Dirt Devil Vacuum Belt- Uses, Examples, Features, And Everything You Should Know About The Belts

Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners are loved by home users who take the cleanliness of their homes and surfaces seriously. Most of the Dirt Devil vacuum models are lightweight and bagless, and of course, they attack dust, Dirt, and debris like, well, the devil himself. The Dirt Devil vacuum is characterized by high suction power. One Dirt Devil vacuum part that ensures its utmost functionality is the belt. In this article, we will review the Dirt Devil vacuum belts, know how they work, how they should be replaced, and see some of the Dirt Devil vacuum belts you can use on your vacuum cleaner.

Why Dirt Devil Vacuum Belts are Necessary?

Let us just say that operating the Dirt Devil Vacuum cleaners without their belts is impossible. The belts are stretched between the mortar and the brush roll to allow them to agitate and pick up the dirt and dust particles. Without Dirt Devil Vacuum belts, the brush roll will not spin properly, and there is no way the vacuum will pick up dust from the surfaces. Additionally, trying to operate your Dirt Devil Vacuum cleaner without the belt can only bring serious damage to the vacuum cleaner. It is, therefore, important to replace the Dirt Devil Vacuum belts as soon as you start noticing the need for one.

Examples of Dirt Devil Vacuum Belts

There are several types of Dirt Devil Vacuum belts. Each type is designed to fit different Dirt Devil Vacuum models. So it is important to know the model number of your vacuum cleaner so you can get the most compatible belt for it. The following are the different types of Dirt Devil Vacuum belts.

Dirt Devil Style 1 Hand Vac Belt

This type of belt is designed to fit all Dirt Devil vacuum that uses an electronic cord for power. Some of the compatible models include M103, M500, M504, and M06301.

Dirt Devil Style 10 Vacuum Belt

This type of belt is designed to fit all Vision Lite, Vision Turbo, Featherlite Vision, and Featherlite Bagless models of the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners.

Dirt Devil Style 12 Vacuum Belt

The Dirt Devil Style 12 vacuum belts are designed to fit Vision Self-Propelled bagless upright, and Platinum Force bagged upright vacuums.

Dirt Devil Style 14 Protege Belt

The Dirt Devil Style 14 Protege Belt is designed to fit the Dirt Devil Protege vacuum, just as the name suggests.

Dirt Devil Style 17 Classic Hand Vac Belt

This type is compatible with Classic - M0100 series, M0105 series (for pets), Royal Pro Series - ER10000, and  Hand vac models.

There are more types of Dirt Devil vacuum belts, such as style 19, 2 Corded Broom, Style 20 Spinnergy, and styles 22, 23, and 26, among others. All these belt styles fit different Dirt Devil vacuums, and the buyer should be aware of the model number of their vac before they purchase one.

Why Do My Vacuum Belts Keep Breaking?

If your belts are frequently breaking, the problem may be with the hair or lint in the brush roller. You must check your brush roller and keep it clean to prevent that from happening.

Watch the video in the link below to learn how to replace your Dirt Devil vacuum belts


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