Everything you should know about the LG Stick Vacuum in 2022 (Detailed Review)

What is LG Stick Vacuum?

LG Stick Vacuum Cleaners are indisputably your go-to vacuum cleaners for day-to-day home cleaning routines. Several factors account for why the LG Stick Vacuum Cleaner comes across as one of the most dependable cleaners out there. Most notably, the LG Stick Vacuum Cleaners possess a large amount of dirt compartment that allows users to enjoy longer cleaning sessions without the unnecessary need to empty the dustbin frequently. Most LG Stick Vacuums also come with dual batteries that enable users to enjoy a more extended cleaning period. With dual-function clean and mop features, users can clean and mop concurrently. The intelligent modern inverter engine provides an adequate suction power strong enough to absorb even the most sticky dirt.

Design and Features

  • Built for easy handling
  • Strong suction power
  • Works well on all floor types
  • Mostly comes with double removable and rechargeable batteries
  • Interior parts can be detached for cleaning
  • Rugged build for long-lasting use


  • The LG Stick Vacuum Cleaner primarily performs the job of cleaning and mopping floor surfaces 
  • It is suited to operate on numerous floor types like hardwoods, carpets, tiled floors or area rugs
  • It has an adaptive rotating feature for cleaning hidden corners.
  • It is also used for immediate cleaning jobs due to its lightweight. 
  • It is built to function as an anti-allergy that allows people that quickly exhibit allergic reactions to use without worrying so much about their health.

Why Choose a LG Stick Vacuum?

Many stick vacuum cleaners are primarily built as low-pile pile carpets and hardwood vacuum cleaners. However, the LG stick vacuum cleaner is designed not to serve only a few functions but as your regular day-to-day cleaner. Most models of the LG stick vacuum now come with a large dirt compartment for hoarding your trash; traditional ones have very little dustbin space. Another feature that makes the LG stick vacuum worth choosing is its suction power which allows it to suck up heavy dirt piles and sticky dirt. Additionally, it offers a mopping feature.

LG Stick Vacuums Compared 

LG Stick Vacuums Model Comparison







5.95 pounds

23 pounds

5.63 pounds

5.93 pounds






Floor Type



Mostly Hardwood

Hardwood and Carpet

Mopping function 





Cleaning time



Less than 1hr


Handheld feature





Review of the LG A929KVM Kompressor Stick Vacuum 


  • It is lightweight
  • It has a mopping feature
  • It has a spacious dirt compartment
  • It comes with two batteries for longer use


  • It is not water proof
  • Doesn’t perform well on grains

Key Features of LG A929KVM Kompressor Stick Vacuum

  • The potent suction power of the LG A9 Kompressor stick vacuum is specially made to function on all types of floors. Users can get to work it through a low pile and high pile of dirt and on different floor surfaces. 
  • The device also has a mopping feature that allows you to wipe after cleaning with only clean water; no extra chemical or detergent is necessary. 
  • The LG A9 Kompressor stick vacuum also comes with a sizeable dustbin space that allows you to keep cleaning while sucking up dirt. There's rarely a need for frequent emptying of the compartment.
  • With two batteries that offer 60 minutes of cleaning team each, you get 120 minutes of cleaning period.
  • With a single button control feature, you will find it easy to switch on and off the LG A9 Kompressor stick vacuum with ease. 

Benefit of LG A929KVM Kompressor Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • Double Batteries 

This welcome development allows you to have an additional cleaning duration. 

  • Washable Filter

With a detachable filter that users can quickly rinse with tap water and refix for usage, there's no need to spend more on maintenance. 

  • Modifiable to Handheld Vacuum

For users' convenience, especially in reaching close-up corners, you can switch to more comfortable handheld use.

Cleaning Performance

The LG A929KVM Kompressor Stick Vacuum may be the most pricy of all LG products under review, but it offers the best performance on low-pile dirt. Overall it provides a cleaning performance of around 95%.

Review of the LG A925KSM Stick Vacuum 


  • It has an impressive filtration system 
  • Component parts are detachable for cleaning maintenance 
  • It comes with a charging stand and dual batteries. 


  • It is quite pricy
  • It is quite heavy

Key Features of the LG A925KSM Stick Vacuum

  • The LG A925KSM stick vacuum comes with a complete filtration system that lets it collect and filter liquid, dust, germs and other particles to ensure that you have a clean environment. 
  • This model of LG stick vacuum also offers the chance to detach its cyclone and filters for cleaning and reuse. Doing this makes your vacuum cleaner not run into the danger of clogging. 
  • The product also possesses an adjustable handle called a telescopic handle that allows you to moderate the length of the stick effortlessly. 
  • With its compact charging stand, users are given the much-needed freedom to charge the stick vacuum anywhere; it doesn't require you to create a separate charging spot in the walls of your home.  
  • The modern inverter motor of the device is powerful enough to absorb all types of dirt and work on every category of the floor surface.

Benefit of the LG A925KSM Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • Telescopic handle:

This feature gives you the benefit of adjusting the length of the vacuum for easy use on closer surfaces. 

  • Multi-surface feature:

The LG A925KSM stick vacuum is specially built to work on all surfaces; there is never a need to purchase a new vacuum when moving to a new home or room with a different floor type. 

  • Dual Battery 

With two batteries, there's enough firepower to keep cleaning through your home for long periods.

Cleaning Performance

Though quite expensive, the LG A925KSM Stick Vacuum does a great job on carpet and bare floors. It also offers an above-average performance on rugs and sticky dirt. We'll give it a score of 90%.

Review of the LG A913BM Stick Vacuum 


  • It works well on hardwood
  • It is pocket friendly
  • It is lightweight 


  • It is not waterproof
  • Its performance on sofa or mattress is average

Key Features of the LG A913BM Stick Vacuum

  • The LG A913BM stick vacuum is compatible with all floor types. Enjoy cleaning through hardwood, tiled or carpet floors. 
  • The LG A913BM offers a moveable charging stand that allows you to charge and use your vacuum cleaner while cleaning.
  • The device also comes with a collapsible feature that allows it to be easily converted to a hand-held vacuum cleaner. 
  • The LG A913BM stick vacuum also boasts a good maintenance feature that allows you to detach the filter for cleaning and reuse.
  • The LG A913BM stick vacuum has a powerful suction technology that absorbs pet hairs, dust or germs. 

Benefit of the LG A913BM Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • Moveable Charging Stand

Users don't have to drill an extra charging hole into their walls.

  • Relatively Cheap

The LG A913BM stick vacuum is one of the cheapest LG stick vacuums. However, it performs a decent job. 

  • Convertible

Consumers of this product will find it easy to use as a handheld vacuum cleaner by reducing its length.

Cleaning Performance

At only 349 dollars, the LG A913BM is one of the most effective stick vacuums of its grade. It does an excellent job on bare floors and tiled floors. It also sucks up pet hairs pretty well. However, the battery is not precisely its most vital point. Hence, you may do more of charge and use to enjoy a seamless cleaning usage. Overall, it offers an 86% performance.

Review of the LG A927KGMS Stick Vacuum 


  • It absorbs germs 
  • It is anti-allergy
  • It works great on low and high pile dirt.


  • Quite pricy

Key Features of the LG A927KGMS Stick Vacuum

  • The LG A927KGMS comes with a deep-cleaning nozzle that ensures that you don't have to worry about cleaning surfaces that may not require the broad face of the vacuum cleaner. The nozzle has a smaller opening that vibrates and sucks up hidden debris in sofas, mattresses and others. 
  • It also has a powerful compressor that squeezes dirt to allow you more space to store your trash in the dirt compartment. 
  • The LG A927KGMS stick vacuum also comes with two batteries that guarantee 2hrs of usage. Interestingly, the batteries are built to withstand use even while charging. 
  • Like most modern LG stick vacuums, the LG A927KGMS stick vacuum comes with a wifi-connectivity that lets you engage with the LG ThinQ mobile application, where you can see your previous cleaning activities and even run diagnostics. 
  • The LG A927KGMS stick vacuum is collapsible, so you can make it shorter to become a handheld vacuum for reaching deeper corners.

Benefit of the LG A927KGMS Stick Vacuum

  • Dependable Nozzle

With the stylish nozzle, users can do much more than floor surface cleaning. The hidden dirt spaces in upholstered chairs, mattresses and sofas can be wiped clean too.

  • Washable Filter

Users can easily detach the dirty filter for cleaning and subsequent reuse. 

  • Charge and use function

Aside from the role of two dependable batteries capable of lasting rigorous cleaning, they can be used while charging too.

Cleaning Performance

The A927KGMS boasts impressive performance on hardwood, high pile dirt and carpet, so it is a reasonably dependable product. However, its ability to absorb tiny particles may only be about 70%. On the whole, it offers a 92% cleaning performance.

Video of LG Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review 

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