How to Change Miele Vacuum Bag

Ironically, it is quite interesting to realize that the dirtiest things in your house are the tools or machines you use to clean. These tools include vacuum cleaners that are in constant exposure to dirt and grime, and the machines can turn out to be the breeding ground for bad odor and disease. Cleaning your vacuum cleaner can seem to be intimidating, but in the real sense, it is not. 

The major part of cleaning your Miele vacuum cleaner is changing the filter bag. There are certain factors that you have to direct your attention to before you decide on changing the vacuum cleaner bag. The Miele vacuum cleaner has got an airflow indicator that displays a red color when the filter bag is completely filled.

Here is a really quick way of knowing whether your filter bag needs to be replaced;

  • First, attach the standard floor brush to the vacuum cleaner. Remember that all other suction tools have a chance to affect the functionality of the airflow indicator.
  • Switch on the vacuum cleaner and select the highest power level.
  • Try to lift the floor brush slightly off the floor, and if the marker fills the indicator window completely, then it is high time that you should change the filter bag.

Sometimes the marker can indicate that the filter is full, but in the real sense, it is not due to the blockage of fine dust or flour on the filter pores. It can also happen that the bag is bulging with all sorts of dirt, and the indicator does not indicate the condition since air flow is still sufficient. Actually, for the high-quality performance of the vacuum cleaner to proceed, your filter bag should urgently be replaced.

This article focuses on three key steps on how you will go about cleaning the famously loved Miele vacuum Cleaner with greater ease. Follow the following significant steps;

Lift the Release Button to open the Dirt Compartment

Start by lifting the release button and open the dust compartment lid upwards and ensure that it clicks into place. Remember, the filter bag features a flap that automatically closes so as to stop any dust from straying away when the bag is being removed.

Eject the Filter Bag

Get hold of the collar and eject the filter bag from the holder, and insert the bag into the blue holder as far as it can allow. Note that: The filter bag should not be unfolded when moving it out of the box.

Unfold the Filter Bag in the Dust Compartment

The last step of this process is to unfold the filter bag in the dust compartment and close the compartment lid until you ensure that it has clicked into place while making sure that you do not catch the filter bag in the lid.

By strictly above guideline, you will not need a technician whenever you want to change your vacuum cleaners’ filter bag. Ensure your Miele vacuum cleaner is always at its best working condition for easier and convenient cleaning sessions every day.

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