How To Clean a Dyson Stick Vacuum?

Dyson Vacuums are reliable and easy to clean. They are effective in picking up dust and dirt from various surfaces. However, its reliability and ability can deteriorate over time if not well maintained. The first way of keeping your Dyson vacuum in good condition is to clean it.

This short post focuses on how to clean a Dyson Stick vacuum. It includes step-by-step explanations of how to do it. Keep reading to find out.

Cleaning Dyson Stick Vacuum

Stick vacuum is a cordless model from Dyson. Its main components that require regular cleaning are the filter and brush bar. So, we are going to divide this article into two sections.

How to Clean a Dyson Stick Vacuum Filter

You don’t need skills to learn how to clean a Dyson Stick Vacuum filter. You can do it by following the steps outlined here. But before we get there, ensure you can access a sink and a safe place where you will let the filter dry.

Step 1:

Unplug the vacuum from the charger and ensure it is turned off. Carefully disassemble the unit without accidentally turning it on. To avoid that, unscrew and pull off the battery.

Step 2:

Push the button labeled filter to access it. Now, carefully pull out the filter.

Step 3:

Take the filter to the sink and run cold tap water over it until the water dripping from it is clear. Next, wring the filter to remove excess water. That will shorten the drying time.

Step 4:

Let the filter dry for at least 24 hours. Lay it on the side of the counter or any other safe place. Once dry, reassemble your Dyson Stick Vacuum.

How to Clean Dyson Stick Vacuum Brush Bar

Learning how to clean Dyson Stick Vacuum brush bar is also a straightforward process. Just ensure you have a coin and a pair of scissors or seam rippers. We will use them in the steps that follow.

Step 1:

Unplug the vacuum from the charger and ensure it is turned off. Take it apart without turning it on.

Step 2:

Loosen the brush bar fastener using the coin. Give it a quarter turn anticlockwise to unlock it. Now, move the cap and slowly slide the brush bar out. Finally, remove the end cap.

Step 3:

Use the scissors or the seam ripper to cut any hairs entangled around the brush bar.

Step 4:

Use running water to clean the brush bar. You can apply a little pressure using your hand to remove any sticking dirt or lint. Once done, let it stand upright for at least 24 hours to dry before returning it to the machine. Assemble everything to get your Dyson Stick Vacuum back to action.

Note that these steps can vary from one model to the other. So, it is better to learn how to clean Dyson Stick vacuum you own. Check out the detailed disassembling and cleaning of this vacuum cleaner.



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