in the long run make them very expensive to maintain especially in comparison to the Sebo vacuums.

Sebo VS. Miele: Cleaning power

Sebo vacuums claim to be some of the best vacuums in the market for pet hair removal, allergy, and asthma relief because of their tight seals which prevent the escape of particles into the air. However, it does not fair as well as the Miele vacuums which handle pet hair much better and their suction is much more powerful. Miele vacuums have intense power.

Sebo VS. Miele: Performance

The Sebo vacuums perform quite well on carpets and bare floors. This is made possible by the advanced brush roller technology which adapts to pretty much any floor type.

The Miele vacuums are powerful vacuums that generally perform well. They are highly recommended for hardwood floors.

Sebo Review

Sebo vacuums are formidable because they have:

  • Filtration System- The Sebo vacuums have superior hospital grade S-class filtration with 99.99% efficiency capturing and trapping particles down to 0.3 microns. The air that will be expelled from the exhaust into the atmosphere will be clean air free of impurities. This makes the Sebo vacuums ideal for households with people who have allergies.
  • Durability- the Sebo vacuums are low maintenance and have a life expectancy of a whopping 20 years. The components have a 5-year warranty that will surely serve you well and for a long time.
  • Advanced Brush-Roller Technology- The Sebo vacuums have advanced brush roller technology which with the press of a button, can easily be removed. The removal is done for maintenance purposes (the brush rolls need to be cleaned). Once it is clean, it can be returned just as easily. All this without any technical help.
  • Rubber Wheels and Soft Bumpers- The Sebo vacuums incorporate the design of most of their vacuums rubber wheels and soft bumpers. They serve the purpose of protecting your furniture and walls from scratches.
  • Value for Your Money- With the Sebo vacuums, you will definitely get value for your money, considering all the features they have to offer and their durability.

Miele Review:

Miele vacuums, most especially the canister vacuums, are a favorite for many consumers. Despite it being expensive, people prefer it for a number of reasons and view it as a worthy investment. These reasons are:

  • Durability- Miele vacuums can last for years and still be in good shape!
  • Quiet- a quiet vacuum is essential because when the noise level is too high it does not just create a disturbance but using it over time may have some negative effects on your hearing. With the Miele vacuums, you do not have to worry about this; they are super quiet.
  • Filtration- Miele has in place AirClean Sealed System with Filterbag and HEPA filter. This traps 99.97% of allergens and dust particles. It is therefore a great vacuum for people with allergies. It is highly recommended that you use them together with the Miele bags.
  • Value for Your Money- The Miele vacuums as described above will clearly give you value for your money. All factors considered, the Miele vacuums are worth a try or an investment.

Comparison Chart: Sebo 9559AM Automatic X4 Pet Upright Vacuum Vs. Miele Dynamic U1 Auto Eco Upright Vacuum



Sebo 9559AM Automatic X4 Pet Upright Vacuum 

Miele Dynamic U1 Auto Eco Upright Vacuum

Cord Length




Hospital-grade S-class filtration with 99.99% efficiency in cleaning particles as small as 0.3 microns.

AirClean sealed system with Filterbag and active HEPA filter.

Hose Length

9ft 2"


Bag Capacity

1.4 gallons

1.34 gallons





Lifetime on the belt, 7 years on the Motor, and 5 years on labor and non-wear parts.

7 years limited warranty

Suction Power

1300 W

1200 W


Sebo VS. Miele: Which Should You Choose?

Both the Sebo and Miele vacuum brands have great features and specifications which makes it really hard to choose. On one hand, Sebo vacuums have the S-class hospital-grade filtration system which is better than Miele's HEPA filtration system. While on the other hand, Miele vacuums have elaborate suction control settings and two motor systems in place, both of which are largely wanting in Sebo vacuums.

The decision is tough, seeing as both of these two brands are really good. However, it all boils down to customer preferences and needs. If you have the extra coin to spare for the sophisticated design that will offer a bit more then Miele is your brand but if you want a simple and easy vacuum to maintain then go for Sebo vacuums.

Video of Sebo Vs. Miele:

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