Learn More About Kenmore Vacuum Bags by kenmore.com, Compatible With Models 5055 50557 50558

Kenmore is one of the few brands that has been around for decades. It brags of one hundred years of trusted and undisputed performance. It manufactures all sorts of home appliances that are backed by innovations and exclusive features. You can visit their website, Kenmore.com, to explore some of the appliances that might excite you.

With the Kenmore vacuums, you will have your job done right and completed within the required timeframes. Kenmore vacuum cleaners feature several well-performing parts. But in this article, much of the attention is shifted to the Kenmore vacuum bags. Please note that, whereas most vacuum bags fit most vacuums, regardless of the brand or model, I am a great advocate for bags specifically made for a certain brand and model number. In this article, we will specifically look at Kenmore vacuum bags manufactured by Kenmore and, more so, those meant for models 5055, 50557, and 50558.

VEVA Premium SuperVac Vacuum Bags

The first Kenmore vacuum bags are the VEVA premium superVac vacuum bags that hold incredible value. The bags provide enough clean replacement to keep your home and surfaces sparkling. The bag is also a great fit and is highly compatible with Kenmore sears vacuum cleaners using styles C/Q, C, Q, CQ, 5055, 50557, 50558, and 50104 bags. They are also compatible with Panasonic canister vacuum cleaners.

One of the most distinguishing features of the VEVA premium bags is the collar systems that play the role of preventing dirt and dust from escaping when disposing of the bag.

VEVA Premium HEPA Type Q/C Cloth Bag

Another Kenmore vacuum bag that is highly compatible is the VEVA premium HEPA type C/Q cloth bag. The bags are a great fit for Kenmore vacuum cleaners of models styles C/Q, C, Q, CQ, 5055, 50557, 50558, 53292, and 53291.

They also have collar systems that play the role of preventing dirt and dust from escaping when disposing of the bag.

Kenmore Type Q HEPA Canister Vacuum Bags

Kenmore Type Q HEPA canister vacuum bags are also excellent options for your Kenmore vacuum bag needs. One thing I sincerely love about these bags is that they are easy to install. HEPA canister vacuum bags will contain all dirt and dust, pollen, and more, as small as 0.3 microns.

Style C & Style Q 20-53292 5055 50557 50558 Hepa Filtration Canister Vacuum Bags

This is yet another highly compatible vacuum bag for your Kenmore vacuum cleaner. The bag fits Style C & Style Q 20-53292 5055 50557 50558 and all Kenmore canister models. The bag captures almost 100% of all airborne allergens such as pet dander, mold, dust mites, and particles as small as 1 micron.

Other Kenmore vacuum bags that you can use for your Kenmore vacuum cleaner include the following;

  • Kenmore BC4026 Pet Friendly
  • Envirocare Vacuum Bags to fit Kenmore Canister Type C
  • Reinlichkeit bags Compatible with Kenmore Style Q/C
  • Kenmore Upright Vacuum 5068 50688 50690 Type U O Microlined

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the Kenmore Vacuum Bags Be Washed?

Yes. You can empty the Kenmore vacuum bag before washing and drying.

  1. How Do I Change the Bag?

You should unplug the appliance, open the compartment, remove the old bag and install the new one. Here is a video link you can watch to know more about changing your Kenmore vacuum bag


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