Is Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Worth It? Samsung Upright/Canister/Stick/Handheld/Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Review

What Is Samsung Vacuum Cleaner?

Samsung Vacuum Cleaner is a model of vacuum cleaner manufactured by the popular smartphone and gadgets manufacturer Samsung. The brand ventured into the vacuum cleaner segment when it launched the Samsung Jet Cordless Stick Upright Vacuum Cleaner in India. The new lineup has three models: Jet 70, Jet 90, and Jet 75. The Samsung Vacuum Cleaner features a lightweight, ergonomic design, offering up to 200W of suction power.

The Samsung Vacuum Cleaner features a Jet Cyclone system with nine cyclones featuring twenty-seven air inlets. The inlets are designed to trap fine particulates sucked into the vacuum cleaner efficiently and without compromising suction power. It also features a multi-layered filtration system that traps 99.999% fine dust and allergens, thus releasing clean air. The vacuum cleaner is certified by the SLG Pruf & Zertifizierungs and British Allergy Foundation as efficient and fit to use.

Models under this vacuum cleaner lineup come with a digital inverter motor that supposedly uses ultrasonically-welded airfoil blades to deliver optimized airflow. In addition, they feature the Samsung Jet’s high-capacity battery, which offers a longer cleaning time than other vacuum cleaners. There’s also an array of efficient motorized brushes that provide various cleaning solutions that match your floor type, cleaning habit, and lifestyle. It can clean different surfaces, including rugs and carpets, thanks to the featured Turbo Action Brush rotating about 3,750 times per minute.

List of Vacuum Models of Samsung Vacuum Cleaner

  • Bespoke Jet Cordless Upright/Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • Samsung 1800 Bagless Canister Pet Vacuum Cleaner VCC4540S36
  • Samsung VU3000 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Samsung VS20R9049S3 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • SC15F50V3 Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • Samsung VR50T95935 Jet AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Jet Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Jet + Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner Plus Intelligent Power Control Feature
  • R7070 POWERbot SR2AM7070WS Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Samsung R900 Cyclone Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung Upright Vacuum Cleaners

1.      Bespoke Jet Cordless Upright/Canister Vacuum Cleaner


This upright vacuum cleaner from Samsung features a premium and contemporary design with innovative features perfect for carpets and hard floors. It features Samsung’s new TurboHex motor technology that offers the strongest suction up to 210 AW power, effortlessly eliminating dirt. Its lightweight design makes it maneuverable from one room to another, and emptying the bin is easy. You only need to push a button, and the dustbin empties itself without having to get your hands dirty.

2.      Samsung 1800 Bagless Canister Pet Vacuum Cleaner VCC4540S36


This bagless upright vacuum cleaner from Samsung is a good choice for an affordable vacuum cleaner. Its lightweight and compact design allows easy movement around the house, letting you quickly clean it with minimal effort. It features an ergonomic non-slip handle that enables you to hold it firm and comfortably, thus ensuring easy control of its movement. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner rotates, which means you won’t go through the frustration that comes with tangled vacuum hoses.

3.      Samsung VU3000 Upright Vacuum Cleaner


This upright vacuum cleaner has a detachable vacuum body that you can lift away from its brush to make it lighter. There’s also the wand that releases quickly with the push of a button; it requires no hose changing or connections. Once you remove the wand, the vacuum cleaner’s powerful suction is automatically transferred as if nothing happened. It features the innovative CycloneForce multi-features and hygienic HEPA filtration system that captures 99.97% of airborne allergens and dust particulates.

4.      Samsung VS20R9049S3 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


This model of Samsung vacuum cleaners features the Samsung Jet 90 Pro battery that ensures your home remains clean always. Thanks to its impressive run time and handy attachments, you can get your vacuuming tasks done in a shorter time than before. It features an extendable handle that ensures you don’t worry about bending around when using this vacuum cleaner. Additionally, there’s the Turbo Action Brush, designed to dig deep into carpets to get rid of stubborn dirt or tiny dust particles.

5.      SC15F50V3 Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner


This vacuum cleaner is perfect for quickly and effortlessly collecting large or small debris on any surface. It features a surprisingly powerful brush engine designed to collect waste, providing a powerful suction for cleaning carpets. The vacuum cleaner’s suction power is maintained while you clean, and the filter remains clean, thus preventing clogging. Also, its dust container is easy to empty and clean without any of the captured dust escaping back into the atmosphere.

Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaners

1.      Jet Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner


This robotic vacuum cleaner from Samsung is an excellent vacuuming solution for when you have other tasks to do besides vacuuming. Its powerful 3D camera and LiDAR sensors identify objects, thus ensuring that you don’t need to pick anything up before vacuuming. It features the SmartThings app that shares real-time video by streaming recorded activities to your smartphone. In addition, it features the advanced 5-layer HEPA filter that traps 99.99% of dust particulates on any surface, including carpets and hard floors.

2.      Samsung VR50T95935 Jet AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner


The Bespoke robotic vacuum cleaner from Samsung is the first-ever smart vacuum cleaner that Intel AI will power. Its 3D sensors and enhanced object recognition features help it to navigate your home as you would; it’s like you’re the one vacuuming. In addition, it has a powerful cleaning performance thanks to its smart power control directing the suction power. Once the vacuum cleaner is done making your home sparkle, it returns to its clean station and empties its content with air pulse technology.

3.      Jet + Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner Plus Intelligent Power Control Feature


This vacuum cleaner features LiDAR sensors that create precise navigation for the featured Jet Bot to navigate your home. Thus, the robotic vacuum cleaner doesn’t go to places it shouldn’t, and it can get the vacuuming done in your absence. In addition, its intelligent power control identifies the surface type and quantity of dirt that needs to be removed. Thus, it automatically adjusts its suction to ensure thorough cleaning of the surface, its type regardless.

4.      R7070 POWERbot SR2AM7070WS Robot Vacuum Cleaner


This powerful vacuum cleaner delivers forty times more powerful cleaning performance than other conventional robot vacuums featuring a circular design. It features a self-clean brush that automatically detangles and gets rid of pet hair collected around the brush. Thanks to its edge clean master, the vacuum’s innovative blade extends out to clean hard-to-reach areas like wall edges and corners. It also features Wi-Fi connectivity to let you control it remotely on your smartphone or through a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa.

5.      Samsung R9000 Cyclone Robot Vacuum Cleaner


This vacuum cleaner has ten times more suction power, delivering optimal cleaning results than your typical robotic vacuum cleaner. Thanks to its Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor, it can create optimal cleaning paths to avoid obstacles when cleaning. The featured CycloneForce Technology ensures consistent power with less clogging, while the large, easy-pass wheels move freely over obstacles. In addition, it features a combo brush specially designed to pick up a pet or any type of hair with less tangling.

Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Accessories/Parts/Attachments

  • Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Bags: Samsung vacuum bags are made of porous woven material and act as air filters. They have tiny holes that are large enough to let particles go by but too small to let them through.
  • Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Belt: The belt of a Samsung upright vacuum cleaner is a critical part of the vacuum; it rotates the brusher bars. The brusher bars are used to beat and agitate dirt from surfaces so that the vacuum cleaner can get it out.
  • Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Filters: Samsung vacuums feature different filtration systems, including HEPA and Sponge filters. The vacuum’s filter is one of its major components; it collects the dust that passes from the surface through the suction nozzle.
  • Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Charger: Samsung vacuums come with a charging stand on which you’ll place the vacuum and plug it into a power source. There’s usually a battery level indicator that blinks when the vacuum is charging; it stops and dims when it is fully charged.
  • Samsung Vacuum Hoses: Samsung vacuum hoses come in different sizes, depending on the model you buy. Smaller models have more navigable and flexible hoses and are much lighter.

Samsung Vacuum Cleaners Review

Samsung vacuum cleaners offer plenty of suction power that makes them capable of hovering up sand, hair, and dirt hiding deep in carpets. They are considered some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market, with their easily maneuverable design. Samsung vacuums easily move under furniture and into most corners, featuring handy attachments that can reach blinds, ceiling corners, and bookcases. They also have long-lasting batteries when used on a combination of medium and lowest power settings.

Video of Samsung Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung Jet 75 Vacuum vs Dyson V8 Vacuum, Which is Better?

Samsung Jet 75 is better than the Dyson V8 Animal vacuum thanks to its dust-strapping accessory that enables hygienic bin emptying. In addition, the Samsung vacuum has better battery life that lasts up to sixty minutes and more power of 200 air watts.


Samsung Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner





Jet 75 Stick

V8 Animal

Floor Types

Hard floor


Form Factor



Battery run time

60 minutes

40 minutes

Suction Power

200 air watts

115 air watts


0.8 liters

0.54 liters


How much does a Samsung vacuum cleaner cost?

It depends on the model; Samsung Jet vacuum cleaners range between $474.32 and $679.49. Generally, Samsung vacuum cleaners cost $899.99 or $37.5 per month for two years.

Where are Samsung vacuum cleaners made?

Samsung vacuum cleaners are made in South Korea; that’s where the brand is based.

Are Samsung vacuum cleaners good?

Samsung vacuum cleaners are effective in getting rid of dust and allergens, making your space sparkling clean. They are also easy to use, have excellent suction power, and help you save time and energy.

How can you remove dust from your Samsung Jet vacuum cleaner?

Simply press the dustbin release button on the vacuum cleaner to pull the dustbin out. Then, carefully hold the filter handles and pull the washable micro filter out. Finally, with your hand still on the button, turn the dustbin cover and remove it from the dustbin.


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