Here’s Why Bissell Swivel Pet Vacuum Still Holds Up in 2022 

What is Bissell Swivel Pet Vacuum

Bissell is a superior brand, well-known for offering outstanding quality and features at an affordable price. TheCleanView Swivel Pet Vacuumis no exception. Priced at $118.44, the CleanView offers sheer performance in the form of suction power. Bissell devoted immense significance to the vacuum’s handling as well, manufacturing it to be exceptionally lightweight and user-friendly. 

When it comes to romping up those pesky little pet hair from every nook and cranny of your house, the CleanView has got you covered with its potent Triple Action Brush Roll which is made from rigid and effective bristles that will lift and remove deeply embedded dirt from carpets. A wide cleaning path of 13.5-inch means the head is equipped for preventing excess debris scatter with Bissell’s incredible Scatter-Free technology. The CleanView also offers superior Edge-to-Edge cleaning, allowing you to vacuum the tightest corners in your home. Lastly, in terms of performance, Bissell’s very own Multi-Cyclonic Suction System has got you covered as it guarantees no loss in suction during your vacuuming sessions, regardless of their time durations. 

On grounds of handling, the stunning 12.5 lbs weight allows for effortless maneuverability. Additionally, swivel steering ensures easy operation through cramped spaces. 

Pros & Cons 

Certainly, the advantages of this Bissell Swivel Pet Vacuum outweigh its cons. Firstly, the affordability it offers is amazing, priced at only $118.44. Moreover, the vacuum goes above and beyond in providing impressive performance and practicality through easy handling. 

Compared to Shark DuoClean Lift-away, CleanView’s direct competitor, CleanView is a far more superior vacuum since its brush motor does not cog with pet hair as opposed to the Shark’s. In terms of performance, several reviewers have claimed it to do a better job than the Shark; CleanView’s suction power is widely regarded to be phenomenal. An extra bonus of the vacuum is its ability to maintain suction levels throughout the session. Since the vacuum is favorably lightweight, it can be easily handled, such as being carried down a flight of stairs, without a fuss. 

However, nothing is perfect. CleanView has its fair share of cons. Firstly, the length of the hose has been a prominent shortcoming of this vacuum. Even with the added extension wand, the hose length comes short. Numerous users have also raised questions about the build-quality as the outer body is almost completely made from plastic. The vacuum’s Pet Turbo Hair tool comes with the vacuum, and is specifically designed to deal with pet hair of all sorts. Although it completes the job of picking up pet hair, it does so only on the surface level as deeply embedded pet hair and dirt in carpets is often ignored. 





CleanView Swivel Pet Vacuum Cleaner 




12.5 lbs 

Key Features 

Triple Action Brush Roll for removing tough and embedded dirt and hair, Scatter-Free technology to prevent debris scatter, Edge-to-Edge cleaning for increased reachability, Swivel head,  Multi-Cyclonic Suction System for consistent suction, and washable filter 

Parts and Accessories 

Crevice tool, combination dusting brush, upholstery tool, extension wand, Pet TurboEraser tool 

Dirt Cup Capacity 

1.0 L 

Who Should Buy Bissell Swivel Pet Vacuum

A Bissell Swivel Pet Vacuum, particularly theCleanView Swivel Pet Vacuum Cleaner,is a valuable purchase option for literally everyone. Specifically speaking, the vacuum would be great for users searching for an affordable option along with a respectable brand image. 

Given its suction power and performance, the vacuum is a treat for pet owners. Particularly, people with dogs need to get their hands on this because dogs profusely shed hair. Moreover, its fruitfully meager weight allows the vacuum to be easily handled by anyone in the household, irrespective of age. In addition, a comfortable swivel steering experience allows for exceptional handling around tight corners, making the vacuum’s Edge-to-Edge cleaning and swivel steering an optimal duo for dealing with tricky spots all over the house. 

The Bissell Cleanview is ideal for users looking for a practical and hygienic option because the dust cap easily opens with one click of a button and the vacuum’s filters are washable. 

Review of Bissell Swivel Pet Vacuum 

The Bissell Swivel Pet Vacuum lineup has seen several entries through the years, however, nothing like theCleanView Swivel Pet Vacuum Cleaner.The corded Bissell vacuum is one of the most affordable and practical options on the market as its vast list of features seems never ending.

Focusing on practicality, the vacuum is equipped with a corded system. Rest assured, the 25 ft cord length is enough for the majority of households as it is a fitting size for the majority. The vacuum’s Multi-Level Filtration ensures a hygienic vacuuming experience as the exhaust dispelled by the vacuum is not dangerous. 

Along with theCleanView Swivel Pet Vacuum Cleaner,you will get these helpful tools for further utility: 

  • Crevice tool 
  • Combination dusting brush 
  • Upholstery tool 
  • Extension wand 
  • Pet TurboEraser tool 

The ability to easily empty the 1.0 L dirt cup allows you to save your time through modern bagless technology of dirt storage. 

In terms of performance, theCleanView Swivel Pet Vacuum Cleaneris a homerun. Its Triple Action Brush Roll, coupled with Bissell’s Multi-Cyclonic Suction System, ensures an effective suction power to be consistently available for you.

The brush roll has bristles that seep deep into rigid carpets, extracting embedded dirt and pet hair with great ease. For its size, shape, and class, a cleaning path of 13.5-inch and Bissell’s Scatter-Free technology ensures that efficient vacuuming is achieved. 

Some difficult spaces in between furniture sets and walls call for the vacuum’s Edge-to-Edge technology to perform with flying colors as you will be able to easily vacuum the edges of your walls. 

Along with the sheer performance, this Bissell Swivel Pet Vacuum does an exquisite job with handling too, thanks to its swivel steering feature that allows you to smoothly maneuver through your home alongside the vacuum. And, 12.5 lbs can be handled and operated by anyone in the household, whether it is a child or an elderly person. 

Despite a few concerns that pertain to its plastic body’s fragility and a poor 6 ft hose length, the vacuum hits the ground running as you introduce it to your home. It is definitely worth a blind buy given its prowess and cost-effectiveness. 

Comparison Chart: CleanView Swivel Pet Vacuum Cleaner Vs. Shark DuoClean Lift-Away Vs. Dyson Ball Animal 2 






CleanView Swivel Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Shark DuoClean Lift-Away 

Ball Animal 2 






12.5 lbs 

17.7 lbs 

17.5 lbs 

Key Features 

Triple Action Brush Roll for removing tough and embedded dirt and hair, Scatter-Free technology to prevent debris scatter, Edge-to-Edge cleaning for increased reachability, Swivel head,  Multi-Cyclonic Suction System for consistent suction, and washable filter.

Lift-Away technology allows for concentrated vacuuming on furniture, Anti-Allergen complete seal and HEPA filter capturing 99.99% of dust particles, powerful LED headlights, self-cleaning brush roll, DuoClean consisting of a soft and bristle brush, and advanced swivel steering 

Ball technology for superior swivel steering, self-adjusting cleaner head, advanced whole-machine filtration, washable filter, Radial Root Cyclone technology provides the ultimate power, and a dirt bin volume of a whopping 1.27 liters 

Parts and Accessories 

Crevice tool, combination dusting brush, upholstery tool, extension wand, Pet TurboEraser tool 

12-inch crevice tool, upholstery tool, pet power brush 

Combination tool, tangle-free turbine tool, stair tool

Although there is no comparison between the prices of the above mentioned vacuums, we can clearly see that the Bissell Swivel Pet Vacuum beats the competition when it comes to the number of parts and accessories on offer, weight, and cost-effectiveness. However, theDyson Ball Animal 2 has the most technologically advanced features, whereas theSharkNinja DuoClean is a mixture of both its competitors. 

Buy theShark DuoClean Lift-Awayhere 

Buy theDyson Ball Animal 2here 

Questions About Bissell Swivel Pet Vacuum 

  1. Is the Bissell Pet Vacuum suitable for all floor types?

Yes, the vacuum Triple Action Brush Roll is suitable for all surface types, especially rough carpets. Specifically, the vacuum is best used on low pile carpets, stairs, rugs, pet beds, bare floors, and sealed hard floors. 

  1. Is the Bissell Swivel Pet Vacuum corded or uncorded? 

The vacuum comes with the corded option, with the cord measuring 25 ft. 

  1. How many color options are available? 

You can get your Bissell Swivel Pet Vacuum in 2 colors: Sparkle Silver and ChaCha Lime 

Video of Bissell Swivel Pet Vacuum Vacuum Cleaner Review: 

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