Oreck XL Commercial Vacuum Comparison and Review: XL2100RHS, XL Pro 5 Canister Vacuum, U2265HHSQ

Oreck is one of the best brands of vacuum cleaners on the market. They have distinguished themselves over the years for their outstanding cleaning work. They effectively remove all dirt! You can clean more comfortably thanks to their designs. Furthermore, there is no way to ignore the suction that completely sucks in the dust. They are long-lasting and require minimal effort to maintain. Oreck offers different models of their vacuum cleaners with each serving varied needs.

The Oreck XL Vacuum is a line of easy-to-use, lightweight and durable vacuum cleaners. Not forgetting the exceptional power that each vacuum has. They are rated as some of the best vacuum cleaners in the market which remove all the dirt and have great designs that will allow you to comfortably carry out your cleaning. They are suitable if you want to either deep clean or slightly clean your home or apartment.

When choosing the best Oreck XL Vacuum for you, you should consider the vacuum models that Oreck offers. They offer the canister, upright, handheld, and stick options. They also offer bagged and bagless vacuum options. They all offer varying levels of ease of use, convenience, and portability. Let us take a deep dive into these models.

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List of Oreck XL Vacuum

Oreck XL Vacuum typography

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Vacuum

Oreck XL Upright Vacuum Type 7 Model U2265HHSQ

Oreck Commercial XL Pro 5 Canister Vacuum

Oreck XL BB-870AD Shop Vacuum

Oreck XL BB-870AW Shop Vacuum

Oreck XL BB870-AS Handheld Canister Vacuum

Oreck XL3600RH

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Review:

The Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS is an upright, corded, and bagged professional and commercial-grade vacuum cleaner. It is a great purchase because it gives you the value for your money. This is because it is ideal for carpets and hard floors such as wooden floors, laminate floors, bare floors, and tiled floors. To add to all that, no manual height adjustment is required. As you would expect from Oreck, this vacuum guarantee performance and power.

This particular Oreck vacuum is lightweight weighing 9 pounds which makes it very easy to transport and use while cleaning. It also covers a 12-inch wide area, which coupled with its 9-pound weight, reduces cleaning (found by many to be tasking) to an easy and quick chore. With regards to its efficiency, no vacuum can get any better than this. This vacuum will put an end to you having to move around furniture as it can easily fit under most furniture and get really close to cabinets and baseboards. Not forgetting its fingertip controls that are easy to use.

Product Features

Wall Bumpers

If you are worried about leaving marks on your furniture when using this vacuum then worry not. It has wall bumpers that are clear and non-marring that will protect not only your furniture but also your walls and baseboards.

Side Edge Brushes

When cleaning, you want a vacuum that will not leave a single spot. The Oreck commercial XL 2100RHS is perfect for cleaning in corners and along baseboards.

Top-Fill Inner Bag

One of the appealing qualities of the Oreck vacuums is their exceptional power. This is the same even when the bag fills because of its top-fill inner bag which maintains the power.

Helping Hand Handle

With this vacuum squeezing of the hand and bending of the wrist is a thing of the past because of its ergonomic helping hand handle. This allows you to vacuum easily and comfortably. This vacuum is also endorsed by the America Arthritis Association for its ease of use.

Long Cord

Thanks to its long cord, the Oreck Commercial XL 2100RHS vacuum cleaner offers you flexibility and allows you to clean without unplugging and plugging it in a socket as you clean, moving from one place to the next.

On/Off switch

The handle has an on and off switch that offers you convenience whenever you want to turn on or off your vacuum as you are cleaning.

Low-profile design

Owing to its low-profile design, you do not have to worry about cleaning areas like under the bed as it allows you to conveniently clean such areas.

Micro-sweep feature

This feature offers you multi-floor cleaning where you can easily move between different surfaces like bare floors to carpets without having to make any adjustments.

Oreck Commercial XL Pro 5 Canister Vacuum Review:

The Oreck Commercial XL Pro 5 Canister vacuum is a compact lightweight(portable) at 5lbs, bagged, and a powerful canister vacuum. This vacuum is ideal for use on stairs, carpets, edges and high corners, hard surfaces, upholstery, under refrigerators, and small spaces. Basically, it is the best to use in hard-to-reach places. To clean overhead vents, the vacuum features a hose that is 4-foot long to facilitate this. Unfortunately, this hose is inflexible and a little short.

The Oreck Commercial XL Pro 5 has a powerful high vortex motor that provides suction and long life. It is good to note that this vacuum has the power of a bigger canister with the benefit of a lightweight design which allows you to easily carry it by hand or on your shoulder to the spot it is needed most. Aside from being a portable powerful canister vacuum, it can also be used as a blower thanks to its additional blower attachment.

When you buy the Oreck Commercial XL Pro 5 Canister Vacuum, you get reasonable warranty deals. The tools have a one-year manufacturer's warranty, the motor has a three-year warranty, and the housing has a ten-year warranty.



The cord on the Oreck commercial xl pro 5 is a 30-foot-long cord that will enable you to move from one room to the next cleaning without switching from one power outlet to the next. It also comes with a Quick-Dump Cord Wrap.

Carrying Strap

The carrying strap or shoulder strap that comes with this vacuum will allow you to carry it since it was made in essence for portability. You can essentially carry it anywhere even when climbing ladders.


This vacuum comes with eleven accessories that help with the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. They include;

  • Crevice tool
  • Upholstery tool
  • A large floor tool for floor surfaces that are hard
  • Dusting brush
  • Two extension wands
  • Shoulder strap
  • Adapter tube

Shurlock Positive Locking system

This is a safety feature that ensures that whenever you are using the Oreck Commercial XL Pro 5 Canister vacuum, all the vacuum accessories stay intact as you use it.

Oreck XL Upright Vacuum Type 7 Model U2265HHSQ Review:

The Oreck XL Upright Vacuum Type 7 Model U2265HHSQ is a lightweight vacuum weighing only 3.7 kilograms. It is made of long-lasting, highly durable plastic that weighs less. This vacuum is suitable for all floor types but limited to indoor use.

The vacuum's low profile and capability to lie flat makes it perfect for cleaning under beds and furniture. Moreover, its easy-to-maneuver and lightweight design allow you to clean edges and hard-to-reach places. It also has roller brushes that are rotating that provide exemplary cleaning results due to their high performance. It is a powerful vacuum cleaner with a power output of 350W.



This upright Oreck XL has mark-free bumpers that are clear. These bumpers will protect your furniture and walls when it bumps into them.

Self-Adjusting Surface Function

The Oreck XL Type 7 has a self-adjusting surface function which makes it ideal for varied floor types.

Helping Hand Handle

It features a handle that is ergonomic and has the American Arthritis Association Commendation approval.

Foot switch

This feature allows offers you convenience as you are able to switch the vacuum on and off without having to bend down to do it.

FAQ About Oreck XL Vacuum:

When should you change an Oreck xl vacuum bag?

There is no definite time at which you should change a bag. It is all dependent on your usage of the machine. Thus, in order to find out when to change a bag, you need to check the inner bag. If the debris is at the max fill line, then you need to change the bag and replace it.

Can Oreck XL Commercial be used on wood floors?

Yes, they can be used on hardwood floors. The Oreck Commercial XL most especially is known for its powerful performance on varied floor types, especially hardwood floors.

Do Oreck vacuums have a lifetime Warranty?

Yes, they have a limited lifetime warranty.

How Long Should an Oreck Last?

An Oreck's lifespan is averaged at 10-12 years. So, an Oreck vacuum should last around that time, give or take, if handled correctly.


The Oreck XL vacuums are definitely worth your money. They tick all the boxes; powerful suction, can clean multiple floor types, are durable, have a reasonable warranty, and so on and so forth. If you want a vacuum that will leave your interiors looking immaculate for a very long time then best believe these vacuums will do the job.

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