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What is the Eureka Cordless Vacuum?


Eureka cordless vacuums are among the best handheld stick vacuum cleaners on the market. As the name applies, they are compact and do not use a cord. They come equipped with a rechargeable battery that gives you about 30-60 minutes of runtime on a single charge.

Eureka cordless vacuum cleaners are reliable and high-performing devices you should buy to keep your home clean. They feature high suction power for cleaning any mess and a large dustbin for holding dirt. These products also boast ease of operation and storage.

Why Choose Eureka Cordless Vacuum?

Eureka is a famous brand that is about a century old. The company has been committed to finding the best solution for users with its reliable and durable vacuum cleaners. Eureka manufactures different vacuum types, including handheld stick vacuums. Under this category, you can find cordless and corded products. This post, however, focuses on cordless stick vacuum models from Eureka.

Why would you consider Eureka cordless vacuums and floor cleaners? These vacuum models have become the first choice for customers who want the best for their homes. Fortunately, eureka cordless stick vacuums are durable. They can last for years without losing their cleaning power.

Additionally, Eureka cordless vacuums are stylish and innovative. The manufacturer incorporates the latest technology in the design and production of handheld cleaners. That is why they are powerful and sleek. Eureka stick vacuums are more than functional devices, and their stylish designs are a hallmark.

Eureka handheld cordless vacuum cleaners are the best option when cleaning the house, car, and stairs. They are currently the best-selling and guarantee the best value for money.

Eureka Cordless Vacuum Models Compared

Eureka Cordless Vacuums Model Comparison


Eureka Elevate Stick Vacuum

Eureka RapidClean Pro

Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1

Eureka Stylus

Eureka BR5

Model Number








9.8" x 6.3" x 43.3"

5” x 10” x 44”

11.1" x 7.9" x 43.3"



7.1 lbs

5.3 lbs

4.0 lbs

6.4 lbs


Motor Wattage



Not specified

350 W


Dust cup capacity



Not specified









Cleaning path

10.9 inches

8 inches

10 inches

11 inches



HEPA media


HEPA media

HEPA media

HEPA media

Cleaning modes


Not Specified


Not specified



30 minutes

40 minutes

12 minutes

45 minutes

25 minutes


Review of Eureka Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Models

Many models of Eureka handheld stick vacuum cleaners exist, but we will limit the review to cordless ones. Let’s get deeper into what each model offers best.

Eureka Elevate Stick Vacuum


The Eureka Elevate is a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner designed to give you the ultimate experience. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives you up to 30 minutes of fade-free, consistent suction runtime. You access suction controls at your fingertips, allowing you to get the most optimized settings for the cleaning task.

The Eureka Elevate stick vacuum is portable but powerful enough to clean hard floors and carpets. Lastly, this Eureka cordless vacuum model is versatile. You can use it as a stick vacuum or hand vac for cleaning cars, stairs, and elevated surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Eureka Elevate cordless vacuum cleaner has many features, but the following are the most noticeable:
  • Whole house cleaning – able to efficiently clean hard floors and carpets.
  • Easily convertible to a hand vac – ideal for cleaning above floor surfaces such as stairs and your car.
  • Relatively high-capacity battery with 30 minutes of runtime. Maybe the perfect product for tackling different cleaning jobs without suction power loss.
  • Large capacity dust cup – up to 0.7L usable space for uninterrupted cleaning.
  • Brushroll and suction control with an LED user interface – allow you to effortlessly optimize every cleaning task for efficient cleaning.
  • Work at knight when you turn on the LED headlights featured on the Eureka Elevate vacuum cleaner. It is perfect for cleaning dark spaces such as under kitchen cabinets.   

Eureka RapidClean Pro


The Eureka RapidClean Pro cordless stick vacuum cleaner is the epitome of convenience. It is equipped with a larger rechargeable battery, giving it a runtime of 40 minutes. Compared to the previous model, you can clean a larger room with this one without stopping to recharge.

The Eureka RapidClean Pro is ideal for cleaning hard floors and low-pile carpets. It is incredibly lightweight, which compliments its versatility. This stick vacuum cleaner can be easily converted to a hand vac for cleaning stairs and other above-floor surfaces by connecting it to a floor nozzle.

Features and Benefits

  • Feature-wise, Elevate RapidClean Pro is a better version of Eureka Elevate. Expect to get the following if you buy this model:
  • High suction power for cleaning different floor types, including hard floors and low-pile carpets. You will also enjoy the convenience of cleaning above the floor surfaces when you convert it into a hand vac.
  • Lightweight – easily portable since it only weighs 5.3 pounds.
  • Compact design – easily maneuverable and reaches under the furniture, where you could not go with upright vacuum cleaners and other models.
  • Easy rest feature – take a break between cleaning and easily dock the Eureka RapidClean Pro vacuum cleaner on tables, countertops, and furniture.
  • Work at night or in dark places, thanks to the LED headlights on this Eureka cordless vacuum model.

Eureka Stylus


Eureka Stylus cordless stick vacuum cleaner is an advanced version of the RapidClean Pro. It is more powerful and lightweight, weighing just 6.5 pounds but delivering 350 watts of power. Eureka Stylus can effectively clean hard floors and all carpets while giving you up to 45 minutes of runtime on a single charge.

This Eureka cordless vacuum model is as versatile as the ones already discussed. You can easily convert it to a hand vac for cleaning above-floor surfaces or your car. But if you attach a floor nozzle, you can suck dirt and debris on your stairs.

Features and Benefits

  • Clean every floor type with this powerful handheld vacuum cleaner. It is the best for carpets and hard floors.
  • Up to 45 minutes of runtime on a single charge. You can clean a larger area with Eureka Stylus than any other Eureka cordless vacuum model.
  • Eureka Stylus is only 6.4 pounds. That makes it easy to move around and clean stairs and other above-floor surfaces.
  • This model can also reach under furniture to suck in all dirt and debris.
  • LED headlights on this model make using it in dark spaces possible. You can clean kitchen cabinets or even work at night.

Eureka BR5 Portable Handheld Cordless Vacuum



Eureka BR5 is another lightweight cordless model, weighing only 5.7 pounds. It is easy to carry, maneuver, and use when cleaning different floor surfaces.

This model boasts a 4-stage cyclone filtration system that effectively separates and traps dust, debris, and large particles. Using it means the air quality of your property remains of the best quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Whole house cleaning is possible with this vacuum cleaner. However, the runtime is not as high as other Eureka cordless vacuum cleaners.
  • LED headlights in stick vacuums are a trademark for all Eureka handheld vacuum cleaners, and Eureka BR5 is not left out.
  • Eureka BR5 stick vacuum cleaner has a detachable battery for cordless operation. However, you get a relatively low runtime of up to 25 minutes.
  • Lightweight, maneuverable, and portable – ideal for daily cleaning tasks.
  • One button empty – hygienically empty the dust cup with one click of a button.
  • Washable filter – maintain your Eureka BR5 cordless vacuum cleaner by washing the dust cup and filter.

Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum is a cost-effective model you can consider if your budget is tight. It features an on/off Brush roll switch for easy operation and emptying of the dust cup. It is also lightweight, weighing only 4 pounds.

Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum cleaner has a comfortable telescopic handle for convenience. It also has a wide cleaning path of 10 inches, making it possible to clean a large area within a short time.

However, Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum has the shortest runtime of all the Eureka cordless models. You only get a maximum of 12 minutes when on a high-power setting. But it is easy and convenient to recharge because of its wall-mount charger.

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