How To Use Dyson Vacuum Hose? Here are the 4 steps:

Dyson vacuums are known for their reliability and high performance. They exist in different models to choose from. Besides, Dyson vacuum cleaners come with various attachments for cleaning different surfaces. That is why you can use them at home or for commercial cleaning.

But how do you use a Dyson vacuum cleaner? It starts by putting the hose in place and adding an appropriate attachment at the end to clean the intended surface. Read on to find out how to use Dyson vacuum hose!

Step 1: Turn off your Dyson Vacuum

The first step in changing an attachment on your Dyson vacuum is to turn it off. This is a safety step. If skipped, the vacuum hose can move uncontrollably, knocking off everything in its path.

Unplug the vacuum’s power cord from the wall socket or turn off the vacuum using the power switch to cut off power.

Step 2: Release the Wand

The wand is the small metal pole extension from the handle. You need to release it to allow you to attach the hose. Press the red button at the base of the handle or back of the vacuum where the wand attaches to the main frame. That action releases both wand and hose.

Remove the wand from your Dyson vacuum by pulling it up. You can do the same for the hose using the other hand. The Dyson vacuum’s hose usually attaches to the bracket with a red button. Find it and lift it to extend the hose.

Step 3: Remove the Plastic Cover

There is a plastic cover at the top of the handle. Flip it open to access an opening where you will push the hose through to connect to the wand.

Turn the wand to make it directly face the hose and push the hose through the opening. Continue until you hear a clicking sound, meaning the wand and hose have locked together.

Test that this process is a success by turning on your Dyson vacuum. It should pull air through the hose if you did it correctly instead of the vacuum’s head.

Step 4: Add an Appropriate Attachment

Your Dyson vacuum is ready, but not before you add the attachment you intend to use. Just slide it over the open end of the wand and rotate the attachment to firmly attach. You will not hear a clicking sound because attachments use the tension between the two surfaces to hold in place instead of a locking mechanism.

You can change the attachment as necessary. To do that, press the red button to release the hose and re-insert it into an appropriate slot. The current one should also slide off by applying a little pressure.

How to Select an Appropriate Attachment for Intended Purpose

Dyson vacuums come with different attachments. After learning how to use Dyson vacuum hose, you need to know which accessory to choose. Consider the following recommendations:

  • Dusting brush for cleaning sensitive surfaces such as window sills and lampshades.
  • Fiber soft dusting brush for cleaning fabric surfaces and rugs.
  • Turbo brush for cleaning hair and dirt from durable fabrics.
  • Mattress tool for absorbing dust and dirt from pliable surfaces.
  • Floor tools for cleaning floors and other even surfaces.

Refer to this video for a visual presentation of how to use Dyson Vacuum hose.



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