Handheld stick simplicity cordless vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors review 

What is Simplicity cordless vacuum

Simplicity is known for making affordable cordless vacuums that offer great value for money. The most popular Simplicity cordless vacuum is the S65; this simplicity cordless vacuum offers exceptional performance on high-pile carpets. Additionally, in terms of performance, the vacuum performs decently on low-pile carpets and bare floors as it is known to easily sweep up large amounts of debris without any hassle. 

The S65, commonly referred to as Simplicity cordless vacuum, is a low-maintenance, favorably lightweight, and reasonably effective in sucking the smallest of pet hair. In terms of portability, the vacuum offers outstanding features, such as a carrying handle, maximum wand length of 3.35 ft, and a carrying weight of only 4.08 lbs. 

Simplicity S65 

Why choose Simplicity cordless vacuum vacuum? 

S65, from the Simplicity cordless vacuum range, is a versatile vacuum which offers superior maneuverability and portability due to its impressive lightweight of only 4.08 lbs and a whopping maximum wand length of 3.35 ft. 

It performs exceptionally well on carpets, hence, it is perfect for homeowners who are looking to capture all those pesky pet hair from their carpets. This Simplicity cordless vacuum is known for its easy maintenance and cost-friendliness as it incurs one of the least amounts of running costs. Lastly, the S65 comes loaded with several parts and accessories in the box, a huge bonus; these include: 

  • Combination tool 
  • HEPA filter 
  • Charging dock station 
  • Wand 
  • 1x extra battery 
  • Wall mounting station 
  • Wall mount screws 
  • User’s manual 

Simplicity cordless vacuum vacuums compared 

Simplicity Cordless Vacuum Vacuums Model Comparison 


Simplicity S65 Deluxe Cordless Stick Vacuum 

Simplicity S65 Premium Cordless Stick Vacuum 

Simplicity Freedom Cordless Upright Vacuum 









Parts and Accessories 

HEPA filter, wall mount, wand, mount charger, docking station, 1x battery, multi-floor nozzle, crevice tool, upholstery tool, pet turbo tool 

HEPA filter, wall mount, wand, mount charger, docking station, 2x battery, multi-floor LED nozzle, crevice tool, upholstery tool, pet turbo tool, angle adapter, charging cord, soft roller hard floor nozzle

Battery charger, HEPA media bag, battery

Other Key Features 

Same as S65 Premium Cordless Stick Vacuum 

Handheld or stick vacuum usage, traps 0.03 microns or greater, average runtime of 25 minutes, rotating head, headlights, bagless

Captures particles measuring 0.03 microns or larger, battery runtime of 50 minutes, odor control with charcoal filter, squeegee, built with rigid ABS plastic, LED headlights, 

All S65 models offer the same core features. The only distinguishing factor between the three S65 models is the parts and accessories on offer. 

Review of Simplicity cordless vacuum (S65 Premium) 

This Simplicity cordless vacuum is widely considered to be the best stick vacuum in the simplicity lineup. Although it is entirely similar to its counterparts, the S65 Deluxe and S65 Standard, the biggest advantage of the Premium is its extra battery; users can easily pop in the extra battery during vacuuming sessions to save time and extra effort. You need not worry about charging both batteries, one at a time, because this Premium version offers a dual battery charging station for simultaneously charging both batteries. 

The S65 Premium will ensure that even the smallest of pet hair are dealt with by its HEPA filter that is rated for capturing particles measuring as low as 0.03 microns or larger. 

The vacuum provides the user with great versatility as it can be used as a handheld or stick vacuum. The vacuum offers great performance, especially on those rugged high-pile carpets. It also performs reasonably well on bare flooring and low-pile carpets. The S65 Premium is ideal for capturing pet hair, sand, debris, and other items from the kitchen such as baking soda. 

The S65 Premium model comes with the highest number of parts and accessories: 

  • Combination tool 
  • Upholstery tool 
  • Angle adapter 
  • Wand 
  • Docking station 
  • 2x batteries 
  • HEPA filter 
  • Charging cord 
  • Wall mount 
  • Pet turbo tool 
  • Soft roller hard floor nozzle 
  • Multi-floor LED headlight nozzle 

Every S65 model comes with the same features, however, parts and accessories are what distinguishes them from one another. The S65 Premium has the highest amount of parts. 

The S65 Premium is known for its ease of maintenance. After every use, remove the dirt compartment from the main body and drop all the pet hair and debris in the bin. The only recurring cost of the S65 Premium is the HEPA filter. The manufacturer claims it should be replaced every 6 months if you have an allergy. However, users typically replace their HEPA filters once, annually. Buying a new HEPA filter is never a hassle because it can be easily purchased over Simplicity’s website. 

The S65 Premium is known for its accessibility and portability. It can be easily operated by anyone due to it being extremely lightweight, weighing only 5.29 lbs. Surprisingly, this weight further diminishes to 4.08 lbs once the vacuum is in hand and being operated. You will also get a built-in carrying handle. 

The vacuum’s greatest feature is its range. Its perfect range does not limit you at all as its maximum wand length is a whopping 3.35 ft. 

There are certain quality of life features on the S65 Premium as well. These features are known to further enhance the vacuum’s ease of usage. Firstly, the vacuum comes with a rotating head, allowing the user to effectively vacuum in the tightest of spaces. Then, there is also the feature of power adjustment where users can adjust from ‘Low Suction’ to ‘High Suction’ with the press of a button to capture the most stubborn debris. LED headlights provide better visibility in dark corners. 

Now, coming to the cons of the S65 series. 

Numerous users have raised concern over the build quality as it does not feel sturdy enough. The vacuum is also criticized for falling short with its storage capabilities as there is no on-board storage for its several parts and accessories. 

Moreover, the battery is also cause for concern. In S65’s ‘High Speed’ mode, the vacuum offers less than 10 minutes of running time. Although the ‘Low Speed’ mode offers battery life up to 35 minutes, battery life is a major limitation of this vacuum, especially impacting those models that come with a singular battery in the box: S65 Standard and S65 Deluxe. 

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Simplicity S65 Premium 

Simplicity Freedom Cordless Upright Vacuum 

The Freedom Cordless Upright Vacuum is a competent option if you are looking for upright vacuums. Although it is a bit pricey, at $659.99, it offers an impressive battery runtime of almost 50 minutes. This sufficient battery life gives users the ultimate freedom to vacuum every nook and cranny of their house. 

The Freedom takes care of even the smallest of particles with its HEPA media bag, 0.03 microns or larger. Another useful feature is the Freedom’s charcoal filtration system, which traps odor. 

The Freedom is a rarity in today’s upright vacuum world because it can boast on its power output, durability, battery runtime, and handling as well. 

The vacuum has a mighty motor that is known to collect hard and rigid debris. In terms of durability, the Freedom is well-built with robust ABS plastic, a material that is used to manufacture construction helmets. The 44-volt lithium ion battery produces a staggering battery runtime of almost 50 minutes. Lastly, the vacuum weighs only 11 pounds. 

In terms of useful features, this is not it. The Freedom comes with a squeegee, which is immensely helpful in cleaning liquid spills on bare floors and carpets. To assist in its carriage and handling, the manufacturer has provided a convenient handle to assist carrying. 

The vacuum comes with 6 rubber wheels to offer great handling, in a 360° manner, in tight spaces between furniture sets. 

This stunning vacuum also comes with an LED headlight to aid the user in dark and tight spaces, such as shoe closets and underneath sofa sets. 

The multi-surface auto adjust feature allows the vacuum to intelligently judge various surfaces and perform accordingly. This is an intelligent feature, which is possessed by only a few upright vacuums on the market today. 

Lengthy vacuuming sessions can be highly uncomfortable for your hands. The Freedom has you sorted with this inherent issue with vacuuming with its Deluxe ComfortGrip Handle, which is designed to provide you with comfort and ease by taking pressure off of your wrist during vacuuming sessions. Moreover, with this feature, there is no need to continuously hold the on/off switch on the vacuum. 

The only downside to this, otherwise impeccable, vacuum is its hefty price tag of almost $599.99, depending where you get it from. 

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Simplicity Freedom Cordless Upright Vacuum 

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